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Are we born to make a fairy tale come true? Well then, here's the situation
Are we born to make a fairy tale come true? Well then, here's the situation

Video: Are we born to make a fairy tale come true? Well then, here's the situation

Video: Are we born to make a fairy tale come true? Well then, here's the situation
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Yesterday someone planted an unmarked letter in my home mailbox, only with a question mark on the envelope itself. Inside the envelope was a sheet of paper with the words printed on the printer: "Aren't you tired of it yet?" This message, as my intuition tells me, was written by a woman who is no longer young, apparently concerned that I continue to persistently destroy the image of "the most talented nation" …

I answer to everyone who is annoyed by my research in the field of history and religion. In my opinion, every person in this life has their own mission, their own vocation. I believe that the work that I am doing is my calling in the full meaning of this word. And for some time now I consider the main task of my whole life - to make the biblical tale about Christ the Savior come true!

For me everything that is written in the Bible is story in the sense that every ethnic Russian understands this word: "A fairy tale is a lie, but there is a hint in it - a lesson for good fellows!" What is in the Bible is a lie, and what is a hint, I figured out a long time ago.

The so-called "scribes" put together the Bible from separate "puzzles" not at all in order to make someone smarter, or to give someone faith in the real God, or to make someone happy. They folded it up solely so that later the "scribe-priest", playing the role of a preacher, could come with the Bible in his hands to any nation and begin to "push" a lie under the guise of the truth that the Jews are "God's chosen people" "the Lord himself called for his inheritance," and that only the Jews have a contract for the possession of the entire land "from one end of it to the other," concluded in ancient times between the Lord (supposedly the God of the Jews) and their progenitor Abram. And other peoples do not have such a treaty! And, they say, that is why the Jews on earth have a special status!

This is what is literally written in the first chapters of "our" Bible, declared the "holy book" of all Christians:

1. "And the Lord said to Abram: Go out of your land, from your family and from your father's house, to the land that I will show you; and I will make you a great nation, and I will bless you, and I will magnify your name, and you will be in blessing … And Abram went, as the Lord had told him. … And Abram went through this land to the place of Shechem, to the oak grove of the Sea. The Canaanites then lived in this land. And the Lord appeared to Abram and said: I will give this land to thy seed.… "(" Genesis 12: 1-7).

See: on the ground initially the Canaanites lived, and a certain Lord, communicating with Abram, despite this circumstancethat the land was already inhabited by the Canaanites, promised give it to Abram and his descendants - Jewish Jews!

2. "Abram began to live in the land of Canaan … And the Lord said to Abram, after Lot had separated from him: Lift up your eyes, and from the place where you are now, look to the north and to the south, and to the east and to the west; for all the land that you see, I will give you and your offspring foreverand I will make your offspring like the sand of the earth; if anyone can count the sand of the earth, then your offspring will be counted … "(" Genesis 13: 12-16).

154 years ago, one very clever Jew, who studied in the Russian Empire as an expert linguist and studied many Jewish texts, called him Avram Yakovlevich Garkavi like the biblical hero, he made an authoritative conclusion that the "Canaanites" mentioned in the biblical text are the Slavs, and that the "Canaan land" is the Slavic land. Here is part of his expert opinion:


From this expert opinion A. Ya. Garkavi, who had a Ph. D. degree, it follows that the Bible begins with a story about how a certain Lord, with whom the biblical Abram allegedly met several times, gave him and his descendants the inheritance of the entire Slavic land, called "Canaan" in the Bible!

But on this fabulous story, very evil (arousing enmity and hatred) in relation to the Slavs-Canaanites, from century to century all the so-called Jews - religious Jews, piously believing that this literary character named "Lord" is their real God.

Meanwhile, the repeated meeting of the legendary Abram with a certain Lord, called in the Old Testament text "the God of the Jews", is exclusively fabulous story, because a real meeting of a person with God could never happen! You cannot meet God "face to face"! "God is spirit!" (John 4: 24) - the legendary Christ the Savior later explained to the Jews.

What else is so vivid and memorable that the Bible tells?

From the biblical text it follows that for the conquest of "the entire Slavic land" (biblical "Canaan") Judeans with a capital letter composed for privates Jews (with a small letter) on behalf of the Old Testament prophet Moses, a whole set of "rules, regulations and laws", aiming the Jews at the seizure of "Canaan" by force - read "Slavic Land".

This is what is written in the Bible on behalf of Moses literally, with the address of this text Jews: "The Lord heard your words … and said to me: I heard the words of this people that they spoke to you … I will speak to you all the commandments and decrees and laws that you must teach them, so that they do so in the land that I give them for their possession … "(Deuteronomy 5: 28-31).

The next chapter in the Bible begins with these words: "These are the commandments, decrees and laws that the Lord your God has commanded to teach you that you should do so in that land, to which you go to master it … "(Deuteronomy 5: 28-31).

