Expedition to Jordan, as to the center of the thermonuclear war that took place in antiquity. Part 1
Expedition to Jordan, as to the center of the thermonuclear war that took place in antiquity. Part 1

Floating news insider site, Above Top Secret, has occasional interesting material. We will try to “catch” its continuation for our readers. Some points are controversial and this material can be treated in different ways. But it's interesting to read.

So, Part 1.

“Why exactly to Jordan? Because, according to our Main concept, what is erased from history is the presence of a huge thermonuclear war at the border of ER - BC and AD, that is, it is this terrible thermonuclear war that separates Ancient from Ours! It is this thermonuclear war that is the reason for the division of ER into DO and OUR ER. We have already cited a huge number of facts in favor of this hypothesis. According to this hypothesis, the center of the thermonuclear war was in the Middle East, so this time we simply had to go to this Center. We will say in advance that the whole hypothesis is confirmed and even more! This will be discussed in these materials.

I had to go to the CENTER of the Middle East. But look what is going on there! American and Israeli Zionists are burning the Middle East with a blue flame! And you think this is an accident? Is it a coincidence that the first thing in the attack on Iraq, the Americans plundered the largest archive of ancient papyri in the National Museum of Iraq? Do you think it was an accident that the first thing during the coup in Cairo was an attempt to seize the Archaeological Museum in Cairo and something was damaged and stolen? Do you think by chance that ancient Palmyra in Syria was specially blown up during the seizure of US-sponsored ISIS? There is a war in Lebanon all the time. American aggression in Iraq since 2003; in Syria American aggression since 2011! In Egypt, after the American coup about 3 years ago, with the overthrow of the legally elected president and the onset of the bloody regime of General Sisi, who was trained by the CIA, the time for the bloody terror of the Junta SISI came. Thus, it turns out, but where to go to the Center of the Middle East? Not to Israel, under the hood. The Middle East has been on fire for many, many years! Thus, apart from JORDAN, in fact, there was no choice! Because JORDAN is an American colony created in 1918, when the victors in World War I, the USA and the British Empire, reshaped all of Europe and the Middle East.

So Jordan was created just 100 years ago as a colony of the United States and the British Empire in the Middle East. Then the United States and Britain cut many such "independent" kingdoms, sultanates and emirates. This is Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Yemen, Lebanon, Jordan, and at the same time, with its famous “Balfour Declaration,” the British Empire and the United States gave Palestine to the Jews!

Thus, only the American colony of Jordan is a safe place where you can now go to the Middle East, especially since the United States and the West advertise Jordan as, they say, an independent and independent “free” democracy, they say, although it is officially a “kingdom”, - although in fact an ordinary Eastern Satrapy! The United States and Britain handed over absolute power to the Jordanian king in return for ensuring loyalty to Washington and London! And by what methods the Jordanian king exercises this loyalty of his state to the USA and England - the USA and Britain do not care in the least. Now the people of Yemen have rebelled against American rule, and another US puppet - Saudi Arabia is bombing Yemen into dust, and the United States and Britain are supplying Saudi Arabia with weapons! Do you know the official name of Jordan? Very interesting! So we bought in Jordan the book "JORDAN" in Russian especially for Russian tourists! We read: "Jordan is the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan"! - HASHEMIT! - Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Do you know what this means? “HA” is an article in Hebrew, that is, “HA-SEMITIAN STATE - Semitic, that is, officially Jewish! And historically it is! Because the first large Jewish state was not Israel, but the much larger state of Judea, which existed 3000 years ago.Later Israel separated from Judea! That is, the first "separatists" were just the Israelis! So there you go!

Jordan was part of ancient Judea!

Here again from the book “JORDAN” in Russian - a quote: “In ancient times, the Jordanian territory belonged to 3 Jewish kingdoms - this is even before Judea! - Edom, Moab and Ammon. And Moses led the Jews to the Holy Land through the Jordanian land!” And now Israel and Jordan are like equal in size Brother and Sister; they are like 2 small halves of one apple; they are separated by a vertical border along the Jordan River and the Dead Sea.

