A look at fabricated bullshit through the prism of France
A look at fabricated bullshit through the prism of France

Video: A look at fabricated bullshit through the prism of France

Video: A look at fabricated bullshit through the prism of France
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We are publishing an article by our former compatriot who has lived in Paris for 20 years and, while remaining a part of our culture, can see the situation from the inside and this view will be reliable.

Whatever the outcome of humanity emerges from this thoroughly fabricated pandemic, it is already safe to say that the two good old professions will remain compromised deeply and for a long time.

I'm talking about official journalism and official medicine. Because so far it has not been possible to provide a more vivid demonstration of the regrettable fact that both these spheres of life are governed by political, and not professional, authorities. The coronavirus has tested everyone, one might say, from the screw.

And when this loud-voiced cacophony finally ends, many supporters of the overthrow of all politically inconvenient authorities at any cost will remain in history with the same glory as the participants in the Nuremberg trials. Who, in their time, were also sincerely “deluded together with everyone else,” but nevertheless became the first executioners of the rest.

I am talking about those who hastily gathered in their studios and on the pages of their newspapers such "experts" as psychologists, psychoanalysts, mathematicians and economists, in order to more firmly trample the reputation of eminent professors of medicine and Nobel laureates who made statements with sarcasm and caustic innuendo. beating the "official doctrine" to pieces and small pieces, corroding the confidence of the duped population, like the corrosion of an unstamped thought.

Let me remind you that the first to climb the coronavirus scaffold was the Nobel laureate, Professor Luc Montagnier, who announced on the air about the artificial origin of Covid 19, its fragility and its imminent disappearance in nature, which does not tolerate "invasions." To the question that causes a maximum of controversy today - about the incomprehensible antennas "5G" - all in the same air, Montagnier, who has worked a lot on wave radiation in recent years, explained that these frequencies (attention!): Destroy the cells of the body, causing serious diseases and thus lowering immunity.

In strict accordance with the anecdotes, the official press immediately wrote that Professor Montagnier had declared "the ability of 5G antennas to spread the coronavirus." Here is the very moment to attribute "How do you like this, Elon Musk ?!"

Remind me what a pack of "experts" of all sorts was launched on Professor Montagnier, immediately after this statement? Not worth it? Then I will just clarify that only psychologists, mathematicians, economists, physicists, lyricists and even clerics were allowed to trample the professor in thick and viscous sarcasm, but not a single physician who actually did research on the effect of high-frequency radiation on the human body was not allowed to comment on this sensation. …

In other words, the whole essence of the sarcastic argumentation directed against the professor boiled down to one simple but very angry dictum: this cannot be, because it can never be.

Should I clarify that today, just a month and a half later, scientists and politicians from many countries are considering the artificial origin of COVID-19, and the presidents mention its possibility in official speeches?..

Immediately after Montagnier, another eminent French professor was dragged onto the same scaffold, who had an amazingly high percentage of patients recovered from Covid-19 in his Marseille clinic. Professor Raoult treated them with an old banal and cheap drug, which is used in many southern countries to treat malaria, rheumatoid arthritis and several other diseases. This medicine, right up to the pandemic itself, was always freely available in all pharmacies in the world, but then amazing things began to happen to it.

As shown by the evidence collected together already during the period of isolation, this drug (chloroquinine) suddenly disappeared from the free access in several countries at the same time. In several other countries, the same medicine suddenly began to be issued exclusively on prescription and exclusively to patients who are already undergoing treatment with this drug for any other ailments, except for Covid-19. A few weeks later, a pandemic burst out, the intensity of passions went up, panic took over the brains, and the fun began.

The astonishing results of Professor Roult's method of treating covid patients in the early stages with chloroquinine very quickly hit the editorial and caused the expected double reaction: enthusiastic from the public, distraught with fear, and furious, from his medical fellows. The brothers huddled together on TV shows, made mournful faces and with contemptuous grimaces broadcast that it was too early to rejoice, that it was still necessary to look and recheck the side effects of the drug and the Roult method itself, etc. etc. etc.

President Emmanuel Macron personally came to the professor's clinic with his entourage, wandered around, nodded, shook hands and assured the press at the exit that he would personally monitor the results and give an expert opinion. Two days later, the expert opinion was published in French editorials: Professor Raoult's method was officially rejected as "fraught with side effects" and forbidden to all active doctors to use it for the treatment of Covid-19, on pain of expulsion from the Medical College.

The literally brutalized public wrote petition after petition, Rault's patients recovered one after another, colleagues tore and threw, demanding not to treat people, but to wait for the vaccine, and the professor himself publicly stated in literal text that he did not care about official permissions and was ready to be expelled from the College, but will still continue to treat his patients, and not leave them at the mercy of a "side effect" such as being sent to another world.

The reputation of Professor Raoult was trampled into the mud with even more zeal and more fury than even the reputation of the quickly forgotten Montagnier. Both were mocked by age and appearance: Montagnier is too old to think clearly without falling into conspiracy theories and fantasy. Raoult cannot be trusted because he is a shaggy eccentric: he has long hair and looks like the quintessential mad scientist from Hollywood production who is pushing the world towards disaster with his experiments.

Among all this frankly hysterical crush, in the grinding of bones and personal ambitions, a single, gray-cold, steel essence was initially clearly visible: Covid-19 should not be treated, Covid-19 should be vaccinated. Wait for the vaccine, be afraid of Raoult, the gifts of the bringer and the side effects of chloroquinine. The manipulation of the "side effect" was supported by vague rumors of "deaths caused by the use of the Roult method and the drug."

