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The Jews reigned in Russia, and therefore now even to mention them is a crime
The Jews reigned in Russia, and therefore now even to mention them is a crime

Video: The Jews reigned in Russia, and therefore now even to mention them is a crime

Video: The Jews reigned in Russia, and therefore now even to mention them is a crime
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Look, what an interesting semantic series it turns out! Word Jewapplied in Russian State since its foundation (the Russian Empire was created by Peter I in 1721, before that it was Rus, from the name of which other names have come: "Russian language" and "Russian") and it, this word Jews, used by Russians (earlier this word was written with one "s") by writers and thinkers freely as needed to denote a particular breed vicious peoplewho did everything in order to annoy God and harm normal people. In 1727 and 1742 the word Jews used even the Empress Romanovs (Catherine I and Elizaveta Petrovna) in their highest decrees with eloquent names "On the expulsion of Jews from Russia" … After the 1917 revolution, the new government (which, as noticed recently Vladimir Putin, "80-85% consisted of Jews") for the use by Russian writers of the word Jew began to shoot them. The clearest example of this is the public execution of the writer-publicist Mikhail Osipovich Menshikov, which took place in 1918. After the formation of modern Russia on the ruins of the USSR, now the new government undertook to punish Russian writers for using the word in their articles and books Jew! So on May 14, 2019, it was for my use of words Jew, Jew in a historical article "The United States, on the eve of the Third World War, is spinning a bogey called" Holocaust of 6 Million Jews " I was tried in Murmansk under the extremist article 20.3.1 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation, found guilty and punished with a large fine.

Well, if this is the case in modern Russia, then let us announce it officially and loudly: THE JIDES RULE IN RUSSIA, AND THEREFORE NOW EVEN TO REMEMBER ABOUT THEM IS A CRIME!

Celebration by Jews in Moscow at the walls of our Kremlin of their military Victory over the Greeks - Hanukkah.

See how it was before (I give a historical series - the writer and his statement about the Jews):


Gavriil Romanovich Derzhavin (1743 - 1816). He was not only a famous poet, but also the governor, and the senator, and the minister of justice. In 1799 and 1800 he was sent to the Western Territory to study the causes of the famine and the plight of the local Russian peasantry. There he realized that one of the main reasons for the plight of the peasants in the Western Territory is Jews … Derzhavin compiled a detailed report for the tsar and the senate on his research and measures taken. This report, called "The Opinion of Senator Derzhavin …" was published in its entirety in the complete collected works of G. R. Derzhavin, published by the Academy of Sciences in 8 volumes edited by J. Grot (1864 - 1883), in volume 7, published in 1878. Here are some excerpts from it:


Eh, my brother - what is the external view?

Let there be at least the devil himself!.. yes, he is a necessary person, Just address - will lend.

What nation he is, I don't know boldly:

Speaks all languages, Most likely, that Jew. -

He is familiar with everyone, everywhere he has business, He remembers everything, knows everything, in care for a whole century, Was beaten more than once, with an atheist - an atheist, With a saint - a Jesuit, between us an evil gambler, And with honest people - an honorable person.

In short, you will love him, I'm sure.


The portrait is good - the original is bad!..

(Lermontov M. Yu. Selected works. M., 1941. S. 182).


Gogol Nikolay Vasilievich (1809 - 1852). Gogol's word "Jew" and its derivatives are found in several of his works. I will cite here only excerpts from Gogol's story "Taras Bulba", which describes the struggle of the Zaporozhye Cossacks with the invaders - the Ylyakhs and the Jews. The story was published in 1835:

“At this time, a large ferry began to land on the shore. A bunch of people standing on it were still waving their hands from a distance. They were Cossacks in torn scrolls. The disorderly outfit - many of them had nothing but a shirt and a short pipe in their teeth - showed that they either just avoided some kind of trouble, or they went on a spree so that they skipped everything that was on their bodies. From among them, a squat, broad-shouldered Cossack, a man of about fifty, separated himself and stood in front. He shouted and waved his hand the hardest of all, but behind the knocking and shouts of the workers, his words were not heard.

"And what did you come with?" asked the koshevoy when the ferry was turning to the shore. All the workers, having stopped their work, raised their axes and chisels, stopped knocking and watched in anticipation.

"With trouble!" shouted a squat Cossack from the ferry.


"Have you not heard anything about what is happening in the Hetmanate?"

"Tell me, what is going on there?"

"And what is happening is that they were born and were baptized, they did not know this yet."

"Tell us what is being done, son of a dog!" shouted one of the crowd, apparently losing patience.

"Such a time has now started that the holy churches are no longer ours."

"How not ours?"

"Now at Jews they are on lease. If you do not pay in advance, then the mass cannot be ruled."

"What are you interpreting?"

