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Video: Как Садко-гусляр гостей созывал 2023, December

Friends, this is the fourth part dedicated to the AllatRa IPM.

Despite the fact that the participants in the movement scare me with courts, appeals to the Union of Journalists of the Russian Federation, I will release her. Do not forget that in court you can find yourself completely on the wrong side.

I have been engaged in analytics of the AllatRa IPM since the summer of 2019. I read their books, watched videos. Analyzed. Intuitively I understood - “something is wrong here”. Too cloying, too much pathos of goodness. In fact, they do nothing to improve people's lives. Gather large conferences, allegedly around the world. They talk about salvation from climatic disasters, about creating a creative society, peace, love for every home.

I began to analyze their activities, the essence of meditation. The result of the work was the first article about the AllatRa IPM. After her, people began to turn to me - former participants in the movement or relatives of the participants, who are in it to this day. The reviews were negative. Someone's family collapsed on the basis of the entry of the spouse / and into the movement, someone went into himself and the family did not know how to return the person to reality, and someone close attempted suicide by jumping into the river from the bridge, taking two small children with you.

Also, people appeared who helped to collect information both in Ukraine and in the Russian Federation. About the office, about the focal point, about the hidden channels of communication between the participants.

Several hours of the process of meditation of the participants in the movement, as well as conversations after that, were listened to in the "team-speaker" program. The movement participants discussed meditations and, in principle, the work they were doing on themselves. Or rather, the struggle with CONSCIOUSNESS. Just think about it with Consciousness. With the base, the base of a sane person. What people who got there do not talk about. This is partly so scary that I cannot convey to you in words - people independently and voluntarily tear their minds, their consciousness to pieces. These conversations are a solid statement of the fact of the struggle with sanity and a healthy mind. At first, I wanted to post these recordings here, but then I realized that the participants would be simply unpleasant and perhaps even a little ashamed when they recognize their voices.

Of course, such a sane person, at least, will alert. I do not think that any of you wanted your child to conduct internal dialogues with himself, for example, about which entity he is currently receiving thoughts from - from the front or from the back.

And in my opinion, the fact that the AllatRa International Movement, most likely, deals with children is a disaster. So far, less intensely, or rather less openly. And mainly at the suggestion of their parents, AllatRa participants. The movement has a YouTube channel called Allatrushka. But it is not famous for its special popularity. But the “knowledge” about 4 human beings from the book “Allatra” is being disseminated. Let me remind you of some materials from my second article on the AllatRa IPM and a fragment from the book:

Lesson for children in an apartment in St. Petersburg
Lesson for children in an apartment in St. Petersburg

Lesson for children in an apartment in St. Petersburg

MOD "AllatRA"
MOD "AllatRA"

And the problem was that sane people are simple and understandable - most likely, this organization is just another deception of people. Which, due to their social disorder, the need for love, kindness and peace in the whole world, are drawn into it.

Indeed, in the AllatRa IPM you will be surrounded by benevolence and support in full. The question is how sincere it is and why.

And then I began to think. In fact, promise the person what he lacks and - he is yours.

From this moment his consciousness is open for you, he is ready to cooperate with you. Promise and most importantly give him answers to all his questions, whether they are true or not. Just give - and it's yours.

I began to think, why are there so many followers of the AllatRa IPM? Indeed, in fact, good deeds have not been done. For example, they did not collect money for low-income families. They did not save the animals from the captivity of the flayers. They did not help the elderly in the special. institutions. Only conversations and promises of a bright and kind world. And no one asks for money from the participants in the movement. What is available and what they consider necessary - they give voluntarily. That is, the likelihood of the essence of commercial gain can be excluded.

Analyzing the comments to their articles, I identified the task of the movement, which they talk about openly - dissemination of knowledge, namely, distribution of the AllatRa book … Please note that the movement has several books, but they especially make it stand out. It is she who appears like a Bible on the table in the videos in the studio on Allatra TV. And then I realized that I needed to pay attention to the book again. Not for all this "tinsel" of goodness, meditation (although people also have problems because of them), not for these strange videos about magic and the resurrection of a chicken, but for a book.

But before I get to the main point of this article, I want to show you two interviewsthat I spent in December. Both of them concern the AllatRa IPM. I spent the first one-on-one, the second on Skype.

Psychoanalyst VS Parapsychologist

Of course, I was interested in the opinion of a specialist in the field of psychology about this movement. And I was lucky enough to talk about it with psychoanalyst Dmitry Olshansky.

Dmitry is a professional in his field. Graduated from the following educational institutions:

- Faculty of Philosophy, Ural State University (Bachelor of Philosophy, 2002).

- Faculty of Philosophy, St. Petersburg State University (Master of Philosophy, Department of Religious Studies 2004).

- Eastern European Institute of Psychoanalysis (2007).

