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Taoist rumble: the most inexplicable natural phenomenon
Taoist rumble: the most inexplicable natural phenomenon

People in different parts of the planet periodically, and sometimes constantly, hear low-frequency noises, the sources of which cannot be identified. The most famous of all the sound anomalies was the drone recorded near the American town of Taos, located in the state of New Mexico. Despite the fact that a group of scientists specially created at the initiative of the US Congress was engaged in this phenomenon, it was not possible to reliably establish its cause.

The Kramola portal has collected all the existing theories of the origin of the mystical noise, but none of them has yet been 100% confirmed.

Hum of the earth

The Taoist sound anomaly does not have a clear description, because different people perceive it in their own way. Some talk about an extremely unpleasant low-frequency hum, provoking anxiety and panic, similar to the sound of many diesel installations working somewhere in the distance. To others, it seems similar to the noise that occurs when flying near the earth's surface of an aircraft. Still others clearly hear the sound of a column of heavy vehicles moving along the highway, although there are no highways nearby.

Among all the theories of the origin of these noise effects, the most reliable is the geophysical one, which intersects with the history of drilling the Kola superdeep well. When the depth of the well reached 12 kilometers, scientists began to record a prolonged low-frequency rumble underground, similar to that heard by the inhabitants of Taos.

Similar sonic phenomena occur in many other ultradeep drilling locations. The hum is associated with movements in the deep layers of the lithospheric plates: the colossal energy concentrated in the depths of our planet, trying to escape outward, produces a mystical noise. Sometimes they even try to predict the approach of an earthquake by these sounds: the louder and clearer they are, the less time remains before a natural cataclysm.

Human factor

Inexplicable noise began to be recorded around the seventies of the last century. One of the first places was the British Bristol, where a low-frequency sound was heard for a long time, periodically appearing and disappearing. The local print media even ran an article asking if the Bristolians heard this strange noise, and about 800 people answered in the affirmative.

Trying to understand the reason for what was happening, the city authorities decided that the acoustic pollution was associated with the activities of a nearby industrial enterprise. However, the company's management denied these allegations, saying that the noise from the production simply cannot spread over such distances.

At the same time, the mystical noise arising in various parts of the world is most often associated with human activity. A number of geologists believe that in the process of mining and performing other actions that disturb the tranquility of the planet, the Earth seems to emit a lingering groan.

The Novosibirsk Akademgorodok was visited in 1982 by a group of American scientists who were warned by the geologist Aleksey Dmitriev about a series of natural disasters approaching the United States. The scientist explained his forecast by the fact that the entire East Coast is shrouded in a multitude of high-voltage power lines, through which current flows at a frequency of 60 Hz. The natural currents of the planet, arising in the lithospheric layers, have the same frequency, as a result of which a kind of closure occurs, which can result in earthquakes. The Russian scientist's forecast came true in two years.

Melting glaciers

Some researchers associate the mysterious noises with the melting of glaciers caused by global warming. Cracking occurs when the existing bond between hydrogen atoms is broken. These sounds cannot be captured by any equipment, however, when the number of such breaks is in the millions or even billions, it is precisely the mystical rumble that is heard in various parts of the planet.

Coming Apocalypse

The part of the population that believes in the coming of the end of the world believes that anomalous sound phenomena are nothing more than the sound of Jericho trumpets announcing the approach of the Apocalypse. By this they explain both the wide distribution of this hum, recorded in different parts of the world, and its characteristic features. This hum seems to arise out of nowhere, its sources are unclear, but at the same time it fills the entire space, haunting people. This is approximately how believers imagine the terrible sounding of the trumpets of angels announcing the approaching Last Day and the coming Last Judgment.

Marketing move?

Skeptics, seeing no real confirmation of any of the theories, are inclined to believe that the Taoist rumble is just a skillful advertising campaign carried out by Hollywood producers. In 2011-2012, against the backdrop of the Mayan predictions about the coming end of the world in America, popularized by the press, several films dedicated to the Apocalypse were shot. To further stir up the interest of viewers in their paintings, the creators came up with the Taoist noise that caused such a resonance.

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