"Christians" were originally "sun worshipers"! "Our Father" is an appeal to the Sun
"Christians" were originally "sun worshipers"! "Our Father" is an appeal to the Sun

Russian history is like a rope with knots! Yes, just imagine the history of Russia like this - in the form of a rope with knots, and each knot on it is a new historical twist associated with a change of government, with a change in ideology, and even with a change in national-historical symbols!

Oh, how many of these meanings and turns have already been in our history!

Moreover, as in a child's game of "spoiled telephone", the original meaning is distorted, transmitted from person to person by means of a word …


… so in the centuries-old history of our state, the historical truth about the events of the past has already been distorted more than once, and also purposefully replaced in the minds of all our people (!) The early worldview and worldview with something new, supposedly progressive, but in fact false and empty.

Who did this with us and our ancestors, today it is clear only to some people who studied history not from school textbooks, but exploring unique artifacts that miraculously survived to this day.

A vivid example of this is this video, which I accidentally stumbled upon on the Internet and watched with great pleasure:

I will only note to both the reader and the author of the film that Russia "baptized" in fact twice, and not once, while the meaning and twist of history took place twice ruswhom people.

Under a thick layer of lies, which is smeared on all sides of the so-called "Christianity", lies true, which the villains managed to hide from the minds unarmed with knowledge, but failed to destroy!

What Christian does not know the words of the only prayer of Christ the Savior, which begins with the words: "Our Father who art in heaven …" (Matthew 6: 9) ?!

And every Christian also knows these words from the Gospels well, or must know!

1. "Every good gift and every perfect gift descends from above, from the Father of lights, with whom there is no change and not a shadow of change. "(James 1: 17).


A bas-relief saying that in 1912 they knew that "Napoleon and Alexander were united and therefore strong."


Look at the size of Russia in 1812.

July 2, 2019 Murmansk. Anton Blagin

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