Point Nemo: The Ocean Pole Of Inaccessibility
Point Nemo: The Ocean Pole Of Inaccessibility

On the planet, despite the current level of scientific and technological progress, there are still places where people try not to appear. At the same time, representatives of flora and fauna feel great in most of them. And only one place, located almost in the heart of the world's oceans, turned out to be accessible only to bacteria, and just a few decades ago - even spent space ships.

We are talking about the famous "oceanic pole of inaccessibility", also known as the mysterious Point Nemo.

Point Nemo on the Earth map

This truly unique point on the world map appeared relatively recently - in 1992 by the Croatian research engineer Hrvoje Lukatela using the method of computer modeling. The essence of the search for this coordinate was to find the most distant place from any land mass on the planet.

Thus, the closest coastlines to Point Nemo are the uninhabited Duci Atoll, Motu Nui Island, and Maer Island. Each of them is located at an equal distance of 2,688 kilometers from it. And the closest settlement to such an unusual place was Easter Island.

Closest to point Nemo live on Easter Island

Thus, Point Nemo was included in the list of the so-called "poles of inaccessibility", as oceanic - its exact coordinates are determined as 48 ° 52 ′ S. sh. 123 ° 23 ′ W etc.

The name of this amazing place comes from its essence: it was named after Captain Nemo, the character of the famous book by Jules Verne "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea", who, as you know, wanted to distance himself from people as much as possible. The author of the unscientific name "Oceanic Pole of Inaccessibility" was also its discoverer Hrvoje Lukatela.

Captain Nemo was immortalized even at a point on the map of the planet

As the studies of scientists have shown, this place has become as remote as possible not only for land and humans, but also for most of all life on the planet. In the area of ​​the "Oceanic Pole of Inaccessibility", as it turned out, only bacteria and the simplest organisms live.

Such an unusual situation for the world's oceans has given rise, among other things, to mystical reasons for the inaccessibility and uninhabitedness of Point Nemo. However, researchers refute all conspiracy theories: in that area, even the magnetic field is within normal limits.

The most remote place on the planet looks no different from other oceanic landscapes

In fact, until the mid-nineties of the last century, Point Nemo could be considered the cleanest area on the planet. However, humanity has decided to use it in exactly the opposite sense - as a large-scale dump.

Moreover, the "trash" was chosen very specific: this area is used as a graveyard for spaceships that have already outlived their in orbit.

It's hard to count how many spaceships have found their final resting place in the Point Nemo area

The reason for choosing Point Nemo for this purpose was precisely the maximum distance and the minimum number of biological organisms living there. That is, they decided to flood the spaceships there because in this case the risk of damage to humanity and nature is less than anywhere else on the planet.

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