As you can see for yourself, we are talking here about the forceful conquest of the "Canaan land" by the Jews, the name of which, according to the conclusion of the expert-linguist A. Ya. Garkavi, we should read as "Slavic land".

It would seem that these are just words written in the Old Testament text! And that's just a fictional story by the Jews, the events of which supposedly took place here on this territory, marked on the map of Eurasia with a red circle, where archaeologists are still searching in vain for artifacts that can confirm the real existence of ancient Israel, but they just cannot find them!


Pay attention, friends, how far from this place of origin of the events of that time, indicated in the Bible, is located great Russia, great already in size, the state-forming people of which are ethnic Slavs - Russians, designated in the Bible as "Canaanites"!

And what do we have now?

And what we have is that the biblical tale has become a reality for Russians, that is, our reality!

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, built by the efforts of dozens of peoples led by the great Stalin, modern Russia was formed, in which the biblical Jews are now masters!

After 1991, already in 60 cities of modern Russia, and above all in Moscow, they, the Jews, established their own Rabbinical Courts.


After 1991, they, the Jews, their some kind of prehistoric Victory Day over the Greeks (Hanukkah) are now celebrated annually at the walls of our Moscow Kremlin and in the Grand Kremlin Palace!


In recent years, they, the Jews, have been constantly pushing something to our President Putin, advising him something, and he is forced to listen to their words and their opinions, because they have crushed Russia, Europe, the United States and even Ukraine!


What is it?

It's sad to admit, but the current situation in Russia is the implementation in practice of their scenario for the seizure of the "Canaan land" (our Slavic land!), Which is spelled out in their book "Torah" and in "our" Bible exclusively as a fairy tale!

I want to remind you that in their "Bible", written to win the minds of the Slavs who have lost touch with their ancestral memory and with the traditions of their ancestors, there is another fairy tale - about Christ the Savior, who came to the Jews out of nowhere already in the 30-year-old age. This other fairy tale tells that a man named Jesus possessed unique talents, which in ancient times were possessed by any mature shaman. He could heal people from any ailments through an appeal to the "Spirit" and by laying his hands on a sick person. And when Jesus went to the Jews with a small letter in order to save them, then along the way he spoke to everyone the words: "I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel" (Matthew 15:24).

The ending of this fabulous story is as follows: in the territory of Judea subject and controlled by ancient Rome, Jesus (Christ the Savior) is arrested and brought to trial before the Roman procurator Pontius Pilate. He asks both sides, after which he says to the Jews: "I find no fault in Him!" The Jews answer him: "We have a law, and according to our law He must die, because He made Himself the Son of God …" (John 19: 6-7). Pilate, being a Roman and a judge, does not want to punish a person who has not done anything that, in his opinion, would be worthy of being sentenced to death! But the Jews with a capital letter brought with them the Jews with a small letter, and they all began to shout: "Crucify Him, crucify!"

This is what is literally written in the Bible: "Pilate raised his voice again, wanting to release Jesus. But they shouted: crucify, crucify him! For the third time he said to them: What evil has he done? I have not found anything worthy of death in Him; so, having punished him, I will let him go. But they continued with a great cry, demanding that He be crucified; and the cry of them and of the chief priests prevailed. And Pilate decided: to be at their request. "(Luke 23: 20-24). That is, he followed the lead of the Jews and fulfilled their will …

Now watch what is happening in modern Russia.

Being a person who is able to see the real course of our history, that is, how everything actually happens, and not how the media is presented, I began to sound the alarm and write on the Internet about the religious war that Jews have been waging from century to century. Jews. I believe that any vigilant citizen and patriot of his Motherland should have done this in my place.

In one of my articles I wrote:

One of the readers at the same time asked me the question: "When Israel declared war on Russia ??? Where are the facts that it is the Jews who are waging war against the Russians ???"

I replied: "According to the Bible, the sons of Israel have been waging a war against all mankind for several millennia, but above all against the Slavs. This is a religious war! It is dictated by the teachings of Judaism. This misanthropic doctrine itself is based on the books" Torah "and" Talmud "(" Talmud "is a commentary on the" Torah "). For the Jews, Russians with their special mentality are like a stuck bone in the throat of a dog, so they try to exterminate our people, wipe them off the face of the earth by all means. The Torah was included in the Christian Bible (it is written: “with the blessing of the Holy Synod”), we have the opportunity to get a very clear idea, according to which “Law of God” the Jews are destroying us, Slavs, little by little.


Yes, that's how I wrote everything. I first posted the above text in an article dated June 26, 2013: "IN WAR AS IN WAR, OR WHAT IS THE REAL" PEOPLE'S FRONT ", but then I was simply ignored. Then, when the Jews nevertheless paid attention to me, and I realized this from a powerful hacker attack, which all my online magazines were subjected to on one day (January 7, 2019), I repeated the same text again in an article dated January 20 2019: "Why did Anton Blagin so annoy some of his comrades that they are trying to neutralize him in various ways?".