When the pandemic unambiguously began to decline, or rather, already about three days ago, a “second wave” of surprisingly hot anti-Rault propaganda suddenly poured into the press: in several major newspapers at once (the largest of which, by the way, quite recently, in 2019, received from the "Association of Bill and Melinda Gates" a grant in the modest amount of 1.9 million euros …) again, articles appeared simultaneously stigmatizing both the drug and the method, and Professor Rault himself.

But now, when there are too many questions to the "pandemic" even among the most apathetic citizens, and even among hitherto loyal journalists, real medical experts, who had not yet had the opportunity to speak, began to be allowed to defend Raoult. It was then that curious details began to emerge. For example, that the "side effects" that were found in the drug and the method had nothing to do with either the drug or the method: in fact, the "researchers" simply counted several deaths of very old patients who arrived at the clinic already in a critical condition, too late for treatment, and thus "useful" for the statistics necessary to finish off Professor Raoult's method and the whip of the professor himself.

That is, while some who have taken the Hippocratic oath are fighting over the sick and dying, in search of an opportunity to heal and save, others, with the same oath, do completely different things, guided by completely different ambitions.

But that's not all.

I am talking with another professor, the director of a large clinic in one of the Parisian suburbs. Considering that the Raoult method is still officially prohibited for use, I will not name the doctor, very much hoping that at the end of the whole play, everyone who has played their role, in accordance with their own convictions, will receive what they deserve.

Here's what he says. A couple of weeks before the "great world shutter", a delegation from the "higher body" in charge of French medicine came to the clinic. Let's call them, for the Hollywood effect, "people in black." Like many others, the clinic was instructed to urgently "re-profile", to discharge all walking patients to their homes and prepare places for the expected "kovidniks".

Then, to the great surprise of the doctors (no one spoke or heard about Raoult and his method at that time), the director was required to issue a full stock of chloroquinine (Plaquénil) that was available, as well as a complete list of patients already undergoing treatment with this a drug, not from Covid, but from other diseases. To these patients, the people in black explained, the curators will dispense the drug individually and individually, under strict control. The rest of the stock, up to the last packaging, must be handed over immediately.

Then again, there are events worthy of the best blockbusters. Writers, grab your feathers! An extremely close-knit team turns out to be in the clinic, which, without saying a word, hides part of the drug's reserves and hands over the rest. Not a single employee, from nurses to the last surgeon, utters a word about such seditious disobedience. All subsequent weeks, arriving at the clinic "covid", again, as in the best blockbusters, secretly treated with the drug and the method of Professor Rault. The result is the result: for the entire time of the "fierce pandemic", in this clinic, two patients died at the age of more than 80 years.

And the last thing for today. I am talking with a doctor who has nothing to do with clinics with covid patients, and he shows me an extremely interesting detail on the screen of his monitor.

As in almost all countries of the world, in France today there is a system of electronic registration to any specialized specialist. From therapist to dermatologist, ophthalmologist, gynecologist or dentist. This system is called "Doctolib", groups all the necessary data and forwards them to the social insurance funds. Any rand-wu with any doctor you need will certainly fall into this system and go into unknown annals of medical information about you personally. Who and on what basis can store this information there, consult and process, you cannot and should not know.

Each of your registered visits to the doctor is reflected in this database by the specialist himself, who fills in the appropriate columns on the screen of his monitor.

So, since our strange pandemic, on the screen invisible to you, the doctor treating you has appeared one new "graph" unknown to you.

And when your doctor, having filled in all the previous ones, wants to confirm the sending of the necessary data, he cannot do this until he fills in this more modest last window. Here it is:

"Does this patient show signs of Covid-19: yes // maybe // no."

"Can you indicate the patient's personal data: e-mail, mobile phone, hospital ?: yes // no."

“Can you indicate other close contacts of the patient: name, address, e-mail, mobile: yes // no….”

Until you fill in the above columns, your social insurance will not receive the information necessary for the proper processing of your dossier.

And already quite a "small", but extremely tasty detail about this innovation (of course, completely justified by a "pandemic!), Are reported by several indignant doctors at once: it turns out, at the very beginning of self-isolation, with the introduction of" new graphs "into the general register, physicians were notified by a special circular that for each new patient, "signaled" by the attending physician, as a possible covenant, the social insurance will charge the doctor an additional "bonus" in the symbolic amount of 2 euros. For each information about personal data (mail, mobile phone, etc.) - two more. For each new prospective contact - two more. Further, according to the stencil - "a couple more!"

In other words, if you have a neighbor whose dog, with its constant barking, interferes with your personal little comfort, and your spouse hates his ill-mannered children, do not hesitate, join, signal.

According to the doctors who told the story, this amazing circular caused a sharp outrage among many medical colleagues and was canceled as quickly as it was introduced. That is, of course, they left additional columns to fill in. The "premium" was canceled. Now it is necessary to signal to the appropriate authorities all patients "showing signs of covid" free of charge, voluntarily and selflessly. Like partisans in the old days.

What, exactly, are they looking for among the “possible infected” and for what specific purpose is it unknown even to the doctors themselves, who are called upon to “signal” their neighbor?

The doctor, who showed me these "new graphs" on his monitor in the new chapter of our pandemic collaboration, asks with a wink:

- "Do you understand how quietly and unmarked everything began then, in Vichy? …"

I think I understand. And I don’t know about you, but when this “litmus” pandemic is over - and it will certainly end, and even very soon - I want every authority in this story to really be rewarded according to his merits.

As it was once sung in the song of my childhood: "We want to give names to all our voiced records …".

This article by Mrs. Kondratyeva-Salghero joins in with the speech of the Great Russian religious philosopher Vitaly Khramov, which explains why, instead of treatment, the topic of compulsory vaccination is being drawn.

It turns out that the situation in France is far-fetched, the medical community is outraged as much as it can, and the political authorities, like that cat from Krylov's fable, listen and crush dumplings on the cheek.