Kashkulak cave of the "white shaman" as one of the most terrible places on the planet
Kashkulak cave of the "white shaman" as one of the most terrible places on the planet

The Kashkulak cave is located in the north of Khakassia and is recognized as one of the most terrible places on the planet. Locals call it the cave of the "black devil" or the cave of the "white shaman" and there is an explanation for this.

This place was the cult haven of the ancient Khakass. Here the pagans worshiped not only the symbol of procreation, but also the black devil. The ancestors made animal and human sacrifices to appease the evil spirit. The authenticity of the lending is confirmed by the ancient altar and fireplace found in the cave, built around a natural stalagmite in the shape of a phalos.

According to this legend, the cave absorbed the dark energy of ancient shamans, which, guarding its secrets, spills out from time to time on overly curious guests of the cave. Another confirmation of the legend is the human remains and animal bones found in it.


In the 1960s, a group of 20 students decided to descend to this godforsaken place. A day later, only 2 students managed to get out of it. One girl in a violent deranged state was picked up by hunters not far from the cave. She bit and screamed something incoherent. She was immediately hid in a ward for the mentally ill.

The second student was accidentally discovered by a police squad from the village of Shira. Gray-haired, with a deathly face, with her lips bitten in blood, she walked along the dark streets of the village. In her hands, the girl was clutching some kind of stone figurine, which she never wanted to give up. Without stopping for a second, she whispered something fanatically. And this girl was assigned to the house of sorrow, where she "burned out" for a month from some mysterious disease. Doctors could not establish the cause of death - the rapidly growing thin patient was, although insane, but absolutely healthy. Under the mattress of the deceased girl, the nurse discovered a small stone figurine.

Since then, quite a bad rumor has gone about the Kashkulak cave, but despite this, several expeditions managed to visit it. Some of them passed without incident and people were frustrated by the lack of "thrill". Others were lucky, but it's difficult to call it luck.

Once an expedition consisting mainly of schoolchildren on vacation felt the full anomalous power of the ancient cave. On the third day, before leaving the camp, the children begged the adults for the last time to "run through the cave."


Bypassing all the nearest grottoes and going to leave the dungeon, everyone suddenly felt a chilling attack of horror. The schoolchildren rushed to the exit, pushing aside equally frightened parents and teachers … Already in the light of the sun, when the fear let go, the pioneers and their guides vying with each other began to share what they fancied in the depths of the cave. Each, as it turned out, the horror had its own "guise". Some saw a terrible monster with the body of a bear and with a bloody human skull instead of a head, others saw huge crows sitting on a pile of bones, the third "was" a disgusting old shaman in a filthy fox hat with horns, beating a tambourine and making intricate movements. With gestures he seemed to be calling to him …

Some time after the group returned home, one of the participants in the campaign, a sixth grader, was found hanged in the attic of his own house. He left a suicide note with a very strange content. The boy wrote about some kind of stone devil, about dark holes and madness. And at the end: "… die, but remember the stones." The parents of the deceased boy claimed that this phrase was written in a different handwriting.


In the 1980s, scientists from the Novosibirsk Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine became interested in the cave with the inexplicable phenomena of the Kashkulak Cave.Several members of the equipped expedition witnessed a strange phenomenon and saw a shaman who beckoned them to him. Having overcome their numbness and fear, they ran away and only after a few hours were able to calm down at least a little. All as one spoke about a man in a furry horned hat with glowing eyes.

Summarizing the evidence obtained, the scientists suggested that all these hallucinations, unaccountable, panic fear, of course, are not the intrigues of evil spirits, but the result of a very real external influence. For example, infrasound with a frequency of about 6 hertz can cause a feeling of indescribable horror.

In one of the grottoes of the black devil's cave, a special laboratory was deployed. The researchers carried out various measurements and experiments. As a result, a geomagnetic anomaly was established. The electromagnetic field in the cave is constantly fluctuating. Even at the initial stage of the study, scientists noticed that, among other signals, a strictly defined impulse is steadily breaking through. Sometimes he was recorded as a single person, it happened that he walked in "bundles". And always with the same amplitude. It happened that the signal disappeared for two or three days, or even for a week, but then invariably returned.

Scientists have asked themselves: where do these strange impulses come from? After a series of experiments, it was found that they make their way from the depths of the cave. It was decided to check if these impulses were connected with the eerie visions that are those who find themselves in the cave. The time of the impulse fixation exactly coincided with the moment of the appearance of nervousness in people, a suppressed state, turning into panic horror.


The impulses were found to be low-frequency. The very ones that are not perceived by the human ear, but have an impact on the human psyche. The staff of the institute had no doubts that only an artificial emitter could generate pulses of such a frequency with a stable vibration amplitude. But where does he come from in the deep taiga, deep underground? Scientists examined the entire cave, descended into the most hidden corners - to no avail. There were guesses that the amazing source of impulses is located even deeper - under the cave itself.

Scientists attributed the mysterious visions to harmless hallucinations, which could be caused by some unusual chemical mixture present in the air of the cave. However, what this mixture is and how much it has been studied is not yet known. But many were interested in the only question: why do different people come across a vision in the guise of a shaman? Nobody could give an answer. However, one-time expeditions could not, probably, dispel all the myths. The perestroika that began at that time posed much more burning questions and the mystery of the black devil's cave remained unsolved.

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