Oh, how this idea of mine infuriated the Jews then:

At the request of the Jews living in Russia, the Murmansk Center for Countering Extremism was immediately activated, helpful linguistic experts were found who immediately concocted an "expert opinion", which, yes, in A. P. Blagin's article. contains signs of a crime provided for in Article 280 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation: "Public calls to carry out extremist activities."

Then the Murmansk department of the FSB joined the case as a higher organization, and another expert examination was appointed, more competent than the one appointed by Center "E". The same fragment of my text was already examined by other experts and they came to the conclusion that there is a rhetorical question, which in itself does not carry a call to kill someone. I am just asking out loud: if earlier during the Second World War such agitation was considered possible, then why cannot it be repeated now, if it is OBVIOUS that some of the Jews under the leadership of the Jews are waging an equally monstrous religious war against the Slavs, which has an aggressive character, in which the number of people killed on our side also amounts to many millions.

In general, the new examination removed the charge against me under Article 280 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, the criminal Article 282 was decriminalized (weakened) by his decree by the President of the Russian Federation Putin last year, because in recent years the Jews have jailed too many people under it, but under administrative Article 20.3.1 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation, they nevertheless considered it right to punish me with a fine for "inciting hatred or enmity, as well as humiliation of human dignity."

However, I still wanted to provoke the situation in such a way that it would be clearly spelled out in the court decision that I was being tried. "For denouncing the Jews", even if by false testimony, as in the biblical fairy tale, Christ the Savior was judged.

So to say, if the Jews have already embodied in reality their Old Testament tale about the Lord, who gave the descendants of Abraham “the whole land of Canaan” and bequeathed to the Jews by any, even the most vile ways to take it away from the Slavs, and today everyone who is not blind sees what exactly The Jews are the masters of life in Russia, then I wanted to show everyone by my personal example that under the given circumstances in Russia it is also possible to repeat the situation that happened with the legendary Christ, whom the Roman procurator ordered to be crucified at the urgent request of the Jews.

To provoke a similar situation, I published an article back in May 2018: "The United States, on the eve of the Third World War, is spinning a bogey called" Holocaust of 6 Million Jews ", in which I cited numerous facts testifying to the negative influence of the Jews on the development of civilization.

As expected, Russian Jews filed a complaint against me with the Prosecutor's Office and the Murmansk Center for Countering Extremism. An examination was ordered and an expert linguist with a speaking surname Koznev issued a conclusion that A. P. Blagin expressed in his article a negative attitude towards Jews with the help of "profanity of the Russian language", using the word "Jews" many times in his text. Here it is, perjury! After all, the word "Jews", which entered the Russian language from the Polish language, is in fact an ordinary word denoting Jews, and many Russian writers used it in their works: A. S. Pushkin, F. M. Dostoevsky and others. So this is a common literary word!

As a result, on May 14, 2019, in the Leninsky district of the city of Murmansk, a trial was held on administrative case No. 5-245 / 19, where I was found guilty. But the main thing is not this, but the fact that judge O. N. in her judgment, she wrote a text unique for Russia:


The judge, probably, herself did not understand what a great deed she did! Through the lips of the judge speaks the truth! Just think about what she wrote!

That is, a person is being tried for revealing the truth about the crimes of an organized criminal group!

So, in the Christian country of Russia, which this year celebrated the 1031th anniversary of its baptism, the Russian court, on the complaint of some Rosenberg, accused me of the fact that in one of its articles I cited facts that negatively characterize his fellow tribesmen - the Jews! Please note: I brought facts, not fakes! And these facts expose the devilish essence of their, the Jews, their religious teaching and their criminal practices! The same was done in due time by the Savior-Christ, who told the Jews right in the face: "Your father is the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father!" … (John 8:44). And this act, according to the Russian judge, "forms the administrative side of the offense." And for this the Russian court imposed a large fine on me as a punishment!

But this means that there is no Christianity as a state religion in Russia! Officially no! This was signed by judge ON Chernetsova! Only a shell remained of Christianity, like an eaten egg! Outer shell only. It turned out to be little by little (and therefore invisible to everyone) absorbed by Judaism, the very Satanic theory and practice, with which Jesus, nicknamed the Savior, actively fought in the biblical story!


The gravediggers of state Christianity in modern Russia.

Thus, not only the Jews managed to make the biblical fairy tale come true, but me too. They carried out in modern Russia everything that is described in the "Old Testament", but I forced the Jews to implement in modern Russia the plot described in the "New Testament".

And now I have a question for all Russians: If you have already understood everything, maybe it's time for you to jointly stop this undeclared religious war against all of you?

I hope that no one will turn his tongue to declare as “incitement” my appeal to the state-forming people of Russia to “stop this religious war”, which has an aggressive character?

I am a peacemaker, not an extremist!

June 27, 2019 Murmansk. Anton Blagin