Do you know the name of Amman International Airport? - "Queen Alia!" “Queen Alia”. Do you know what is "ALIYA" in Hebrew? - ALIYA means in Hebrew everything related to Aliens, to foreigners, to foreigners. That is, this queen is not a local, but a comer! Here are all Jews emigrants from the USSR in Israel, what are they called? - ALIYA! Or in a more hibernating proneance "OLIM"!

Let's remember the origin of the name of the mountain OLYMP! That is, the OLYMPUS mountains - and there are actually a dozen of them across the Mediterranean - are the mountains on which the ALIENS have settled, the aliens are just from Space! The so-called "BOKHI"! “BO” - in Hebrew - everything related to Gods - Divine!

Here is the father of the Jewish religion of Judaism - MOSES-MOSES-MOSHA - he was a stranger from the Cosmos. Space, as they used to call it - Heaven-Heaven! So Moses was taken back to SPACE just on the SKY mountain, we will visit there, because we were there on this SKY mountain, this is just in Jordan! And MOZES was not born on this Earth. He was found, as you remember, floating in a basket on the Nile!

That is, this is a direct indication that no one saw that Moses was born on this Earth! And he has NO parents! That is, Moses is the true ALIEN from space - the sought-after ALIEN! He was planted on this planet with a specific task - to create a “chosen people” - “people-shepherds” for herding the local aborigines of this planet Earth - for herding-herding earthlings! And during his stay on this planet, Moses repeatedly contacted his people from another planet! They flew to him for support and repeatedly helped from above!

Now we show you the cover of the book of JORDAN, with a foreword by the King of JORDAN! And it is very noteworthy that this cover is photographed that shows that the king of Jordan is IN THE TOPIC! - this is a truncated real pyramid, like on the American dollar!

But in Jordan it is a real truncated mountain - a clear PYRAMID! It's built. It is artificial and highly melted! Here it is, copied from the book.

In English, it is supposedly "The Prison of John the Baptist." In Latin this mountain - the hill - is called MAHERUS, in Hebrew MAKABER, and in Arabic MUKAVIR. You see what changes one and the same word can undergo in different languages! Here's an article about her on Wiki.

This hill and the surrounding hills are a cruel stone melt, which is located 25 km from the mouth of the Jordan River right on the shores of the Dead Sea on the Jordanian side. Notice how the huge stone melt stands out clearly even from the surrounding area:

On the other side of the Dead Sea there is an almost equally famous stone melt called MASADA.

But before we go to specific places, we must deal with a very important question: the Physical Geography of the Region!

Physical Geography is mountains and valleys, rivers, lakes and seas, bulges and depressions of the Earth. Because History takes place in a certain - a specific place, and if, say, it is claimed that in this place the Jews walked in circles for 40 years before finding a suitable place to settle …

But! It turns out geographically that there was a sea in this place 3500 years ago, then, you understand that …

In the previous material on Iran, we already touched upon the Physical Geography of the Middle East region, and then we got that the Indian Ocean should have reached Palestine and that the Saudi Arabian Peninsula should be under water in ancient times! Then we paid attention to the extent of Mesopotamia - Mesopotamia.

And with necessity it was deduced that both Mesopotamia itself and the territory south of it - Saudi Arabia should have been under the Indian Ocean, since in ancient times the level of the world ocean was much higher in this region! We noted back then that the appearance in the history of Babylon / Baghdad is precisely due to the fact that the water of the “Persian Gulf” dropped to the level of Babylon / Baghdad, allowing us to make a port city in this place! In ancient times, Baghdad stood by the sea. Now he is hundreds of kilometers from the ocean! On this map, it is recognized by a dotted line and shown by a dotted line that before 5,500 BC. The Persian Gulf stretched much further south!

