Misconceptions of philologists and linguists. Root RA
Misconceptions of philologists and linguists. Root RA

In total, the authors of the study conducted an extensive check of the presence of Ra in available dictionaries (more than 300), and were convinced of its very extensive use in various languages of the world. Hundreds of multilingual words have been identified, depending on their semantic belonging to the Sun, light, deity, strength, power, belligerence, craft, various somatic and everyday vocabulary or peaceful labor.

At the same time, hundreds of ancient once related words were discovered, which are either the names of God for different peoples (like the notorious Egyptian Ra), or - the usual lively colloquial vocabulary, semantically linked with concepts such as light, sun, heat, flame, passion, fire, warmth, brightness, ardor, color, morning, ray, hurray, shine …

Lezginsky Rarb (Rar, Ragh; Raqini) - Sun.

Budukhsky (Azerbaijan) Ra гъ - the Sun.

Kaingang (South Brazil) Ra - The sun.

Agulsky (Lezghin group) Rar - Sun (Ragukhan - rainbow).

Mangareva (Polynesia) Ra - The sun.

Gequn (dial agul.) Ra ɹ - Sun.

Qushan (Dagestan) Rar - Sun.

Tahiti (Vanuatu) Ra - The sun.

Languages of tribes and nationalities:

Rarotongan (Cook Island) Ra - The sun.

Futuna (Austronesia) Ra - The sun.

Aniwa (Polynesia) Ra - The sun.

Kapingamarangi (Caroline Islands) Ra - The sun.

Rapanui (Easter Island) Ra - The sun.

Mangareva (Polynesia) Ra - The sun.

U gamei, giri, qaqet, angaua (Papua New Guinea) Ra - The sun.

Anuta (Solomon Islands) Ra - The sun.

In the Coptic, which has survived to this day (the language of modern worship in North Africa), the Sun has been referred to since ancient times in two related versions: as Rei And How Ra … At the same time, the divine name Ra even in the Bible in the form of a two-part name Rafael (Hebrew רְפָאֵל, rfal), which translates as "God healed", i.e. Ra and halyard.

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