They are all around us. Incredible UFOs and Aliens
They are all around us. Incredible UFOs and Aliens

Does a modern person have a complete knowledge of what is happening around us in the real world, or are we allowed to see only a very limited space in which we are shown the same limited picture of virtual reality? It is to this question that this video will answer, which will demonstrate facts both from our present time and the past, in which a Giant UFO the size of an entire Planet is shown, near our Sun, and the same people of gigantic growth, 50 meters, who can be UFO pilots with a minimum size of 1500 to 3000 km.

Ancient sources say that such ships are called Whitemara - this is a large Heavenly Chariot, an intergalactic ship for flight from one galaxy to another, it never sinks to earth, because ships of this type are very large, can be the size of the Earth and more. Whitemars are capable of carrying up to 144 Whiteman in their womb. At the same time, Wightman is a small Heavenly Chariot, on which they descend to earth.

Also around the world there are many facts that show the Giant flying cities of OLYMPUS - rounded flying magnetic platforms on which Giants live up to 20 meters in height.

Just like in the past, as well as now, we observe on our Earth individual UFO pilots of which, according to eyewitnesses, people up to 4 meters tall, according to myths and legends, they come from the Hollow Earth.

Also around the world there are many sightings of small UFOs that, upon landing, could turn into humanoid creatures of short stature.

At the same time, modern science does not recognize the presence of other civilizations, not only on the Earth itself but also in the nearest space, I ignore all the facts of our time and evidence from the past.

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