OPINION OF THE PEOPLE IS NOT PROVIDED - 10 inconvenient facts about the amendments
OPINION OF THE PEOPLE IS NOT PROVIDED - 10 inconvenient facts about the amendments

Video: OPINION OF THE PEOPLE IS NOT PROVIDED - 10 inconvenient facts about the amendments

Video: OPINION OF THE PEOPLE IS NOT PROVIDED - 10 inconvenient facts about the amendments
Video: 10 Inconvenient Facts Both Parties Love To Ignore 2023, December

The most important fact, most likely, is already known to every resident of the country - the amendments have in fact already been adopted, as the head of the CEC Ella Pamfilova spoke directly about. But, in addition to this, other interesting, and sometimes very funny, facts are associated with the amendments, most of which you did not know for sure, especially those that will be at the end. So let's go.


The organizers of the vote on the amendment of the Constitution created a portal where they told about the new amendments point by point. However, initially there was not a word about zeroing. These words were added only after journalists noticed that none of these thematic blocks mentions 81 of the first article of the Constitution and amendments to zero the presidential terms. This concealment of the main goal - zeroing the deadlines, with which the amendments were started, is characteristic of the entire situation with voting.


The campaigning company also bypasses this aspect of the amendments by the side, nowhere is the incumbent president mentioned and the resetting of his terms.


Three weeks before the vote, the presidential administration lowered the target indicators so that 60% would vote "for" The turnout was planned at 55%. At the same time, about 60% of voters must support the presidential amendments. A little earlier, the regions received more well-fed targets: turnout at least 70%, support for amendments - 90%. However, then the Kremlin lowered the turnout level to 55%. Several tricks have been planned to increase turnout. So, voting will last seven days - from June 25 to July 1. At the same time, voters will vote at home for six days, and in Moscow they will vote remotely - for this they purchased equipment worth about a billion rubles. Well, and 10 billion rubles for gift certificates for those who voted, where can we go without them?


The 75th article of the constitution, which, in the opinion of serious economists, is globally harmful to our country, is bypassed. This article talks about the Central Bank. And the Central Bank, according to analysts, in particular, Valentin Katasonov, is the First Power in the Russian Federation. According to the article, the Central Bank is not controlled by the government and is subject to the global structures of the IMF and the Fed. Thus, if the main power remains - the power of the owners of money, then everything related to amendments to the constitution is just a smokescreen … If Article 75 remains unchanged, then we agree with the power of the owners of money, it means that we continue to agree to be which you can completely freely pump out resources, undermine the economy, collapse the ruble and much more …


Several clans of Vladimir Putin's closest friends have become the main beneficiaries of Russia's garbage reform. They have not only become regional operators in many regions of the country, but they are also building incinerators, which causes massive protests from local residents. Companies associated with Putin's friends have received almost a quarter of all government contracts for garbage disposal in the country - for a total of 423 billion rubles. Companies associated with the head of Rostec, Sergei Chemezov, received contracts for 165 billion, with the son of former Prosecutor General Igor Chaika - for 107 billion, with businessmen Arkady Rotenberg and Yuri Kovalchuk - for 88 and 63 billion, respectively.

In at least 30 regions of the country, people associated with the authorities have become operators of waste management. 83% of the bidding for the selection of regional operators in all regions of the country was held without competition. Contracts with them were concluded at prices close to the maximum, which means that waste tariffs for Russian citizens will also be close to maximum.

The reform of the garbage industry in Russia has been reduced to the incineration and burial of waste, this is directly spelled out in the federal scheme for the management of municipal solid waste by the state company “Russian Ecological Operator” (REO). Separate garbage collection and recycling as operating mechanisms are not spelled out in the document. It would seem, what have the amendments to do with it? You can find out more about this below under the issue of comments from leading experts. We will continue.