Public Consciousness Manipulation
Public Consciousness Manipulation

Video: Public Consciousness Manipulation

Video: Public Consciousness Manipulation
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Fifth Column Weapons

“In chess, white and black pieces are usually the worst enemies, but those who move pieces are good friends.” [1]

Management of society is a function of the highest hierarchical structure of power. It is she who sets the general vector of development, determines trends and provides leadership. A huge burden of responsibility for the future of all peoples living on the territory of this state has been laid on her shoulders. It is quite logical and correct to believe that the best representatives should form it. The so-called color of the nation, and in projection onto the Russian Federation, the color of nations. For whom the interests of the people will be above their own and even above the value of their own life. They are based on such basic concepts as honor, conscience, pure and bright mind. Such people provide leadership, they have nothing to hide openly, and they are honest with themselves and with the people. But in any society antipodes to these people will appear. In different eras, they become more or less the unifying principle of which is the boundless thirst for power. As a rule, getting to her, they are not ready to cope with all the temptations. And having enormous physical, psychological and mental potentials, they direct their energy to satisfy their ego. Often the result of such actions is a destructive impact on society. When it is not possible to push through their interests with force and lies, they deftly use various types of manipulations. Often such people betray their people by being seduced by the charms of power and act to please others.

At present, with the development of such directions in science as biology, physics, chemistry, psychotechnology, genetics, the system has received vast and valuable knowledge in the field of studying a person's behavioral reactions. She gained access to the basic blocks of consciousness, the principles and rules of its functioning. The ability to influence the subconscious of large groups of people. I came to understand all the physical and mental processes taking place in a person. Up to 85% of the human genome has been decoded. The laws of managing public opinion by its reactions and behavior are derived. “Our invention is capable of controlling consciousness and opening souls, like cans, changing the filling according to your taste” [1] These words were said by Academician Igor Viktorovich Smirnov, Director of the Research Institute of Psychotechnology, Komsomolskaya Pravda 1995. The likelihood of using such technologies is quite large, the possibility of this technology leaking and falling into the wrong hands is not excluded. But often, paradoxically, they do it much easier. An example is the recent events on the Maidan. So in order for people to be constantly present in the square and strike against the regime, they added a potent drug to their tea, which, on a subconscious level, forced them to come there every day and do what the self-proclaimed leaders said. Thus, the mother of my good friend in Kiev fell under the influence of this drug, and he had to urgently take her to Russia, where she was hardly cured of her severe drug addiction.

Representatives of the 5th column in Russia, namely, individuals who are part of the government of the Russian Federation, occupying certain posts in the state, conducting their activities for the sake of persons, representatives of other states, transnational companies and organizations, are well versed in technologies capable of realizing the goals of third-party forces in our territory. They do not shun anything, the moral side is completely absent. They are hitting the basic pillars of the state. These are: the morality of the people, education, the army, the economy. All of them are subject to constant change and reforms, supposedly carrying a positive character and have a progressive vector of development. Often, people do not have time to give an adequate, competent rebuff, since the bulk of the active population is cleverly taken aside by filling information channels with low-quality second-rate information. The first and fundamental for any nation is its morality. It was not for nothing that in 1942 a German doctor who examined girls and women brought from the USSR to hard labor in Germany wrote to Hitler in panic: “Russia cannot be defeated as long as this people has such a morality. Almost 99% of the women surveyed by me from 15 to 25 years old who were not married are virgins”[2]

The concept of morality is very broad, but in this article we will consider it using one example. The problem of abortion in Russia has been very topical since its inception, but due to some "accidental" coincidence, this topic is bypassed and tried to be ignored. That is, there is a blatant concealment of horrific statistics. In the period from 1995 to 2016, in just over 20 years, Russia lost, according to the most conservative estimates, about 33.000000 million children killed in the womb by abortion. Future teachers, scientists, engineers, Olympic champions and simply millions of completely physically and mentally healthy people who would give a powerful impetus to the development of our state. There is currently no program to change this situation in Russia. Therefore, inaction is also an action. And this, for your information, is even more than 20 million girls murderers who went for this and the same number of males who allowed this act to happen, plus the actions of the state financing this direction in the activities of hospitals. How many people lost in the USSR during the Second World War? So this is exactly the essence of hidden management and consists in taking people away from really important problems in society. Who allowed and allows the killing of children? Why haven't they introduced criminal liability for this act? Let everyone answer this question for himself. And this, then, is the people who survived in the 20th century - 2 revolutions, 2 world wars, the cold war, perestroika and the terrible 90 years. Apparently not enough? No, not enough. Only the enemies of the Russian people and other indigenous peoples of Russia know that it is impossible to defeat us in an open confrontation, therefore they try to act imperceptibly.