- Since 2007 he has been an intern at the School of Lacanian Psychoanalysis in Paris.

In 2007 he became one of the founders of the Lacanian Psychoanalysis Group. Author of 300 scientific publications, including 4 books. He translated into Russian the works of Julia Kristeva and Jacques Derrida.

And my surprise was great when he said that the movement I was studying was not a sect, but a new religious teaching. For your convenience, timecodes and interview questions:

00:37 - Does the AllatRa IPM look like a religion?

01:41 - Is the environment in the AllatRa videos hypnosis?

02.56 - Opinion about the video "Sex and Spirituality" and about movement in general.

06.18 - Are there signs of a sect in the AllatRa International Movement?

07.45 - Could the possible holding of orgies in the movement say that this is a sect?

If the link to the interview is blocked on YouTube, you can watch it on VK here:


YouTube9: 45

Interesting, huh? And at the same time, the AllatRa IPM states that “outside of religion, outside of politics”. Could it be that the movement creates a new religion that includes all the others? Is it also possible that, for example, public approval of the religion of Islam is just a manipulation to involve people of this religion in their ranks?

In general, the fact that the AllatRa IPM is “outside of religion” is now a big question. In principle, as well as the fact that it is "outside of politics", but more on that later.

Now, I will show you the opinion of another person - a specialist in parapsychology. The goals and objectives of which - anti-sectarian activity and liberation from occult addictionswithin the framework of righteous globalization. For 16 years, he has been advising on the withdrawal from sects, and also leads people out of them. He faced the following destructive sects, religious communities:

- Molokans;

- Pentecostals;

- charismatic sects (new generation, the embassy of God, the Church of David, the live stream);

- Branham movement;

- Adventists 7 days;

- Mormons;

- the reformation movement of the SDA;

- white brotherhood;

- theosophical groups;

- the Urantian movement;

- the world church of God "church of the year";

- the worldwide church of the god of the seventh day;

- Scientology;

- disciples of the Sri Aurobindo movement.

And this is not the whole list of organizations. As well as not the whole essence of his activities. By the way, initially the speaker's wish was to refrain from any information about his activities. But I persuaded at least this. It is also allowed to tell you his name - Elezar.

This is probably the case when you evaluate a person's experience not by his regalia, but by the information that he voices. For your convenience, timecodes and interview questions:

00:30 - Why do destructive societies and sects arise?

01.19 - Why do people end up in destructive societies?

04.32 - What are the goals of a destructive society, sect?

06.12 - Who controls the sects in our world?

07.36 - What is meditation really?

16.42 - What the participants of the AllatRa movement are actually doing, according to

18.49 - Why do sects need adepts and how to make sure that people are not involved in destructive societies, sects?

YouTube21: 22

Did one of the opinions above resonate in your mind?

Personally, it is very clear to me what the goals of the movement are. And you?

To summarize a little, it is possible that destructive work is underway on two "fronts" - in the material and spiritual world … And if we talk about the explicit, material world, then it is worth returning to the AllatRa book. To where I started this article.

Shatter the "state"

Remember at the beginning of the article I wrote that I identified the main task of the movement - dissemination of knowledge, namely, distribution of the AllatRa book.? I decided to review this book again.

And this is what it led to. The main goal of the movement, most likely, is not only a decrease in the quality of society's thinking, not intoxicating it, but it is also possible to shatter such a concept as "state" in the minds of people. Its integrity.

The movement initially declared itself as "Outside of religion, outside of politics" … And this is perhaps the correct slogan for advertising a new movement in modern society, because most are tired of both.

But here's the weird thing. Politics, as it turned out, interests them. About 80-100 pages of the book have mentions and narratives about politics, state, power. And this is already overstepping the line “outside politics”.

Psychoanalyst Dmitry Olshansky has already clarified the situation with the slogan “outside of religion”, who designated the AllatRa International Movement as “a new religious movement”.

The AllatRa IPM speaks of the need for creating a new world community, where no states, no borders, no politicians and presidents.

Disseminates the following information today:

"capitalization limitation";

"zeroing of external public debts of all countries";

"public self-government in a creative society."

Isn't this politics? Plus, as you already know, the traffic advertisement is placed on the fake page of the President of the Russian Federation. Therefore, it is strange that with all this they declare about themselves: "outside of politics, outside of religion."

For example, here is the video of AllatRa, namely the speech of a lawyer in one of the Games of Professionals. Society is the last chance”, which, most likely, being a member of“AllatRa”, speaks quite about political things. I quote:

« The state neglects human rights, belittles and infringes upon its citizens …»

“Why does the state, namely a small part of the people, govern and kills its citizens ….»

