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Expedition to Jordan, as in the CENTER of the thermonuclear war that took place in antiquity. Part 2
Expedition to Jordan, as in the CENTER of the thermonuclear war that took place in antiquity. Part 2

Video: Expedition to Jordan, as in the CENTER of the thermonuclear war that took place in antiquity. Part 2

Video: Expedition to Jordan, as in the CENTER of the thermonuclear war that took place in antiquity. Part 2
Video: Petra, Jordan | Civilisations - BBC Two 2023, December

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“Before starting the next part, let's remember the relief of the region:

This relief gives a lot of information! It is clear from him that when about 2000 years ago the water level in the region, in terms of water level loss in the Mediterranean Sea, fell by more than 50 meters, then the East European Plain was under water, there - in the north - was it water or ice, or as now it is interspersed depending on the season, it is just that now there is no water level that was 2000 years ago. Think back to the word about the biblical Flood. This is a good hint. And this flood was by no means 100 million years ago, but a maximum of 5778 years ago according to the Hebrew calendar! From this it is clear that the “chosen people” 1500 years ago, when the water came down, had no problem to reach or swim to the Caucasus and form the Khazar Kaganate, especially Constantinople.

Now, before starting a visit to significant places in Jordan, we will give you one map, a purely automobile one, so that you can see where we drove. Look, all of Jordan from north to south is crossed by 3 highways. We marked them with 3 blue threads:

The main thoroughfare is the middle Royal Highway. We marked it with a blue and red thread. Along the shores of the Dead Sea is another Dead Sea Highway. And in the east of Jordan is the Desert Highway. In fact, the Royal Highway is already going through the desert. Well, in what sense in the desert? Well, just the straightest horizontal highway - like an arrow with 3 lanes in one direction. Cars are going, but there were no traffic jams until Aqaba. From Amman to AQABA 330 km. This is somewhere between 3 and 4 o'clock, because the traffic conditions allow you to go at a speed of at least 100 km per hour, and the speed limit is somewhere between 100-120. The highway is gorgeous! Do you know why? This is just about our topic of conversation!

For example, how are highways made in Russia? First you need to create a bed, fill it with sand, stones in layers, on top of concrete, asphalt - create such a solid layer-by-layer cake so that the highway does not fall into itself! Nothing like that was done in Jordan! The fact is that what is called a desert in Jordan, which occupies 2/3 of the country, is not such a desert - sandy, to which we are accustomed, like the Sahara, Karakum desert - sand dunes moving with the wind.

Jordan has a completely different desert! In Jordan, soil is a stone - a stone melt! What is under your feet in the Jordanian desert - to poke with a crowbar - is a stone! The hardest stone! Therefore, nothing grows on it. Moreover, this solid stone surface is completely horizontal! What does this mean?

About the fact that once at some point, and from a historical point of view not so long ago, this stone was of a liquid consistency, liquid from an ultrahigh temperature, so it lay perfectly horizontally, like the surface of the sea. - Not! On this surface, there are places where massive up to 500 meters of stone melts stick out from this absolutely horizontal stone surface! REFRIGERATION! We climbed on them and felt - and the fact that these are all melts of some kind of giant buildings - you will see, we will show it in abundance! In particular there will be a place, the WADI RAM desert.

So, in Jordan, when a road is laid, they just need to put an asphalt tape, and the road itself does not need to be built! Here the machines leveling the stone soil simply go, sweep, and lay the asphalt - EVERYTHING! The cheapest roads in the world! To put it bluntly, a sweeper and paver is enough to create roads in Jordan! Now take another look at the Jordan Highway Map (above).

Now pay attention to the central Royal Highway again! Here is everything to the west from it to this rift, which we studied in the last part:

This is all the ascent to this Palestinian mountain range, which Jordan has in common with Israel.

Here you go from Amman to the south to Aqaba and look out the right window, and all you see are the mountains in the distance! And now if you turn off the highway and go there, for example, to Petra, you will all the time go up the road, and sometimes it will be quite sheer to serpentine! The height of this Palestinian mountain range is only about a thousand meters, but if you consider that the Dead Sea is almost half a kilometer below ocean level, then the height difference is already one and a half kilometers! And driving along the local serpentines here is therefore quite picturesque.

This highway that runs along the Dead Sea is ordinary, well, like a Soviet highway, well, it's just a road. Where it goes along the Dead Sea, it is straight and almost half a kilometer below the ocean level, but to the south of the Dead Sea the road begins to climb into the mountains and this is a solid steep serpentine! Picturesque! Yes!

