Land as appropriated property of 64 bankers
Land as appropriated property of 64 bankers

Video: Land as appropriated property of 64 bankers

Video: Land as appropriated property of 64 bankers
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This is very bad news for most countries and peoples of the world, because it speaks of the end of an era. I mean the era of complementary manufacturing.

The point of complementary production is the physical shortage of any imported product. The importing country could not provide the supply of as many cars or tape recorders, computers or ships as the customers needed. Therefore, purchases abroad and domestic production did not compete, but complemented each other.

A striking example - when Khrushchev began to lack his own bread and he began to buy grain abroad. These purchases did not at all interfere with the domestic grain suppliers, no one told them: grow less, we buy abroad, so it is more profitable for us! On the contrary: the basis of complementary production is demand, which exceeds supply.

There is so much grain that they are ready to encourage record harvests within the country with orders - and in Canada they also buy what is missing.

Today this situation is hopelessly over. A long time ago, for the main commodity items (except for raw materials, which is no longer available), the supply is many times higher than the existing demand. The manufacturer can satisfy almost any volume of the order, as long as it is paid for. Now the consumer needs significantly fewer cars or shoes than the manufacturer can offer.

And this fundamentally new situation has divided all states into three categories:

1) Those who have found their place in global exchanges.

2) The states "finished" - which are economically in no way necessary and in no role for the world market.

3) States-parasites, which are fed under a certain political order, for example under Russophobia.

There are few states of the first type. It is almost impossible to compete with them. In principle, South Korea alone can satisfy all the needs of humanity in consumer electronics, if it is allowed to do this (that is, all orders are given there). It is very problematic to create a consumer electronics industry from scratch in some country that has not been involved in this before: these factories, even if they are built, are clearly the "fifth wheel" in the economic cart.

It is unrealistic to conquer the market by complementary production (competing with existing suppliers). It can now be conquered in only one way: displacing. If the import of imported TVs is prohibited in principle, then the domestic ones will have a chance to be sold to at least someone. If not forbidden - who needs them and why with such a knocking down prices and streamlined abundance of supply?

Satisfyingly cheap and with a margin, the entire world of production of goods is concentrated in several very local zones, which, moreover, as technology develops, they become more and more narrowed. Wastelands of devastation and hopelessness are expanding between the MPZ (world production zones): "finished" territories. There, residents simply have nowhere and no need to work (with the exception of the most primitive forms of autarky, natural economy). No job - no earnings - no demand. Where nothing is taken out - nothing is brought there (except, sometimes, humanitarian aid).

The parasitic states are a “hedge” of geopolitics, for their part, they poison the atmosphere of the planet with their main products, for which they receive dollars for household consumption: hatred, anger, outrageous fascism, mobilization to fight the object of hatred.

The parasite states have no other way out except for sublimation of hatred and fanning the fire of genocides: after all, they do not produce any real product, and they are no longer able to organize production. As soon as the need for their political role disappears, they will immediately fall into the category of "finished" countries, where Somalia is.

It has already been calculated that the endangered Baltic republics receive up to 80% of their budgets from the European Union as either a gift or a pension. In fascist Georgia during Saakashvili's time, the entire administrative apparatus, including the president, quite officially received a salary in dollars from the US State Department. Moreover, he was proud of this and advertised this fact in every possible way: they say, behold, we don't take a lari from our people!

There are few real states, in the full sense of the word, and not colonial crafts in the world. There are almost no fewer than fingers on two hands. But they are not fully self-sufficient.

The main nerve of our era is the masters of world money against the masters of world mineral resources. People who own all the money on the planet can easily pay for any work, organize any production where they want, open or close any industry in any country in the world. How, however, to create or liquidate the country itself.

The only thing that people who own all the money of the planet cannot do (specifically, there are only 64 bankers) is to “repeat God” in the production of soil and ores of metals, oil and gas, fresh water and even sand and clay. They can buy any work with any of the listed raw materials, printing money uncontrollably. But to create this raw material from the cosmic void - no.

Therefore, the world's financial rulers need to seize the centers of occurrence of the main resources of the Earth. For this - to split the territory into many small (like Estonia or Slovenia) dwarf pseudo-states, puppets, whose state budgets are many times less than the property of one Rockefeller or even Soros.

After all, such microscopic republics can be twisted with the simplicity of a child's toy, controlling all the flows of goods, any elections and any events in general.

To do this, the owners of world money pay for state and private military aggressors, huge and ramified networks of spies and saboteurs, grandees inside the countries planned for dismemberment. 64 bankers who have privatized the planet are ready to generously pay for any form of war, for example, with Russia. Except, of course, those who threaten to turn the planet they have privatized into illiquid nuclear ash …

The owners of natural resources - not all, but some - understand that they, unlike the owners of production facilities, have a bargaining chip in bargaining with the owners of world money. The owners of world money can open any plant of any production anywhere they want, and even lure specialists there with money from the old one. So the countries specialized in the production of high value added products have no chances in a dispute with the global seven-bank market. The slightest displeasure with Germany or Japan in the Bilderberg Club - and your Germany (Japan) is no longer there, all orders from their industrial zones have been transferred to South Korea or Taiwan …

The industrialists became the slaves of the bankers - in shackles and with their tongues cut out. But the controlling territories with valuable natural raw materials have trump cards in their hands in the “big game”. You cannot transfer oil production like Mercedes-Benz production to any place. Oil, unlike tape recorders and televisions, can be mined only where it is naturally available.

This is how the main line of confrontation arises: raw materials workers versus financiers. Some have in their hands all the money in the world, while others have in their hands what money cannot order.

Raw material zones are another form of business and economic activity on Earth, and they, in contrast to the MPZ, do not shrink (or rather, they shrink only as the deposits are objectively depleted).

This is the picture of the modern world, and it is very sad. Since the peoples of the world have failed to build socialism, which is long overdue for mankind, neither resources, nor money, nor power have become the common property of the peoples of the Earth.

And since they did not become a common property, then they serve not the peoples, but specific private owners (64 bankers), like any private property. This means that the interests of the peoples are simply ignored by such a system, just as your apartment is ignored somewhere by a freezing bum.

You will invite only the one you want to your house. And the owners of world money will invite into the economy only those who are needed or pleasant to them personally. The rest simply have no place in the world economy, they are not needed there, they are considered superfluous - because the owners are not interested in them.

That is, if there is no work for 5-6 billion people, then the world economy does not want to feed them, support, somehow pay attention to them, spend resources on them, etc. And - worst of all - it doesn't have to.

This is a socialist economy - co-owned for all who were born human. And private property is not obliged to serve the interests of those who do not belong. You are not obliged to let strangers, strangers into your house - on the grounds that they are cold outside!

And the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds are also not obliged (according to the laws of capitalism) to spend bread and fuel, fabrics and bricks on "extra people". It is cheaper for them to kill them than to keep them alive.

The "miscarriage" of socialism, which, as a fruit of progress, was evidently pregnant with human civilization - not just some "partial inconvenience." Do not grieve, such as increasing the retirement age, working hours, reducing wages and vacations!

Partial inconveniences could still be somehow endured, but the complete uselessness for the club of private owners of the only habitable planet cannot be endured. Because in this case, the reductions are no longer partial, but complete and final.

According to the formula: "The masters of the planet do not need you - leave the planet." And do not use anything here: everything is not yours. The owners won't let you touch anything!

The formal side of the issue from the point of view of private property is flawless. The actual side is genocide, in comparison with which even Hitler's Holocaust may seem only a preliminary warm-up …