"And if a rassobachy Jew does not put the badge with his unclean hand on Holy Passover, then it is impossible to sanctify Passover either."

“He is lying, brothers, brothers, it cannot be that unclean Jew put a badge on Holy Easter!.

“Listen!.. I’ll tell you something else: priests now travel all over Ukraine in taratais. Yes, it’s not the trouble with the taratais, but the trouble is that they’re harnessing not horses, but simply Orthodox Christians. Listen! I'll tell you something else: already, they say, Jews they sew skirts for themselves from priest's vestments. These are the things that are going on in the Ukraine, sir! And here you are sitting on Zaporozhye and walking, yes, apparently, the Tatar gave you such fear that you already have neither eyes nor ears - nothing, and you do not hear what is happening in the world."

“Didn't you have sabers, or what? How did you allow this lawlessness?"

“Eh, how they allowed such lawlessness! And you would have tried, when there were fifty thousand Poles alone, yes - there is no need to hide it - there were also dogs among ours, (who) had already accepted their faith."

"And your hetman, and the colonels, what did they do?"

"And the hetman now, roasted in a copper bull, lies in Warsaw, and the colonel's arms and heads are transported to fairs to be shown to all the people."

The whole crowd hesitated. At first, for a moment, a silence spread along the entire coast, which is established before a fierce storm, and then suddenly speeches arose, and the whole coast spoke.

“How can the Jews keep Christian churches on lease! For the priests to harness Orthodox Christians to the shafts! How to tolerate such torment on Russian soil from the accursed disbelievers! (who accepted the union, the Uniates). To do this with the colonels and the hetman! But this will not happen, it will not be! " Such words flew to all ends. The Cossacks made a noise and sensed their strength. There were no longer the worries of the frivolous people: all the heavy and strong characters were worried, which did not quickly heat up, but, having heated up, persistently and for a long time kept their inner heat in themselves. "Outweigh all to a Jew! " - came from the crowd. “Let them not sew skirts from the priest’s robes for their Jews! Let them not put badges on Easter! To melt them all, you bastards, in the Dnieper! " These words, uttered by someone from the crowd, flew like lightning over all heads, and the crowd rushed to the suburb with the desire to cut everyone Jews.

The poor sons of Israel, having lost all the presence of their already petty spirit, hid in empty burner barrels (in vodka barrels), in stoves and even crawled under their skirts. Jewess; but the Cossacks found them everywhere.

“The lords of the lords! Shouted alone, tall and long as a stick, Jew, sticking out from the heap of his comrades his pitiful face, warped by fear. “The lords of the lords! Just let us say a word, one word! We will announce something to you that we have never heard before, so important that you cannot say how important it is!"

“Well, let them say,” said Bulba, who always liked to listen to the accused.

"Clear gentlemen!" uttered Jew … “I have never seen such gentlemen. By God, never! There have never been such kind, good and brave people!..”His voice was dying and trembling with fear. “How can we think something bad about the Cossacks! Those are not ours at all, those that are rented in Ukraine! By God, not ours! They are not Jews at all: the devil knows what. Something that just doesn't give a damn about him, and quit! So they will say the same. Isn't it Shlema, or you, Shmul?"

"By God, really!" answered from the crowd Shloma and Shmul in tattered yalom, both white as clay.

"We never have," continued the long Jew: “Did not agree with the enemies. And we don't even want to know the Catholics: let them dream of the devil! The Cossacks and I are like brothers …"

"How? So that the Cossacks were brothers with you? " Pronounced one of the crowd. "Do not wait, damned Jews! In the Dnieper them, Panov! Drown all the bastards!"

These words were a signal. They grabbed the Jews and began to throw them into the waves. A pitiful cry rang out from all sides, but the stern Cossacks only laughed, seeing how the Jewish legs in shoes and stockings dangled in the air."

(Gogol N. V. Selected works. SPb., 1998. S. 138 - 142).

Of one Jew, whose name was Yankel, Taras left alive, since Jew insisted that he knew brother Taras and even helped him to ransom from the Turks. Taras said to the Cossacks: “ Gida there will be time to hang it when needed, but for today give it to me. Having said this, Taras led him to his wagon train, near which his Cossacks stood. “Well, get under the cart, lie there and don't move; and you brothers, don't let it go Jew ».

Having said this, he went to the square, because the whole crowd had gathered there for a long time … Now everyone wanted to go on a campaign, both old and young; they decided to go straight to Poland, to avenge all the evil and disgrace of the faith and Cossack glory, to collect booty from the cities, to set fire to the villages and bread and to spread glory far across the country. (Gogol N. V. Ibid. P. 142).


