"Let's clean the Russian North of garbage" - a gloomy divorce
"Let's clean the Russian North of garbage" - a gloomy divorce

A really hard collapse in the country is happening with garbage! The garbage reform now is an exclusively state monopolization of the “garbage business” for the sake of huge sums of money. Nothing more.

Against the background of the reform, we see that all over the country people are rising against the construction of landfills. Driving through the forests of the Moscow region, I noted in my materials and even shot a video that the forests are literally littered with garbage. Construction, household, dumped for years. In the Russian North, people were generally accused of literally a colossal problem with garbage in the region because of them and an urgent need for salvation! It is under this propaganda that the SHIES landfill is being built. One of the largest landfills in the world, by the way. The uniqueness of the nature of the region is not taken into account! The opinion of local residents is not taken into account either. Because this very garbage business will bring a lot of money into the pockets of “interested parties”. That's all.

In the Russian North, it is generally a gloomy divorce! On the official website of the “office”, which is the sensational “Eco-Technopark SHIES”, there is a loud inscription in the cap in large letters: “LET'S CLEAN THE RUSSIAN NORTH FROM GARBAGE”. Opening the page, we see how people are trying to rub in, they say you yourself have "fucked up" in the region (by the way, the Arkhangelsk region is one of the smallest regions of the country) and even the ONF (Public Popular Front), together with the environmental prosecutor's office, identifies unauthorized dumps and achieves from the waste disposal authorities. They say that there are 312 unauthorized dumpsites in Pomorie and 22 official ones that work with violations. Who does not know, the ONF is not a public front in the sense in which we accepted it. This is a movement created at the suggestion of Vladimir Putin, in which all the same politicians lead! Thus, there is a certain substitution of the concept and when we say "public" we think that there are ordinary people who are trying to make this world a better place! But everything is different. And on the official site of the SHIES garbage project, the key feature of the article “LET'S CLEAN THE RUSSIAN NORTH FROM GARBAGE” is the shift in emphasis to “people don’t understand, they don’t need to listen to them! The ONF represents the real public interests, and they understand the need to create a landfill."

Let me quote from the official website of the SHIES garbage project: … “Following the results of the All-Russian Popular Front, Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, the leader of the All-Russian Popular Front, advocated the creation of a public Internet map on which any user could mark an illegal dump. To fulfill the instructions of the President, the ONF Center for Ecology and Forest Protection launched the General Cleaning project last year. The activists of this project in the Arkhangelsk region, together with representatives of the environmental prosecutor's office, regularly conduct raids on unauthorized dumps of the Arkhangelsk region. Community activists regularly identify garbage objects in the capital of Pomorie. This is how the interactive "Map of landfills of the Arkhangelsk region" appeared. By the way, ONF activists sent an appeal to the environmental prosecutor's office on the fact of unauthorized disposal of waste at the indicated addresses for taking measures of the prosecutor's response. The regional branch of the ONF will seek from the local authorities to eliminate unauthorized landfills "…

That is, we see that the main cover is at the highest level! But not “the authorities wanted it this way”, but “public activists wanted it”. Allegedly, the Russian North is in trouble and urgently needs to be rescued.We go further, I quote the following text: … “According to official estimates, today it takes a billion rubles to eliminate unauthorized landfills in Pomorie. The budget of the Arkhangelsk region will not be able to cope with it on its own. In this case, the Moscow government is ready to provide financial assistance to the region. The construction project in the Lensky District of the Shies Ecotechnopark has been approved and included in the register of priority investment projects in Pomorie. The participants in the project are the Arkhangelsk Region (providing a site for an ecotechnopark), the Moscow Technopark LLC (in terms of ecotechnopark facilities) and the Moscow government (in terms of social infrastructure facilities). 6 billion rubles in the next three years will be provided for the socio-economic development of the Arkhangelsk region from the Moscow budget. The corresponding addition was officially included in the current agreement between the Moscow government and the government of the Arkhangelsk region and signed by both parties. An agreement was also signed with the Moscow government, which directly relates to the Lensky district. Under the new agreements, Moscow intends to promptly send an interbudgetary transfer to the Lensky District in the amount of 17 million rubles "…

And here we just see that, using an instrument in power, a supposedly public ONF, the government says to itself, they say we need to create a huge landfill on the territory of the Arkhangelsk region in order to save the region from garbage. They cannot find a billion themselves and will be happy to help Moscow officials, but in return the Pomors will have to take garbage from the Moscow region to their virgin forests. That is, a region with a population of less than 1.2 million people must collect garbage from a region with a population of 7.5 million people. Of course, the government has an iron rationale: the Pomors are threatened with an ecological disaster, because they have so many dumps … and in order to be saved, you need to take even more garbage from the densely populated central region!

What is the divorce here? Yes in everything! Just money, nothing personal. We do not have any confidence in the authorities in society at all, so a few years ago they created the ONF - a supposedly public popular front, which, in principle, is the same government. Only with the substitution of the concept! After all, there are two key words: popular and public. Immediately the pictures are in front of your eyes, as ordinary ordinary citizens defend their own interests first of all. And this ONF suddenly discovers so many landfills in the Arkhangelsk region that they begin to hint at an "inevitable ecological catastrophe." Nobody wants to listen to the real society! But people say … they go out into the street and unanimously express their dissatisfaction with the new "rubbish policy of the authorities." The management of the "Eco-Technopark Shies" makes every reference to the inspections carried out by the Public Popular Front and speaks of "the great salvation of the Russian North."

It's just that people, as always, do not understand that it will be better for them … after all, they are trying for them! It is clear to everyone that in order to save the virgin Russian North from an ecological disaster, it is urgent to bring there all the Moscow garbage. Is that how it turns out?

To be honest: tired! Eternal squabbling for power, lobbying the interests of large companies and a competition for creative ideas on the topic: "How to get even more people out of money!" Can't find a billion for the elimination of landfills? Former Minister for the Development of the Far East Viktor Ishaev has been detained! You see, he stole the forest worth billions! According to the available information, he "worked" 10 billion rubles in the felling areas of our Russian Taiga. Next, who was the last one to be detained? Arashukov? Gas stole … billions too! So tell me … where was the money seized, and was it seized? Who will put them in his pocket now? Give the regions to the elimination of landfills! For the restoration of agriculture, for the restoration of schools and hospitals! Give to people, don't take the last.

Only, after all, no one will hear and do so … because the “garbage reform”, like the “SHIES” landfill, is an opportunity to steal even more and squeeze money from the people under the guise of good intentions. Ugh.

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