Highly Developed Civilization Conducts Experiment
Highly Developed Civilization Conducts Experiment

Video: Highly Developed Civilization Conducts Experiment

Video: Highly Developed Civilization Conducts Experiment
Video: STARTLING EXPERIMENT Proves Alien Civilization | The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch (S2) | History 2023, November

Many highly developed civilizations of the universe have technologies for interstellar movement and the creation of engineering structures on a planetary scale.

Ultra-advanced biometallic technologies have given us access to space management. On their basis, we have created ships that use the curvature of this very space to move in space.

How did we achieve this? Our scientists have known for a long time that the universe is not one and there are countless parallel universes. They also understood that any mass affects the space in which it is located. After all, light waves near the system star change rectilinear motion to curvilinear one. This is true for both the micro- and macrocosm.

For example, on a macrocosmic scale, it was an understanding of the nature of black holes. A black hole is an area of curvature of space, where parallel universes connect and their matter flows into one another. A similar picture is observed in the microworld.

The nucleus of each atom, like a star on the scale of the macrocosm, bends the space around it. And the heavier the core, the higher the degree of this curvature. If the atomic weight is higher than 200 atomic units, then the nucleus loses its stability and begins to disintegrate into more stable simple nuclei. As is the case with radioactive substances. In organic compounds, this rule is even more pronounced.

The massiveness of the carbon chains makes space even more curved. The qualitative barrier between the physical and etheric levels of the planets disappears. There is a transition to a qualitatively new organization of matter, to a living organism. As in the macrocosm, where universes flow through black holes into one another, in the microcosm around large organic molecules of DNA and RNA, a zone of transition of matter from the physical level of the planet to the etheric level is formed.

It was the understanding of these two processes that allowed the scientific thought of our civilization to understand how to create ships that can travel great distances. On the basis of a biometallic structure of huge organic molecules such as RNA and DNA, where heavy metals are in free bonds, these ships were created.

Thus began the development and colonization of other stellar systems. Look at this - the process of cell division is much more mysterious than it seems. The old cell completely disappears in the process of division, and after a while two new cells begin to appear - exact copies of the old one.

The teleportation process, similar to cell division, starts the flow of matter from one dimension to another, and then back, but at another point. Bimetallic technologies make it possible to travel millions of times faster than light and carry out various manipulations over matter.

But the technology also has a number of disadvantages - it is limited by the strength of ships and the mental limits of the living operators of these technologies.

Therefore, the scale of space exploration was not as global as we wanted it to be.

Then it was decided to conduct a unique Experiment, which was carried out in several stages. It all started with the selection and correction of the star system.

In order for one of the planets to form conditions suitable for the origin of life, it was necessary that all the planets within the selected system synchronize and move in the right order.

Therefore, they had to be moved and additionally corrected orbits. It was also necessary to add artificial satellites to calibrate the endogenous and exogenous processes of celestial bodies. The next step was the terraforming of the planets. And this, too, was not an uncontrolled process.

The giant quarries artificially formed after this large-scale work were later disguised as natural landscapes. Then the time came for the formation of the planet's biosphere. To create the conditions necessary for the normal life of the main biological species, a controlled evolution was launched, which should gradually lead to the desired result.

It was necessary to create a climate suitable for life, so we made efforts to make the planet warm and comfortable. The biosphere began to develop very actively. Many plants and animals were brought to the new planet and gradually populated its entire territory. Their evolutionary development went on its own way.