Who borrowed languages ​​from whom?
Who borrowed languages ​​from whom?

Studying a foreign language at school, at the institute, we, of course, noticed that some English (French, German, etc.) words are phonetically similar to Russian ones.

Great domestic experts, academicians - linguists assure that such a similarity is explainable … by the youth of the Russian civilization itself, and hence the youth of the Russian language. They make us understand that our language was influenced by much older European languages, whose representatives taught us those words and meanings that we, in Russia, allegedly did not have in everyday life or in the worldview. However, Russian academics have invented almost nothing of their own. All these false postulates were pronounced and canonized 250-300 years ago in the West, when linguistics as a science, in fact, appeared and rose to its feet.

It turns out that Russian peasants for many hundreds of years did not designate for themselves the concept of sitting, and sat on the bench just like that, without meaning. And this lasted until the Latins, Angles or Germans came and taught us the correct words. If Varvara’s wife called Ivan’s husband to dine, she didn’t say: "Van, sit down to eat soon, dinner is getting cold!" Well, Ivan himself could not say: "Get up, Varyusha, bake pies as soon as possible, guests to us!", Because Ivan and Varvara did not know English stand yet.

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