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10 strange and unusual living creatures
10 strange and unusual living creatures

Some of these creatures may well become your pets. Others are even eaten. Let's take a look at 10 of the strangest and most unusual living things on the planet.

1. Star-nosed, or star-nosed

Mammal of the mole family. This animal lives in North America and has, as you can see, a very repulsive-looking growths on the muzzle around the nostrils. This is a very powerful sense of touch, which allows the star nose to explore about a dozen small objects per second.

Star-nosed, or star-nosed

2. Giant isopods

A genus of isopods, which includes about 15 equally frightening species. Isopods are related to woodlice, but significantly exceed the latter in size: they reach an average of 50 cm in length.

Giant isopods

3. Naked mole rat

The legendary rodent that is not afraid of pain, does not age and lives for about 30 years. Science has high hopes for the digger: perhaps this strange animal will help humanity to defeat the aging process.

Naked mole rat

4. Drop fish

Deep sea fish that lives off the coast of Australia and Tasmania. A sad fish with human features is quite harmless: it feeds only on what falls into its wide-open mouth. The size of such a "drop" is about 30 cm in length.

Drop fish

5. Mealworms

Larval form of large flour beetle. You may well meet you in real life if it is wrong to store large deposits of flour. In some countries, mealworms are eaten.


6. Amazonian inia

Representative of a group of river dolphins. The mammal lives in the Amazon River and its tributaries. Inya cannot be found in the aquarium - river dolphins are aggressive and difficult to train. This is probably for the best.

Amazonian inya

7. Lampreys

Frightening aquatic life; are mainly external parasites of large fish. Lampreys share many external features with their prey, but evolutionarily they are their predecessors. It is noteworthy that lampreys are popular in cooking.


8. Small girdle tail

A type of lizard that lives in rocky or desert areas. These lizards curl up at the sight of danger.

Small girdle tail

9. Purple frog

An unusual view, which a person learned about quite recently. In 2003, they were discovered in the Western Ghats in India. The habitat of the purple frog is only 14 km ^ 2. These creatures live underground and practically do not get to the surface.

Purple frog

10. Giant kivsyak

A centipede species that reaches 38.5 cm in length and has approximately 256 legs. These creatures live in tropical and subtropical Africa. They are often kept as pets.

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