But if it's 3 hours on the Royal Highway from Amman, then the detour on the Dead Sea Highway is at least 7 hours!

This is exactly the place that is indicative in terms of our rule - STUDY HISTORY CHECKING ITS GEOGRAPHY! - Because we have known about the existence of this mountain Nebo for 15 years, read about it everywhere, but did not have the correct idea until we got there ourselves! Because reading about the Heaven mountain everywhere - everywhere they give some fragmentary, isolated idea of the Heaven mountain, without any connection with what is even around it; in the end you completely lose the idea of Mount Heaven and where is it located, maybe in the Himalayas? And having got to Mount Nebo, here you stand and feel that you are in a key place in history! That here is the keyhole and at the same time the key of everything, and you see it as clearly and clearly as it can be clearly presented at all! - HERE! - You are on Mount SKY with which Moses, upon completion of his mission on Earth, was taken back to Heaven, that is, to Space! Here is a photo - AEROview - see:

Here is a plate on Mount Nebo with signs from this place to Israeli cities, here to Jerusalem in a straight line 46 km - we emphasized:

And in clear weather, you see, as in the panorama, the outlines of Jerusalem in the distance beyond the Dead Sea! The same photo shows - out! The northern end of the Dead Sea with a barely noticeable green, overgrown with bushes, a thread of the “Jordan River” that flows out. Pay attention to the frequent occurrence in this place of names for “IER” - Jerusalim, Jericho, Iordan, IEROboam, etc. Note that in the Russian language there is such a key word on “IERO” - as HIERARCHY, HIEROglyph. On Wiki, they lie about the word "IERO" because it seems to be some important word, the real meaning of which they do not want to reveal. Here's an example of a lie:”The name Jeroboam יָרָבְעָם is commonly held to have been derived from riyb רִיב and ʿam עַם, signifying“the people contend”or“he pleads the people’s cause”. It is alternatively translated to mean “his people are many” or “he increases the people” (from רבב rbb, meaning “to increase”), or even “he that opposes the people”.

Even closer on the Israeli side are the ruins of the biblical city of Jericho. The same thing - the full variety created around the main SHORESH! Jericho can be pronounced as JERIKHon, and as Jurikhon, and as JARIKHON, as ARIKHON and as OREKHON and as Irikhon - as you wish! And in the Belarusian language as "ERKHOSHKA" - we were joking, but not that there is a huge variety in the pronunciation of Hebrew words across countries, and the peoples think that these are their own words!

This is a funicular over the ruins of Jericho - solid stone melt!

There is an opinion (and we have nothing to do with it) that the Jews for the siege of Jericho received from their roofing VCTs YAGVE, space weapons - the notorious "Jericho pipes", using which, they destroyed the city walls and took the city of Jericho, without sparing anyone living.

Mount SKY is the centerpiece of history!

Because here is a quit-essence of the history of the last civilization, after the previous one, the ancient one from Space, was gouged with thermonuclear weapons into extended stone melts, stretching throughout the Mediterranean and which we will see here, well, completely!

We will devote a whole report to the Dead Sea, now we will just immediately say the conclusion, which is also visible in the aerial photo (above); it is simply impossible to touch in the photo, but it is visible as a whole; well, but we climbed everything there. The Dead Sea is a huge rectangular GRANITE BATH, which was made by the explosion here of a thermonuclear charge of enormous power! The Dead Sea is a huge crater in the hardest granite! Its length is 50 km, its width is 15 km, and its depth is 300 meters! - Such a rectangle!

And it's all deep! That is, there is a coast of granite cobblestones, emerald-colored water near the coast and you can see how immediately and abruptly literally after 10 meters the bottom goes abruptly to a depth! The average depth is 200 meters! That is, such a sheer granite bathtub naturally could not appear by itself, well, ANYWHERE! This is a very deep granite reservoir for a generally small puddle, compare at least with the sandy Baltic Sea!

And before that, what was here on the Dead Sea and around in the ancient world - everyone knows that there were the cities of SODDOM AND GOMORRA! Which are now at the bottom of the funnel and in granite melts along the shores of the Dead Sea! In this sense, the sea is called “Dead” not because there is nothing living in it now, but in the sense that the “Dead Sea” became the mass grave of a huge number of the population living in Sodd and Gomorrah! Interestingly, it turns out that in fact not 2 cities were destroyed by the “FIRING HAND OF HEAVEN”, but FIVE cities - also the cities of ADMA Admah, ZEBOIM Zeboim and BELA Bela - a whole MEGAPOLIS!

