The creators of the "biblical project" yearn for enslavement
The creators of the "biblical project" yearn for enslavement

Modern Christianity, which recognized the Jewish Old Testament as "sacred scripture" first in the person of the Vatican and later the Orthodox Church, in its essence has become a real "branch of Judaism."

And the Jews themselves are already openly talking about this. However, this was not always the case, and the greatest merit of Sergius of Radonezh was the creation of a dual faith church that stopped the bloody internecine war in Russia, which began with the forcible baptism "with fire and sword" of its inhabitants during the time of the Khazar Tsarevich Vladimir, adopted by Prince Svyatoslav, who deceived and deceit throne.

What was the characteristic of the stable period of dual faith established in Russia? Yes, the fact that the Old Believers - Vedic Rus in their ancient Vedic temples conducted services together with Christian Orthodox priests, and only after Nikon's pro-Vatican reforms this stable period ended. It was then that the cruel persecution of Old Believers and Old Believers - the priests of the Church of St. Sergius of Radonezh by the pro-Vatican Nikonians began. It is not surprising that the Nikonians also learned the technologies of fighting dissent from the "sacred incision" of their Vatican masters.

Do you think that we had nothing of the kind and the Old Believers with the Old Believers fled to remote places simply because they did not want to see the Nikonians? And then, for the same reason, did they burn themselves? But you need to understand exactly whose myths they tell us. In fact, during the time of the German-Romanov yoke, and especially in its first centuries, there was a real genocide of our ancestors who did not want to accept the Vatican version of Orthodox Christianity.

Here is what V. Simonenkov writes about the events that took place then in his book "Myths about the pagan goddess Sophia": "For more than a millennium, the holy fathers of the Orthodox Church hammered into the heads of Russians that the most ancient Slavic beliefs and traditions are deep ignorance. Only Christianity brought progress to Russian lands. and enlightenment.”They were echoed by the authoritative representatives of science, the faithful sons of the Orthodox Church, confirming that the ancient beliefs of the Slavs are ignorant paganism, and Russia itself represented the outskirts of civilization. Thus, the eminent Russian historian N. Karamzin in his fundamental work" History of the Russian State "stated:

This is exactly what - fear and humility - and sought by the creators of the "biblical project" of the enslavement of mankind. It is they, and not the real God, who need slaves who blindly believe in their every word and unquestioningly carry out all their commands and instructions. By the way, you know why the class of princes was the first to support the Christian religion. betraying the faith of their ancestors? Because before the arrival of Christianity in Russia there was no inheritance of power. The princes were called upon to reign for a certain period of time at the popular assembly, choosing the most worthy. Typically it was 12 years old. This is where the expression "suzhit" came from, that is, serve the people for 12 years. At the same time, at the veche every year, the princes reported on the work done, and the people decided whether to leave the prince for another year or refuse his services.

And it was this form of government that was genuine democracy, and not that parody from political shows that only create the illusion that the people are supposedly deciding something, which came to us from the West in the form of a liberoid "democracy". And liberalism just became a new form of enslavement of peoples after the Vatican Judeo-Christianity.

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