NASA hides the color of not only Mars, but also the Moon
NASA hides the color of not only Mars, but also the Moon

What color is the moon? Stupid question, it would seem. There she is - visible in the sky. Silver. Gray in places. But this is from afar. From such a distance, from which we look at the Moon from the Earth, any cosmic body devoid of vegetation, atmosphere and water will become silvery, reflecting sunlight. Our planet is a different matter. It gleams with white clouds and blue oceans.

The moon is not silvery

If you look at the photos that the American astronauts took while on the moon, then even close up it is either white or grayish-silver in the sun. And in the shade - dark. In a word, black and white. Like an old movie.

- It is strange that in the pictures the Moon is completely devoid of color. It cannot be that the local soil everywhere was equally gray, - the famous researcher of anomalous phenomena Joseph Skipper wonders. And NASA suspects a trick that, for some mysterious reason, has been going on for many years.

The catch, according to Skipper, is that all lunar images posted on the official websites in the public domain have been processed. For some reason, the real color of objects on the surface of the Moon has been etched from all of them.

Recently, a researcher found a snapshot that confirmed his conspiracy hypothesis.

The picture shows Eugene Cernan, the commander of the Apollo 17 crew, which visited the moon in December 1972. He landed with lunar module pilot Harrison Schmitt.

Cernan sets up the American flag and takes pictures of himself, holding the camera in his outstretched hand. Schmitt walks around the lunar module in front of Cernan.

Both the flag and the astronaut's spacesuit turned out to be bright and colorful. And the lunar surface is black and white. As usual.

But attention! Take a look at the glass of the helmet. It reflects both the lunar module and the surface on which it stands.

The surface is brown. And this is the real color of the moon.

“I don’t know why NASA is bleaching pictures,” says Joseph Skipper. - Probably hiding something. After all, as a rule, removing the natural color of an object, they mask its structure. And the structure, in turn, can give out some details that should not fall into the field of view of the uninitiated.

According to the researcher, part of the photo with the flag was simply not processed due to an oversight. And the catch was revealed.


Truthful guys from Apollo 10

It would be rash to judge the "correct" color of the whole Moon by just the reflection in the glass of the helmet. You never know what is there brown reflected. However, there are other "clues" as well. The most important is the testimony of the Apollo 10 crew. Then, in May 1969, the pilot of the lunar module was the same Eugene Cernan, the commander was Thomas Stafford, the pilot of the command module was John Young. The astronauts chose the landing site for Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, who were to be the first to set foot on the moon after just a couple of months.

Cernan and Stafford undocked from the command module and approached the surface 100 meters. Examined its color in detail. What made a detailed report. And took pictures.

In the report of the Apollo 10 crew, pardon the pun, it is written in black and white that the moon is sometimes light brown, sometimes reddish brown, sometimes the color of dark chocolate. But not gray.

And in some pictures taken from the Apollo 10, it is generally green with bright red blotches.

Strange, but the photos of Cernan, Stafford and Young were the last ones in which the Moon had color. Further, starting with the first American landing, it became black and white.

By the way, the astronauts from Apollo 17 found something amazing in color right next to the landing site. There is even a detailed video about this (see on the website Alas, the Americans do not show the find itself. But one can clearly hear enthusiastic and many times repeated shouts: "I can't believe … This is incredible … She is orange … As if something rusted here." It is about the soil that the astronauts are trying to collect in a bag.She must have been brought to Earth. But what was the find, no one has yet reported.

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