Nikolay Alekseevich Nekrasov (1821-1877). “I dedicated the lyre to my people,” wrote Nekrasov at the end of his life. And so it is. The theme of the Russian people, its troubles and hopes, embodied in a huge variety of types and characters - new for Russian literature - runs through the entire work of this great Russian poet. The ruling elite was always unpleasant for Nekrasov, because it was indifferent to the fate of the Russian people and did not ensure its normal development. The Russian people lived terribly hard and there was no light ahead either.

In the satirical poem "Contemporaries" (1875 - 1876), in the chapter "Jewish Melody", Nekrasov, exaggerating the Jewish dialect, writes:

(Nekrasov N. A. Collected works. T. 3. L, 1967. S. 303 –304).


Alexey Konstantinovich Tolstoy (1817 - 1875). Count A. K. Tolstoy is known as the author of the horror story "The Ghoul", the novel "Prince of Silver", the historical trilogy - "The Death of Ivan the Terrible", "Tsar Fyodor Ioannovich" and "Tsar Boris". He wrote poetry and ballads. In collaboration with his cousins Alexei and Vladimir Zhemchuzhnikov, he published satirical and parody works signed by Kozma Prutkov.

Count A. K. Tolstoy clearly understood the harm Jews for Russia and the Russian people, and therefore wrote about them.

In the poem "Bogatyr" Count A. K. Tolstoy wrote:

(Tolstoy A. K. Poems. M., 2001. S. 40 - 45. Holy Russia. Encyclopedia of the Russian people. Russian literature. M., Institute of Russian civilization. 2004. S. 252).

The above selection was made by Anatoly Glazunov (Blockadnik). A source.

The list of great Russian writers, classics of Russian literature, who wrote about the Jews, can be continued further … However, we live in modern Russia. And what do we see now?

And now people see that me, a modern Russian writer Anton Blagin, a member of the "Union of Writers of Russia", the Jews were dragged to court in 2019 and convicted, punished with a large fine for the fact that, as a writer, you see, I dared to use the word Jew and its derivatives! Details here.


An expert linguist with the surname Koznev, who was invited to court against me as a witness (on the part of the prosecution), responsibly stated at the trial that in modern Russia the word "Jew" is considered "profanity of the Russian language", and that on my part this word was expressed "a negative assessment of persons united on the basis of belonging to a Jewish nationality." And this, in accordance with Article 20.3.1 of the Administrative Code, is an administrative offense, and in accordance with Article 282 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, it is a criminal offense.

Well, firstly, I expressed a negative assessment not of all persons of Jewish nationality, but only of that marginal part of it, which is historically denoted by the word Jews! And secondly, what does the literary word have to do with it? Jew, if the problem lies not in the word at all, but in the vicious people, which are designated in our history by this word?

I repeat: word Jew since ancient times has been used by Russian writers and thinkers and even by the rulers of Russia (!) to designatea special breed of vicious people, mentioned many times in Christian books, who did everything in order to annoy God and harm normal people. But as Jews harmed normal people, our literary classics perfectly told us in their immortal works. Moreover, this was not some kind of libel on their part. They told us everything that happened in real life during their time! And most importantly, our great Russian writers talked about the Jews in their works not at all in order to mock their wild morals, but to show as wide a circle of people as possible what danger comes from the Jews, and what many dare to expect from them should , as Empress Catherine I wrote in her personal decree.

And the fact that after the 1917 revolution for the word Jew the new government shot Russian people on the spot, without trial or investigation, and in today's Russia they judge by perjury the so-called experts, he personally tells me that for some time now Jews reigned in Russia, and therefore now even to mention them is a crime!

That is, we are in our country in a Jewish occupation!

How did it happen, what prompted Jews to make an invasion of Russia, and what is their ultimate goal and task in relation to us and our country, I quite popularly told as a writer in my new book-collection "What is the truth in the example of history?" (The working title of the collection book was "This will come during Putin's lifetime!"). I am currently preparing it for publication.


In the meantime, everyone can download the electronic version of my book for free at the link №1 or follow the link №2.

From the Announcement: "The author of the book introduces the reader to our history and at the same time, with the help of facts, teaches to understand what is true and what is false in our history. The key role of this book is to clearly explain to the reader the deep meaning of the phrase of Christ the Savior: "And you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free …" " (John 8:32).

July 3, 2019 Murmansk. Anton Blagin

A comment:

White Rus: there is a word "buffoon" in Russian. This is the name of a person who seeks to win over other people with antics and buffoonery. Igor Kharlamov, a fellow tribesman and accomplice in the workshop of the President of Ukraine Zelensky, is one of such buffoons. He changed the great Russian song: "From the Volga to the Yenisei" and now sings: "From the Volga to the Yenisei, Russia is ruled by the people of Moses"! Like all Zelensk-Chubais, he distorts reality. Not from the Volga to the Yenisei, but from Brest to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky! This is how the Gentiles mock Russia….