The emergence of the Arabs as a Muslim force did not occur until the 600s AD. This suggests that it was at this time that the emergence of the Arabian Peninsula from under the water belongs.

Here is a look at the map of the Persian Empire at its largest size:

Why do you think the Persian Empire included only the northernmost part of the Arabian Peninsula, practically only Palestine - this is the most coastal part of the Mediterranean Sea - and did NOT capture the entire Arabian Peninsula? - What do you think? - Apparently the Arabian Peninsula was still under water at that time - this is 500 years BC! That is, the Arabian Peninsula as a land mass was not there then! And the fact that the Persian Empire did not include the Arabian Peninsula is irrefutable proof that the Arabian Peninsula did not exist then! Another 1000 years will pass from 500 BC. and colossal cataclysms in this region - until the Arabs and the Arabian Peninsula itself appear! We then put on the map the Fertile Crescent - that is, the then coast of the Indian Ocean - and all the famous shopping centers of the Middle East lay along this former coast of the ocean! Here we marked the cities: Petra, Jerusalem, Palmyra, Mari:

Here is also shown in blue the area that was under water - this is still minimally shown!

It can be seen that life in that Era in the Middle East was only over the mountains! Then we still had such a term as “FERTILIZED CRESCENT”. The Fertile Crescent is the border of the region's fertile lands. Here they are:

And almost all the space between the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf was under the water of the Indian Ocean! And it begins to dawn on us that the border between the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean was only the notorious Palestine! Because Palestine is a narrow, low, but mountain range now running along the Mediterranean coast. To the east of this narrow mountain range is the Arabian Desert, and in the past the Indian Ocean!

Everything was the Indian Ocean, life was only in the mountains, and the mountains were not mountains, but were giant megacities of the Highest Space Civilization (Colossus of Rhodes, Pyramids, etc.), destroyed in a thermonuclear war at the turn of Ayr. (Well, those who are not ready for such a turn of events can skip about megacities and thermonuclear war until we present evidence later in this material)

Thus, between the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, that is, the Atlantic Ocean, in the Ancient ERA we had only the Palestinian mountain range! Let's take a closer look at Palestine in Physical Geography! Now we will give you our photo from the GUGL airplane map! These maps are based on real photos from space! So that they reflect natural depressions and bulges, and not those that are simply painted by the artist!

What you see is that we flew in an airplane over the Palestinian mountain range. Do you see the titles? - AMMAN is the capital of Jordan. Across the river - the settlement of Nazareth, where Jesus was born and Jerusalem where he was crucified. This is Palestine!

Can you clearly see that this is a mountain range? On the left - this is the Mediterranean Sea - and immediately behind Amman to the right - this is the Arabian Desert - a lowland! Up - The Palestinian mountain range continues into the coastal mountains of Turkey. Here's another Aerob of Palestine.Everything is perfectly visible - this is the fault going from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean:

And so you see, it turns out that this Palestine is a critical place on the globe! Can't you see? In this place - in Palestine - 3 continents are connected: EUROPE-ASIA and AFRICA!

In the Ancient Era, Palestine was a short and narrow mountain range connecting 3 Continents, separated by the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

What follows from this?

It follows from this that the stories of the Bible that the Jews allegedly circled there for 40 years before settling in Palestine are a clear tale! Why should they circle there! Palestine was then the only landmass - a strategic junction, by occupying which the Jews could regulate human and trade flows between 3 continents - Europe, Asia and Africa! That is, the Jews simply staked out in the full sense of the word the FUP of the Earth! - Here it is! This is how it is drawn on medieval maps! - Whoop! In Palestine!

At the same time, notice on the map that the East European Plain is also a sea! Well then it was GLACIER! Do not believe that Palestine is still the center of the earth? Please: This is a modern map - Azimuth Projection:

Thirtieth latitude also passes through Palestine:

30 degrees is so tilted the earth's axis! Zero Meridian in London? - This is a maneuver to divert the eyes! To understand what's what, one must assume that he passes through Palestine! It is quite possible that in ancient times, before the Holocaust known to those in the know, the zero Meridian passed through Palestine and the earth's axis was not tilted. We do not 100% claim this, but there are hints of it!

