Weapon of the Ancients - Psychic Influence on Humans
Weapon of the Ancients - Psychic Influence on Humans

PSIVOZDYSTVIE is a weapon of mass destruction that is designed to influence the human brain and its connection with the very soul of a person. Which leads to the violation of this connection and the substitution of body control from an external source, and not from the inner self of a person (soul-solar plexus).

In our time, information has begun to appear about the development and use of weapons that have a psychoactive effect on large masses of people. Such well-known projects as "American circular saw" or "Russian woodpecker", plus many unknown and classified developments.

Having studied all the available information, we see the use and description of weapons based on psychoactive and past civilizations. At the same time, the main source of psychoactive technologies are demons = destroyers: the inhabitants of the underground civilization of Hades.

Most of the weapons of psychoactive effects are described in the Indian Vedas, for example, such types of weapons are mentioned as: Saumanasa - a weapon that affects the mind; Moha is a weapon that leads to loss of consciousness; Tvashchar is a means that creates chaos in the ranks of the enemy; Mahamaya is a great magical illusion or a weapon of lies and much more.

Today, a constant undeclared war is being waged against people for controlling a person's consciousness (instead of his inner self = soul), and only a sane, enlightened person with a “king in his head” can win this undeclared war.

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