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Why in the USSR they made inscriptions from trees that are visible from space
Why in the USSR they made inscriptions from trees that are visible from space

The huge and powerful country of the USSR was distinguished by the regular development of new territories, developments and inventions, and the scale of construction. Of course, no one really heard anything about the fashionable word "design", and they did not use it. But there were designers, as well as graphic designers, and quite a few, and very talented ones. And the most interesting thing is that there are solutions that have passed through time and exist even now.

Currently, design is characterized by a number of original solutions in various industries. It was such decisions that were often met in Soviet times.

Messages for descendants or inhabitants of other planets?

You can see such inscriptions only with

Among the most unusual options are the original inscriptions from trees planted in a certain way. You can see them on photographs that were taken from a satellite and posted on Google and Yandex maps, or during an airplane flight. Previously, not many knew about this phenomenon, except for some old-timers. Now this information is publicly available, despite the fact that being on the ground, it is impossible to see the inscriptions.

The inscriptions were made by planting or cutting down trees

The fashion for such original inscriptions in the Union appeared in the seventies. This was done in two ways. The first of them is the planting of seedlings according to predetermined parameters. The second is the exact opposite of the previous one. The felling of trees was carried out according to the same parameters. Of course, aliens have nothing to do with it. One can only assume that in this way they tried to extol socialism, Lenin's ideas, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and, possibly, perpetuate all this. It was in a similar style that these unusual inscriptions were made.

1. "Lenin" - one of the most popular forest inscriptions

The inscription "Lenin" in different interpretations can be found most often

In 1970, an inscription was created in different regions in the format of planting, which said that "Lenin is 100 years old." But much more often they “wrote” the phrase “Lenin is with us”, moreover, not only by planting trees. The material was large stones on the hills and mountains. These works are also clearly visible from a height, moreover, they could be viewed from the ground.

In the Kurgan region. there is one of similar inscriptions. To create it, 40,000 trees were planted in due time. The landing was six hundred meters long. The area it occupies is 3.8 hectares.

2. In honor of the creation of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

The anniversary dates of the creation of the USSR were also displayed in the messages

Such large-scale phrases can be observed in various regions of the once huge state. Usually this is the word USSR with added numbers - 50 years, 60 and so on.

3. Inscriptions of praise addressed to the Soviet Communist Party

In this original way, the slogan "Glory to the KPSS" is also captured

In Soviet times, there was the famous slogan "Glory to the KPSS". This phrase was present on posters, was laid out with bricks on houses during their construction and, of course, was "written" with trees. Added to it and numbers indicating the number of the party congress.

4. In honor of the Great October Revolution

The October Revolution did not go unnoticed either

For the Soviet people, this holiday was one of the most important. They celebrated it on a grand scale, so they tried to display it in sufficiently large-scale solutions.

5. In honor of the Great Victory

Many have a very reverent attitude towards the inscription "Victory"

This inscription aroused respect in the Soviet Union, and in our time too. All the masterpieces mentioned earlier have long ceased to be relevant. For some, they cause nostalgia, but more a smile. But everything related to victory gives positive emotions and pride.

The tradition is still maintained in Russia

It is this tradition that continues to be maintained in Russia today.In the Korochansk district, near the village of Pogorelovka, on the territory of 0.75 hectares, there is an inscription "70 years of Victory", the creation of which took 10,000 trees. The authorities of the Kurgan region. decided to make the inscription "75 years of Victory" from pine trees. The phrase is large enough. Its length will be 450 meters.

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