“When will the capitalization limit be introduced? policy will be abolished as an element of mass control. Will disappearsuch a phenomenon as power …»

« The concept of power will not exist … None of us will have power over the other. The concept of power will be replaced by the concept of responsibility …"

“The introduction of capitalization restrictions will lead to the fact that the concept of the state apparatus will cease to exist in its present form … Honest, smart, decent people will come in his place …”(I wonder who these people are)

“Building such a society, we d really we will be happy and free »

Video clip, watch timecode (01.10.32 - 01.14.53):

YouTube1: 31: 44

It's kind of strange, isn't it? A social movement that claims to be “Outside of religion, outside of politics”, tries to take an active part in the new political structure of society.

And after listening to the words of the lawyer Roman Bogdan, I realized that I had met something similar in the AllatRa book. And she was not mistaken.

Further, I will cite several pages from the AllatRa book. But before that, let me remind you what the word "politics" means, because it appears there more than once. For example, according to the dictionary of Sergei Ivanovich Ozhegov:

« POLITICS- it activities of public authoritiesand government controlled, reflecting the social order and economic structure of the country, as well as the activities of parties and other organizations, public groups, determined by their interests and goals"

And now let's see what is written about politics and the state in the book, which, according to the participants in the movement, is a source of primordial knowledge, also note how this is similar in meaning to what the lawyer said in the video:

MOD "AllatRA"
MOD "AllatRA"

I have chosen for you not everything that is in the book on a political topic. You can also read it yourself here and analyze it. But in my opinion, even this is already enough to understand that the movement that distributes such a book and writes about itself "outside politics" is a little disingenuous. Further, a little more political from the book with "primordial knowledge".

MOD "AllatRA"
MOD "AllatRA"

And all this was put into print in our country, most likely in 2013. Indeed, in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities of the AllatRa Rus publishing house this very year of opening is worth. Just at the time when the president's rating fell sharply. Then it did not work to raise the popular wave of indignation. There was no preparation for a period of five years. But now, when social tension is at its peak, when it turned out to distribute the book on the network, most likely, the “loosening” of the concepts of “state” and “politics” in the minds of people continued. Perhaps a kind of call for anarchy under the guise of a benefactor.

For the participants in the movement who gathered in court, I remind you that I have the right to express my personal opinion, as well as to collect, analyze and disseminate information by any legal means.

Next, notice:

- frequency of mentionthe words "politics" and "state";

- that reasoning on the topic of the state is based on an example Slavic society;

- on what about politics and the state are written in a negative way.

Interesting, isn't it? The international social movement, which speaks about the development of the kindest and brightest in a person, suddenly talks about politics.

Equally interesting is that everything that was written about the last 80 pages of the book, published already in 2013, is now voiced in videos on AllatRa TV. For example, there is a video on AllatRa TV dated September 19, 2019 on the topic of capitalization restrictions. Where are they talking about exactly what was written in the AllatRa book 7 years ago, namely, about limiting the income of every family on the planet to 10 million dollars. In the video they talk about this at 06.14 minutes:

MOD "AllatRA"
MOD "AllatRA"

And what happens? Is the book really a script?

1) At first, a person's books are drawn into stories about symbols, spirituality, truth.

2) Then they talk about meditations, which, most likely, people get addicted to and become addicted.

3) And at the end of the book they write about how states are instruments of violence against peoples.

Even in the book itself there is a description of the method by which they, perhaps, work with people:

MOD "AllatRA"
MOD "AllatRA"

1) provide information;

2) a person makes a choice in favor of movement;

3) there is a change in consciousness through meditation, lectures;

4) the person is ready to act.

The question is - what will these actions be focused on, given the last 80-100 pages of the book?

I don’t know about you, but I get the impression that AllatRa is a religious and political movement. Representing someone's interests. Alas, the participants of the movement do not even think about it.

In my opinion, judging by the way people try to visit the idea of abolishing borders all over the world through the book into the heads of people, the distribution of the resources of the countries of the world to all - here there are interests of countries that have long wanted the final split of our statehood and the "division" of our lands among themselves.

Doesn't it seem strange to you that today, when social tension is at its peak, AllatRa appears with its ideas on creating a world society? You just think about it.

Why did they not earlier speak in their videos about capitalization, public self-government, zeroing external public debts of ALL countries? The AllatRa book has been officially published in the Russian Federation since 2013, it says about capitalization restrictions, but again - talking about it right now.

And I ask the active participants in the movement to just think - are you sure of the true goals of the AllatRA IPM?

Look at the root, friends.

P. S

It is interesting that Islam is singled out among all religions in the AllatRa International Movement. Already order 40 videos came out on AllatRa TV. You know that I do not belong to any religion in the World and respect the religious choice of people. But I'm just wondering - why Islam? What do you think?

MOD "AllatRA"
MOD "AllatRA"
MOD "AllatRA"
MOD "AllatRA"
MOD "AllatRA"
MOD "AllatRA"

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