The hidden goals of the amendments to the Constitution :: why all this was started
The hidden goals of the amendments to the Constitution :: why all this was started

Video: The hidden goals of the amendments to the Constitution :: why all this was started

Video: The hidden goals of the amendments to the Constitution :: why all this was started
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The State Duma today in the third (final) reading adopted the proposed amendments to the Constitution. We are talking about the very set of amendments and additions to the Basic Law of the country, which will be put to a general vote on April 22.

Voting in the lower house turned out to be memorable: not to say that it was completely "in a single impulse", but - judge for yourself: 383 lawmakers - "for", "against" - no one. 43 "Duma members" decided to abstain - such is their, you know, "tough" position.

In the meantime, the word "Brezhnev" was mentioned more frequently in the Runet. Citizens felt some kind of frank feeling of déjà vu - as if just about, relatively recently, something similar to what was happening had already been experienced, already seen, already embodied - with certain consequences. "Stay, dear father." "Who, if not you." "The people have the right to decide for themselves, but the people ask." If led, it’s so indefinitely. If there are conditions for a referendum - therefore, conditionally indefinitely.

On the podium - an honored man, in a strict suit, in years, with a gold star of the Hero of the Soviet Union, the conqueror of space. Well, would anyone argue with a statement and a rationalization proposal, printed on paper and submitted by such a person?, which "reflects the concern for Soviet workers."

Valentina Tereshkova 42+ years ago:

On the eve of the 60th anniversary of the Great October Revolution, turning to the draft Constitution, we, Soviet women, not only realize our rights, but also clearly see our responsibilities as full members of socialist society. With renewed enthusiasm, we will work for the prosperity of our great Motherland, actively participate in the fulfillment of the majestic plans of building a communist society in our country.

There are no less wonderful and respected people on TV screens. Conductors, directors, heads of Duma factions and others, others, others.

And everything, as in the well-known reports of recent times about pensioners-"zhivchik" (about 75-year-old grandfathers - fitness trainers, about grandmothers over 80 who dive under water and / or jump with a parachute), just as convincingly, just as clearly set out … We have, they say, now stability, but the enemy … ENEMY!.. He does not sleep. We, they say, are at a difficult point in our history, and all the other difficult points in this very history cannot be compared with the current one - the coronavirus alone is worth it … The imperialists and exploiters force us to increase oil production and drop the ruble exchange rate. They are strangling workers, peasants, pensioners and the intelligentsia with their dastardly sanctions. And there is only one way to resist all this. Of course, to zero the presidential terms, because the political and legal norm today is that amendments to the Constitution can and, of course, must be interpreted exclusively as a new milestone, beyond which Russia and the entire Russian people will inevitably prosper. Zeroing the presidential terms - this is amendment number one, for the sake of which all this was started.

Until that moment, the Russian people were still seriously discussing the proposed amendments to the Constitution, naively believing that all this was started with the aim of improving the Basic Law: a ban on the seizure of territories, the emergence of the status of the Russian people as a state-forming entity, family, children, motherhood, protection of pensioners. But from the sky-high heights all the naive were quickly lowered to sinful earth: all this is, is, is present, but is not at all the goal. The goal was designated the day before - in the format of a meeting within the walls of the State Duma, where President Vladimir Putin personally arrived.

Vladimir Vladimirovich himself told those present that he personally, of course, is for a developed democracy, for the change of power. And then he reminded me of the deservedness of Valentina Tereshkova … And then - the main thing. From a series: we ourselves seem to be against it, but if the Constitutional Court decides so, then all that remains is to obey.

And in order for the picture to be in full compliance with 1977, it remained for everyone to stand up and with stormy, incessant applause, turning, naturally, into a standing ovation, to meet this statement. But here the picture turned out to be somewhat crumpled, since the thunderous applause was not organized. The presidium "slapped", part of the hall - too. Well, okay. The main thing is that the message is directed: the guarantor of our Constitution as a whole agrees with the proposed amendments … Well, of course - how can you go against the Hero of the Soviet Union, the famous first woman in space. So the president could not. - Everything is in the hands of the Constitutional Court, everything is in the hands of the people.

And if all this is moving towards what Valentina Vladimirovna insists on, who recently celebrated her 83rd birthday, then the question arises: are the authorities exactly familiar with the history of the Fatherland? Well, not with the one from 1999, but at least a year from 1981. Leapfrog, political crises, bickering for power, undercover games, open intrigues that followed after March 1953 and after November 1982 - have you forgotten? Have you forgotten what ultimately happened after 1985, when Mikhail Sergeevich Gorbachev took office as a result of leapfrog and "premature" deaths? The same one, because of which millions of people were divided by borders, and millions completely disappeared in the abyss of perestroika and post-perestroika chaos.

Well, if you have forgotten, it turns out that the country and the people are once again in history being prepared for transfer to the field with a rake for intense dancing.

Although on the other hand, there can be no fears for the supreme power and stability in the country. Why? Because in our country everything is constitutional … and the political elites may well make an additional amendment to the Constitution - for example, about the eternity of the head of state. After all, the day before, the Duma had already said that if the amendments are adopted, it will “allow Vladimir Putin to work calmly for these 4 years, not thinking that there will be after 2024”. Well, if the matter is banal in the tranquility of a single person, then the amendment about eternity would raise the level of this tranquility to the prohibitive … But here's the problem: human nature is not determined by the Constitution. It is not determined even by the most honored of honored people - laureates, professors, heroes and drummers of labor.

If for such an amount of time the authorities have not been able to build a system of turnover, if, with all the number of competitions "Leader of the Year", "Presidential Reserve" there is no way at all worthy person, so if not to transfer all power at once, then at least to set a vector of development for him, then at least again remember the need to change something in the conservatory.

I honestly do not want to believe that the system of power is going to move to the well-known thesis that "after us, even a flood." Simply proceeding from the fact that the ark being built may not be for everyone … Bots of the representatives of the truly correct electorate, and they will not be taken, so you should not be zealous … Although they may cherish hopes that by 2036 there will be a successor for sure. Well, at worst, it will be possible to make an appropriate amendment …