The most unusual tanks in the history of mankind
The most unusual tanks in the history of mankind

The project "The most unusual tanks in the history of mankind" has been published on the Web. The most bizarre military vehicles are collected in three videos: from the first tank, invented by Leonardo da Vinci and more like a UFO, to armored monsters with nuclear engines, developed in the USSR and the USA.

The commercials feature the first combat robot - the German self-propelled mine "Goliath" during the Second World War, - and the land dreadnought "Rat", generated by the gigantomania of the Nazis. It was planned to equip the 1000-ton vehicle with naval guns. 120-mm cannons served as machine guns, and 28 people were supposed to control the supertank.

Despite the alien appearance, the Soviet prototype of the heavy tank "Object 279" had excellent tactical and technical characteristics. The streamlined shape provided him with protection from armor-piercing shells, the 130-mm weapon guaranteed the defeat of any enemy tank, and the twin tracks and low center of gravity made it possible to confidently move on any land. The project was closed on the personal instructions of Nikita Khrushchev, who believed that the future was exclusively with missiles.

Electromagnetic weapons in the Soviet Union began to be dealt with immediately after the war. The T-34E (electric), the development of which began in 1948, was supposed to hit enemy tanks with powerful discharges, destroying the crews. An additional bonus was that the material part of the enemy remained intact - except for the electrics, I guess. A nuclear reactor installed behind the tower was supposed to supply energy to the stun gun on the tank course.

A British enthusiast put concrete blocks on another T-34. Why - it is not clear, since the unsuitability of concrete as armor was established at the beginning of the 20th century - but the same technology was used by Ukrainian punitive forces in Donbass. The Americans, famous for their ingenuity, invented a transporter tank, in the troop compartment of which a jeep was placed, and a refueling tank. Both models never went into production.

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