And those who are in the subject know that the cities were not like now - but skyscrapers made of granite and marble! Therefore, there are these granite-marble hills and hills everywhere! Now we will show you in nature how there is on Mount Nebo.

So we stopped by car before reaching Mount Nebo. This is how we drove from the city of Madaba - there is only 10 km.

There is no mountain on this side! She is a “mountain” - from the other side - from the side of the cliff into the pit of the Dead Sea! See the white house? - This is the memorial church of Mount Nebo. The church belongs to the Catholics - the Franciscan order, and they charge the entrance fee as it should be!

Services are not held here, because there is a permanent "restoration", that is, they are sculpting a remake! The church is absolutely new, but kind of like a museum, because there are many fragments of antiquity inside, but we will talk about this separately.

There are clouds behind the mountain, etc. - this is just a gigantic foundation pit of the Dead Sea, to the right is the valley of the Jordan River; the valley is gigantic, and the brook is bullshit! This is probably the only patch in Jordan where there is agriculture, the rest of the soil in Jordan is a stone! Now we will give a more panoramic photo from this place, so that you have a wider view of the panorama:

And so that everything becomes clear to you with the soil, we move the lens to the right from the same place - and this is what you see - cruel stone melts! As far as we could touch, it is inside - white marble! Pay attention to the PATTERN-SAMPLE of the melt. Well, because when a thermonuclear fusion explodes, a different picture is obtained depending on the altitude at which it exploded: different obstacles stand in the way of the thermonuclear heat; then - the temperature of the explosion is not constant - it changes quite quickly, say, from 2 million degrees - and lower or lower. The melting pattern is different at different temperatures. Here in this picture you can see the slopes of the flashovers in such a fine-wavy pattern are frozen. Inside - marble!

If the SUPERTEMPERATURE was generally prohibitive, then the stone generally turned into powder - well, that is, stone "ash". Here is how one "scientist" in these places shows here, who is here looking for the remains of Sodd and Gomorrah:

Here we give another photo, which shows how the melted landscape to the right of the road descends into the pit of the Dead Sea:

Here is this clearing if you look at it from the Israeli side! View of the place where Mount Nebo is located from the territory of Israel. You see there such a clearing goes to the Dead Sea, and on the right it is just Mount Sky:

800 meters Sky hill above the level of the Dead Sea.

And here's another photo - it's right from Mount Heaven in the direction of Jerusalem, which is 46 km from here, so now it is not visible in the haze, well, this is the Dead Sea below

Of course, it is not easy for today's people to understand that they are by no means the first children of a certain “FATHER” on this Earth, and that many “children” were before them.

although it was known to Mike Angelo 500 years ago that we were just the last batch. And all that we will see ahead in this material is the GRAVE OF THE PREVIOUS ANTIQUE CIVILIZATION! And this CIVILIZATION - we are not its CONTINUATION, as it is portrayed to us in officialdom - we are fundamentally a NEW and DIFFERENT KIND, and it seems not the best mix, which is covered by a completely different Space VCC; in this connection, on the Earth 2000 years ago, there were cardinal changes in ER (BEFORE on AFTER).

It was here on Mount SKY that Moses and Jesus Christ were both, but only with a time difference! It is foolish to assume that the 33-year-old young Jesus, who walked all over Judea, was on the river, and did not climb up the cliff where Moses was! And this is not our speculation. There they take money for ablutions and right now, right under the mountain of SKY!

That is why we say that it is important to be at the very place where the most important moments of history took place, and Mount SKY is such a nodal point of HISTORY! By the way, for Russian-speaking readers, in Russia the name of the mountain is translated incorrectly. Mount SKY is written in Russian as Mount NEVO, hence all deduction, meaning and associations that are in the original are lost! In the Hebrew language and in the Middle East and in English in general, the name of the mountain is precisely Mount SKY, from where Moses was again taken to SKY! This is the name of the article in WIKI. And how is the article called on the Russian-language Wiki - Mount NEVO! This is an example of how an incorrect translation can radically change the whole picture.

On this we will finish this issue of the report for now, of course, we have not even finished Mount Nebo! In the meantime, look, we have chosen something from YouTube, and you yourself can find something for yourself on the topic, a lot of tourists come there. Here is a video on Mount SKY. This is a short 1.5 min video:

and this is for 5 minutes: