Elimination of Russian medicine, despite the coronavirus
Elimination of Russian medicine, despite the coronavirus

Against the background of the "glorification" of the image of the Moscow mayor by the controlled media and the activation of former Prime Minister Medvedev, Putin's confidant and co-chairman of the central headquarters of the All-Russian Popular Front Leonid Roshal burst out with an angry rebuke, where he said that the authorities had known about the country's unpreparedness for emergencies since last summer …

But instead of following the recommendations of scientists, rescuers, military personnel and doctors, our "effective managers" continued to optimize medicine and close hospitals. Moreover, now, within the framework of throwing, they are also ready to destroy the unique medical centers that the country had created decades before them.

The further the fight against coronavirus goes, the more interesting facts creep out. It turns out that the stories of the mayor of Moscow, who before the pandemic cut dozens of hospitals and fired doctors, that the pandemic came “suddenly” and now we have to evict unique hospitals, such as Psychiatric Clinical Hospital (PKB) No. 1, popularly known as “Kashchenko”, to put it mildly, not true. As the president of the National Medical Chamber, confidant of Russian President Vladimir Putin, co-chairman of the central headquarters of the All-Russian Popular Front, president of the Research Institute of Emergency Pediatric Surgery and Traumatology Leonid Roshal, on June 24, 2019, they discussed the unpreparedness of our medicine for an epidemic and sent to all departments the appropriate conclusions.

The representatives of the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Ministry of Health, the leadership of the association of ambulance doctors, chief doctors of hospitals and clinics discussed last summer on the basis of the ONF during a closed meeting about the fact that the optimization of medicine can bring the country to the handle:

"Provision of medical care in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation in case of mass admission of victims." “10 months ago, society did not know what would happen in our country today. And we, doctors, did not know. But the issue of our health care readiness to provide assistance in various emergencies worried us,”said Leonid Roshal. According to him, the participants of the meeting came to the general conclusion that “we are not ready to provide mass assistance to the population of the country. The optimization of health care with the reduction of staff and medical institutions has also contributed."

Roshal added that the meeting participants considered that each region of Russia should be self-sufficient in providing medical care in any disaster:

“Not to take patients to Moscow, to St. Petersburg, but to help them on the spot. Everywhere in Russia there should be enough forces and means to eliminate the consequences of the tragedy."

Leonid Roshal said that following the meeting, proposals and recommendations were prepared, "which were sent to the indicated departments" - what needs to be done to resolve the situation:

"In particular, a number of our recommendations were aimed at training specialists for massive inflows of victims, material, technical and personnel support, for programs for continuous and higher medical education."

Also, according to Leonid Roshal, the ONF recommended that the executive authorities calculate the sufficiency of the bed capacity to eliminate the medical and sanitary consequences of emergencies:

“This was the first public discussion of the problem in Russia. If we had time to do this, then now it would be easier for us. Did not make it. We held this meeting behind closed doors, and it was probably necessary to shout at the top of our lungs,”Roshal said.

In addition, he said that in October last year, at the initiative of a member of the central headquarters of the ONF, Professor Vladimir Porkhanov from Krasnodar, the ONF held a meeting at which the issue of membrane oxygenation was discussed (the technology of saturating blood with oxygen in case of lung failure of a patient is used in the treatment of patients with COVID -nineteen).

“It was necessary to bring the number of ECMO centers to a higher level, and training of personnel, and the development of methods. Here, too, the ONF is ahead of the current situation. At that time no one imagined that it would be required so quickly,”Roshal noted.

According to him, the meeting participants informed all interested departments that

"It is necessary in the very near future to equip large medical institutions with these devices, to train personnel and expand using this technique." “The departments agreed that something needs to be done. But they did not have time either. To be honest, I bite my elbows, why they didn’t shout at the whole country and why they did it behind closed doors,”said Leonid Roshal.

That is, the conclusions of the military, rescuers, doctors and scientists were communicated to Medvedev, who openly ignored the "doctors' riots" around the country and to the mayor of Moscow, Sobyanin. If the "noble" Medvedev, who, after reducing the number of hospital beds in the country by half, called on United Russia to throw in the fight against the pandemic, paid for this, among other things, with his position, then how did he react to the "most effective mayor"? who is now aiming almost for the presidency? That's right, knowing that there was no way to fight the epidemic, he closed hospitals and fired doctors.

“As early as December 25 of last year (that is, six months after the meeting of the ONF and two months after the report of doctors, rescuers and the military), in a report to the Moscow City Duma, Sergei Sobyanin was proud that he was cutting medicine in Moscow. He said that medicine is becoming effective, optimized, this is the way to go, and to our comments that medical institutions should not be closed, he replied that he thinks otherwise. Here it is, the result of optimization, the policy of Mayor Sobyanin, "- said Yevgeny Stupin, a Moscow City Duma deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, to IA REGNUM back in March.

And this is when the first cases of coronavirus have already been recorded in China. If you believe the Communist deputy, then here he is not appointed head of the State Council, but to be tried for sabotage. Is that possible? Yes, our friends from the All-Russian Parental Resistance not only confirmed this fact, but also helped to find a video where the Moscow mayor in December 2019 talks about the importance of reducing beds and dismissing doctors.

According to the deputy, despite the indignation of doctors and patients with "optimization" going around the country, the mayor, under his responsibility and with the support of TV presenter Malysheva who bought the palace in the United States, continued the optimization and closed several dozen hospitals, dismissing some of the medical staff.

In short, Medvedev and Sobyanin are innocent. After all, they just wanted, like in Italy or the USA, that hospitals were for the rich, and the poor were treated quickly and “effectively”. And the rest of the money could be spent on something "really useful" - for example, the construction of a digital concentration camp for the population. But now, all of a sudden, new hospitals were needed and the doctors were remembered. True, in the fight against the coronavirus infection, they do not forget to further optimize, moreover, unique medical centers. Both in Moscow and in the regions, threatening to leave after the victory over the pandemic a generally bare field instead of medicine.

According to Rambler-Novosti, the alarming news came from the capital's Psychiatric Clinical Hospital (PKB) No. 1, popularly known as "Kaschenko". The state Scientific Center for Mental Health (NCPH), which is part of the structure of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and is one of the fundamental institutions for the entire system of domestic psychiatry, is being evicted from its building, located in the Donskoy District.His team became aware of the eviction of the NCPZ on May 2. As the story of Dmitry Abashkin, junior researcher of the laboratory of clinical genetics of the center, since the 1950s, scientists have been working in one of the buildings of PKB No. 1 on Zagorodnoye Highway, 2, building 16. But the Moscow authorities allegedly decided to arrange an isolator there for 400-600 beds for patients with mental illness who have contracted COVID-19. Next to the building occupied by the scientific center, workers urgently erected a wash for ambulances.

“Our center is the flagship of Russian psychiatry, for many years we have been renting four floors of the PKB No. 1 building from the Moscow Department of Health. But on May 2, at the height of the weekend, apparently to avoid publicity, the officials, following the results of the commission, notified the management that a unilateral decision had been made to terminate the lease with us. Moreover, we have not been provided with any alternative premises or means of transportation, and the very building of our center is planned to be permanently rebuilt into a "medical building". Initially, they were given three days to take out the equipment. According to the latest information, the deadline has been moved to May 20. But given the crisis, it is very difficult to find a suitable premises in such a short time. In addition, at the moment we are going through a number of experiments, which cannot be curtailed without large financial losses. We have not been offered any compensation,”said a laboratory employee.

What's even more interesting is that the Moscow authorities are deliberately hitting the possibilities of genetic research by Russian scientists. According to an employee of the Center, the laboratory building of the NCPZ contains equipment worth hundreds of millions of rubles. These are, in particular, an electron microscope and hematological analyzers. Within the walls of the building PKB No. 1 there is a block of genomic and cytogenetic studies, as well as a modern vivarium. In addition, the building houses numerous collections, the editorial office of the "Journal of Neurology and Psychiatry named after S. S. Korsakov". There is nowhere to take it all out.

“Many devices are permanently installed and simply will not survive the move,” notes Abashkin.

He fears that the decision of the Moscow health department to redesign PKB No. 1 could lead to the destruction of the federal research center along with the material base and research team. The rebuilt four floors of the laboratory building will not greatly expand the future isolation ward, which already has three huge hospital buildings. The scientist's fears are understandable, although now there is hope that after the publicity in the media, the Moscow authorities will back up and leave the world-famous medical complex alone.

There is a hope that the unique Research Institute for the Protection of Maternity and Infancy in Yekaterinburg, which was defended when the optimizers tried to close it in 2016, will not be allowed under the coronavirus, and now it is threatened with closure and re-profiling for the coronavirus.

“I don’t know who advised Mishustin to give the SRI OMM for coronavirus patients, this will kill thousands of children. This is not the first attempt by business circles to demolish the unique institution for the sake of a tasty piece of land in the city center. The lives of children who are saved by the institute's unique specialists every day are not taken into account. In 2016, we already rescued NII OMM. Founded in 1877, the institute takes on the most difficult births, saving thousands of children's lives. Today SRI OMM is the only medical center in Russia where the unique technology of intrauterine surgical correction of fetal malformations has been fully implemented. Patients - not only residents of the Urals - about ¼ of the institution's patients are natives of other territories and districts of the Russian Federation. It is thanks to the specialists of the NII OMM that today I am a happy father of a whimsical blond tomboy (he plays the console right behind his back). There was simply no chance, everything was done by these people, with their golden hands.There are a lot of hospitals in Yekaterinburg that are suitable for treating patients with coronavirus. I think Mishustin was misled by the name "institute". And I really hope that the NII OMM, which is already once, will be left alone, and these invaluable specialists will continue to save children's lives. And the position of the governor in this situation gives hope,”said social activist and blogger Sergei Kolyasnikov.

But listen then, last year, the government of scientists, military men and doctors, today there would be no need to derail unique centers, redesign ordinary hospitals (because of which hundreds of thousands of patients may be left without medical assistance and die - much more than from the coronavirus) and talk about the "shortage of medical staff."

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