GMO - a weapon of genocide of all living things
GMO - a weapon of genocide of all living things

Up to 70% of food products in Russia contain GMOs. The results are already visible today: a constant increase in oncological diseases, a decrease in immunity (especially in children), an increase in the number of people with impaired reproductive functions, an increase in the number of children born with physical and mental disabilities; biodiversity decreases in nature.

A genetic war is currently being waged against Russia and the planet. The weapons in this war are genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Back in 2004, one of the NATO committees said: "GMOs can be used as biological weapons …", which is what is happening today.

The experience of countries growing GM plants and using their processed products in feed and food products has shown extremely negative consequences for humans and the environment.

In Russia, in 2005, Doctor of Biological Sciences Irina Vladimirovna Ermakova conducted experiments on rats, which showed the dependence of the consumption of GM soybeans and an increase in the mortality of rat pups. The surviving rat pups were underdeveloped, had various congenital diseases and could no longer have their offspring. In 2010, the results of a similar study were released. The results were announced by the President of the OAGS Baranov A.S.: “The main conclusion of our study is the discovery of the fact of a biological prohibition on reproduction. Nature has put an end to the genetic prospects of animals that feed on GM food."

In the world, research has been carried out by scientists proving a direct relationship between GMOs and a decrease in immunity, pathologies of internal organs and oncology, genetic deformities, the appearance of incurable diseases (such as Morgellon's disease), premature aging, infertility, decreased mental development, etc. This list will not fit on the page either.

The whole world is now concerned about the decline in biodiversity. Insects disappear (90% of bees died in the USA, 40% in Europe, in Russia there are the first cases), after them birds disappear (more than 30% in Europe), and all along the chain die out. GMOs harm not only those who eat, but also those who eat those who eat GMOs.

Today in Russia, transgenic crops are being actively cultivated on private lands, which causes irreparable environmental damage to Russia and calls into question the food security of the state. The country becomes dependent on the seed producer (primarily from the United States, where this infection was released).

Alas, it is very difficult for countries that have begun to grow GM crops to abandon them, because degradation of soil and genetic pollution occurs, which leads to difficulties in the cultivation of traditional crops.

The future of our country and the entire planet is under the threat of genetic destruction, because there is a massive transgenization. The process of cross-pollination on the planet cannot be controlled, and all new plant mutations will arise near GM fields, followed by mutations in mammals.

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