The second point is education. Any more or less literate and educated person understands that the level of current education in Russia leaves much to be desired. At the end of the 90s, our government simply copied the American test education system, and even the 1960s, and replaced the best Soviet education in the opinion of the same Americans who adopted our experience for the worst American one, which they partially abandoned. The question arises … Who worked? The best minds of Russia or representatives of the fifth column. The answer is obvious. On the face of it, we see that from the beginning we created a problem, ostensibly expressed in the need to reform the outdated education system, and then deftly proposed a way to solve it, laying the foundation of the state for future problems that we have already encountered.

The third point is the Army. The surname of the former defense minister is associated with a certain stage in the reform of the army. Everything was done under the pretext of importance, public opinion was not paid attention. During the reform, A. E. Serdyukov, the formations and parts of the cadre were completely eliminated, which in turn did not make it possible to deploy reserves in the event of war, a 2.5-fold reduction in the officer corps, as a result of which 200,000 thousand officers were thrown out of the army, the complete destruction of the institute of warrant officers and warrant officers, due to which 140 thousand trained people serving complex equipment simply died. Out of 64 universities, only 10 remained as a skating rink, and the teaching staff was reduced by seven times, and at the moment in some universities the understaffing is up to 70%. Now we will need many years and large material costs for the restoration of the RF Armed Forces. In the media, information about conferring the title "Hero of Russia" by secret order to AE Serdyukov is widely spread. that supposedly can mitigate the punishment for corruption. Is this so or not the second question. Whether he will answer for his deeds in full or not, that's what is most important.

The fourth point is economics. Stable economic development of the Russian Federation is a priority. The economy is the foundation of the state, allowing to improve the most important areas. In the context of sanctions, Russia is increasing the purchase of American government bonds, the so-called Treasury. So as of January 1, 2016, the Russian Federation invested $ 92.1 billion. The country is sorely lacking money, spending on medicine and education is decreasing, and at the same time billions of dollars go into the economy of a potential adversary. There is a widespread video on the Internet in which a pensioner emotionally expresses her position on low pensions, but Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedey retorts: “There is simply no money now, but you are holding on.” So what's the problem? The authorities understand that there are big problems in the Russian economy that require urgent solutions, while the people are accumulating anger aimed at the same authorities. The problem is that the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, in accordance with Federal Law No. 86 "On the Central Bank of the Russian Federation" of 2002, occupies a mediocre position. The bank is not responsible for the obligations of the state and it does not care about those who write its laws. At first glance, the role of the Central Bank is insignificant, but in reality it turns out to be more significant than the government, the State Duma, and the presidential apparatus. In accordance with Article 1 of the same Federal Law, the Bank of Russia is a legal entity. Having received an extract from the unified State Register of Legal Entities, we see that there is no organizational and legal norm, there is no national language, there is no information about the authorized capital, about founders, about shareholders. What is this new kind of legal entity? How can a legal entity be registered without an OPF? All this clearly shows the ambiguous position of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation in state policy, its important role is deliberately hushed up, and at this time there is a betrayal of Russia's national interests. "The greatest enemy lurks where you least search for it." [3] Gaius Julius Caesar 78 BC.

Latent impact on society can be very difficult to identify; not many representatives are capable of this. They can be pressured, ridiculing or not publishing their works. Therefore, the main work goes with the unprepared part of the population and the use of their low level of public consciousness for their political, economic and other purposes. They very easily influence instincts, having previously driven the maximum number of people to the level of bio-survival through the economic policy of the structures that control this sphere. A favorite technique is a method of gradual application and postponement of execution, which, like a python, gradually squeeze the victim, pinching the respiratory organs and ultimately depriving him of life.