A lie is an official story, if only because it is a lie because the gigantic loss of water and the lowering of the world ocean level, which is noticeable on all shores, especially the Mediterranean Sea, as well as the wild decrease in freshwater waters, is an obvious fact! And we don't know about it! They draw maps as if for 2000 years the water has not decreased by a drop, and Alex the Great walked the same roads!

The fact that Palestine is a mountain range can be seen from the plane when approaching and landing at the Jordan airport. Everything is visible there from the air - right in the palm of your hand. From the moment we flew over Cyprus, we immediately began to descend and made a turn to the east by 90 degrees! See photos from space:

You see the island - this is Cyprus, from it there is a 90-degree turn with a descent, a flight through Israel and a landing in Amman. We have drawn a line - the natural border between Israel and Jordan - with two halves of one apple! To the right of the red line is the upper letter "A" - this is Amman; the lower “A” is Aqaba in the Red Sea. Between them on the right, the letter “R” is PETRA, and on the Dead Sea on the left, the letter “I” is Yershalom - Jerusalem! Everything to the left of the red line is Israel. All on the right is Jordan! Here on the map:

And the border between them is like a "NATURAL" earthly RIFT! Here we will show you - it was not we who drew, that is, people are whipping the chip. A clear natural boundary along this line:

Well, "natural" in the sense of natural formations - mountains and valleys, but this does not mean that they were formed naturally! We understand that 2,000 years ago it got so fucked up that even the Earth split apart! Well, we will see signs of this later - they are there everywhere! Here we will show you what is there - in this strip of the Earth - Palestine - a highlight!

It was this Palestinian ridge that was clearly visible when we flew over Israel; here we have already declined sharply. Look here - everything is indicated here. Physically, Palestine is a mountainous upland cut along a very interesting depression - a fault:

And this Palestinian mountain range is still present a little on the territory of Jordan! Take a look - the relief of the region is beautifully depicted:

It is clearly seen that when the level of the world ocean was higher, then the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean were separated only by this narrow Palestinian mountain range, and where there is now Saudi Arabia, there was an ocean.We have already noted that Modern Israel and Jordan are like 2 halves of one apple. And they are very interestingly separated! It is perfectly visible from the air! Just imagine a mountain ridge, and in the middle it is divided along a depression. A very long depression or fracture. Look at the relief, what a crack in the ridge we are talking about! Here it goes from the Gulf of Aqaba of the Red Sea - up to the Mediterranean Sea, cutting off the Sinai Peninsula:

This depression goes from the Gulf of Aqaba of the Red Sea in the south, rises by the desert valley of Wadi al-Arab to the Dead Sea and then, through the Jordan Valley, goes above Lake Galilee - to Lebanon to the Mediterranean Sea!

Well, a clear furrow is visible even from space, interrupted by patches of water. More photos from space:

Here we will look at this furrow even higher from space, where you will see that it is this fault that separates the Sinai Peninsula on one side, and the Suez Canal - the same crack - on the other. The Suez Canal was also dug along the furrow, the builders were not fools:

Here is a gorgeous photo from space which shows from afar - the Red Sea with the Gulf of Aqaba; then there is the dry basin of Wadi al-Arab; then the Dead Sea, Jordan Valley and Lake of Galilee.

Here is another topography of the region. Palestine is a crevassed mountain range. To the west is Israel, to the east is Jordan. And further east - Jordan - this is the Arabian Desert! Literally right behind Amman, a desert begins, and this is already one desert further:

So what did we find when we landed on the plane in Amman? That Palestine is a mountain range and the LAND OF THE EARTH separating 2 oceans and 3 continents.

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