Asia's futuristic architecture through the eyes of an aviator
Asia's futuristic architecture through the eyes of an aviator

The impressive Asian culture has always aroused heightened interest and amazed with incredible contrasts, which are especially noticeable in architecture. More oddities can be seen in megacities, because they coexist side by side with ultra-modern skyscrapers, striking in their functionality and futuristic appearance, and majestic castles of incredible beauty.

It is especially interesting to observe such an unusual play of contrasts from a bird's eye view, which was done by the British aviator and photographer in one person, capturing stunning shots of the architectural masterpieces of the bustling cities of China, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore.

A unique contrast between futuristic buildings and ancient castles through the eyes of an aviator

British pilot Lee Mumford, who spent most of his childhood in Hong Kong, was so impressed with the city and its unusual architecture that when the opportunity to fly regularly, he decided to take up photography professionally. Over time, he became so carried away by this business that he began to create collections of photographs dedicated to various cities in Asia. These images reflect the vanity and even some chaos of the life of Hong Kong, the mysticism of the ancient castles of Japan, the stunning originality of the buildings of Singapore and Taiwan.

Lee Mumford - British pilot

Interesting:Lee's constant passion for creating high-quality images has helped him win numerous awards and be featured in a number of magazines. Also, his work was selected from 14 thousand photographs sent to the competition for the best travel photography, announced by the AGORA Internet platform. The results of the competition will be announced on October 24, 2019 via open voting in the AGORA application.

The castle was built in 1585-1598

For filming from different angles and from the most unexpected points, the young man used a drone, which he took with him on a journey around the world. Thanks to his work, he finds himself in different cities and even countries almost every day, but instead of resting after exhausting flights, locking himself in his room, he goes for a walk with a camera and a drone, “to explore the culture and attractions that new place of stay ".

Hong Kong at different times of the day (China)

After flying around the world, Lee Mumford confesses: “Asia has one of the most stunning architecture I have ever seen … As I traveled across Asia to new and exciting places, I focused on architecture, finding and documenting unique angles everywhere. wherever I go."

Hong Kong Evening Lights (China)

To acquaint you with unique photographs of a keen traveler, the authors of Novate.Ru have selected the most impressive images that best reveal the incredible beauty and mystery of the architectural achievements of the largest Asian countries.

A view of the sky from the courtyards of skyscrapers in Macau and Hong Kong (China) Gardens by the Bay tropical park in Singapore with its futuristic landscapes High-rise courtyard area of ​​Hong Kong (China) The historical part of the Japanese metropolis in the evening lights (Japan) The striking contrasts of Singapore (rep

The striking contrasts of Singapore (Rep. Singapore). Lee Mumford.

Futuristic skyscraper on the south coast of Hong Kong (China)

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