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Expedition to Jordan, as in the CENTER of the thermonuclear war that took place in antiquity. Part 3
Expedition to Jordan, as in the CENTER of the thermonuclear war that took place in antiquity. Part 3

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The MEMORIAL of the protagonist of the Old Testament MOSES (Moses) is a HOLY place for Christians.

The undoubtedly central image of Mount Nebo is Installation:


Here it is! Hanging over a giant pit:

Let's take it off further; this is the memorial church on the left there. There, in fact, the place is - a patch. But behind the Copper Serpent - a cliff into a giant pit from edge to edge:

Here it is from above, a little to the side:

Why is this Serpent made of COPPER? For what purpose did the Superior VCC send its Commissioner Moses to our Earth from its planet?

Why is this Giant EGG on Mount Heaven, next to the church:

Who were the blue-blooded EGG-LAYING in ancient times (like ARTEMIS or AR-FEMIDA)?

This should be discussed separately. Now we have another topic and we will return to it.

After inspecting the SKY mountain, we went to Petra. This is the main tourist spot here in Jordan. Everything is clear there - these are the remnants of a melted metropolis. We watched it many times on YouTube, right now it's time to see and touch it ourselves. 220 km from Mount Nebo to Petra along the Royal Highway is the shortest route:

The Royal Highway goes just to the right of the red line on this map:

The last 40 km - we turn off the highway to the right towards the Dead Sea and the road starts going up all the time - into the mountains! Once the road goes to the mountains, it means that some vegetation appears, since the mountains are condensers of moisture from the atmosphere.

Where the bulldozers laid the road, it can be seen that on the section - in the ground - WHITE MARBLE like in Turkey or Iran:

This is the extraction of marble on the side of the highway, like in Iran, a marble quarry. This marble is there - under your feet! Anything where there is no granite!

Then massive stone melts appear

And we drive up to a tourist place called "LITTL PETRA" - in English - "LITTL PETRA", well, that is, like PETRA, only small. This is a crevice in the molten stone, well, the booths are obsessive souvenir merchants.

Of course, it is not known what it was called in ancient times. Because “PETRA” is a Roman name, that is, given a millennium later!

So in "LITTLE PETER" we will see everything that will then be repeated in "Big Peter", but on a larger scale. We want you to clearly imagine where LITL Petra and Bolshaya PETRA are located topographically! Since in LITTLE PETER and PETER there lived the so-called, as we are told, “Nabataeans”, and these Nabataeans were traders who traded jewelry and precious metals. And judging by the melts of the foundations of Petra, one can estimate that here in Petra there were granite skyscrapers two kilometers high! That is, Petra, undoubtedly, provides evidence in the form of melts of giant granite foundations that the Ancient civilization BEFORE our era was much more developed than our present civilization. And the fact that someone then fought with swords and spears, right now there are also many places on the globe where someone also fights with swords and spears. You know, each level fights at his level with the available weapons. When the United States dropped nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Bushmen fought in Africa with arrows and bows. But this in no way suggests that in 1945 EVERYONE fought only with bows and arrows; nor does it say that in 1945 EVERYONE fought with nuclear weapons! Is the idea clear?

And so! We now have to clearly figure out where LITTLE PETRA and PETRA are located topographically due to the fact that they were TRADING NATIONS - they were supposed to be on the SEA SHORE! And right now they are hundreds of kilometers from the real sea! Where is the water? There is no water here after the thermonuclear war that took place here about 2000 years ago at the turn of the ER! But we will now see here in connection with the location of Petra where the water was! Because both "LITTLE PETRA" and PETRA were standing right on the seashore! From here you can see everything from space. "LITTLE PETRA" and PETRA between them are only 12 kilometers and they stand approximately halfway from the Dead Sea to the Gulf of Aqaba. Here, in the space photo, everything is perfectly visible:

You see between the Gulf of Aqaba of the Red Sea and the Dead Sea - a dried-up river bed - right now it is called the "WADI ARABA" desert, but it can be seen that this is a dried-up river bed and that the Red Sea filled everything above up to the Dead Sea and even higher! Here LITTLE PETRA and PETRA they stand “on the shore” of this dried WADI ARABA. Here in this photo we marked Petra with the letter "R"

And the ships of the NABATEETSES had direct access both to the Red Sea, and possibly to the Mediterranean Sea along the gulf to the north! And when we wandered in Petra, there you can find shells and the impression that the foundations were exposed to the action of water and waves. And what can be clearly seen in the picture from space

where you can see the length of all these stone melts of this giant metropolis, which was with granite skyscrapers about two kilometers high. This metropolis was around the water on both sides, it is so dark from above! You see such dark mountains from the Dead Sea on that left side, and to the Red Sea and on the side to the right. This is all melts and the place of the molten Giant Granite Metropolis, because it is mostly granite and we can still feel it!

And on the left, between Petra and the Red Sea - this is there on the border with the desert, these are VADI RAM melts, we will go there after that, you will look at the melts there. What we want to emphasize is that this is how we are now going to Petra, it is wrong in the sense of unhistorically. In ancient times, the REGION CENTER was here as shown in the satellite image - around this bay, which was then all full-flowing and "Little Petra" and "PETRA" were granite - well, just gigantic skyscrapers - ports, which we cannot even imagine! That is, you understand? - And "Little Petra" and "Petra" as we are now approaching from the highway, they stand with their backs to the former sea bay, which is now a dry bed of "Wadi ARAB" as it can be seen on the satellite images!

These melts of the Megapolis are visible in this satellite image - a dark color along the shores of the Gulf of Aqaba, more to the east, and a thin dark snake towards the Dead Sea:

This black-and-white image shows very clearly the relief of this now partially dry bay:

because PETRA and LITTLE PETRA are located on the eastern coast at the point 1/3 of the length of this "ditch" if you count from the AQAB Gulf from the south. And here you can clearly see that the melt is going up - to the north, and the western part of this melt is just PALESTINE, that is, today's Israel! It is not in vain that the “Chosen People” is making the state there by all means! They believe that the projectile does not fall 2 times in one place! And we will show the relief

and where PETRA is - there, as you can see, directly opposite begins the Mediterranean Sea. That is, that PETRA - ANTIQUE, standing on both shores of the Gulf of Wadi Araba, was at the same time a port on the Red Sea and the Mediterranean! So the location of PETRA, the capital of the Nabataean state, was the most advantageous and almost coincided with the state of JUDE-ISRAEL!

We will stop at this for now, so that you stereoscopically imagine the location of Petra / LITTLE PETRA in the region, and we will show the melts of LITTLE PETRA point-blank next time.

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