Esoteric knowledge of ancestors
Esoteric knowledge of ancestors

Video: Esoteric knowledge of ancestors

Video: Esoteric knowledge of ancestors
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Some experts believe that our ancestors knew much more than you and me. They possessed esoteric knowledge. They were convinced that in addition to the physical visible to the naked eye, there are many other levels around us, which are as important to us as the physical world.

The Slav action, based on the Knowledge of the control of energy flows, with the help of meaning-making words and phrases, was used in almost all spheres of life. From the management of natural disasters (wind, rain, thunderstorm) to everyday activities. It was known that if you treat a thing well, then its service life increases, and if you praise it, i.e. imbued with psychic and spiritual emanations, then the thing or technical device serves flawlessly and becomes capable of understanding emotional messages.

With the help of this Knowledge, it is possible to control even global climatic processes, it is no coincidence that before the Christian baptism of Europe and Russia, vineyards bloomed in Greenland and it was called that way (literally the Green Country), and tales about the cultivation of citrus fruits have been preserved in the northern Russian regions. The Magi controlled natural processes, which is why the climate was warm, and plants that could feed on subtle emanations thrived and bloomed throughout the planet, right up to the Arctic, in these conditions there simply could not be deserts. Until now, in the greatest deserts, the beds of ancient rivers of such a size have been preserved, which are larger in size than the largest rivers of our time.

The ancients identified 7 paths, each of which works and develops one of the seven human shells. She headed all these paths - Rule. In the 19th century, the works of the French researchers De Roche and D'Urville proved that man has seven subtle bodies of a luminous nature. According to the experiments of these scientists, who introduced a person into hypnosis, the deeper the immersion was, the more subtle bodies could be extracted from the person. These bodies could merge with each other and enter back into a person. Therefore, it was no coincidence that our ancestors knew exactly seven paths, for each subtle body - its own path.

As shown by the researcher of ancient cults A. S. Ivanchenko, the words YOGA and YAGA are not only related, but also mean the same thing. In Sanskrit and Old Russian, this word is compound: "I" is the creative principle and the syllable "ga", indicating movement (compare, noGA, teleGA, road), i.e. movement along the path of creativity and perfection. In India, where the most ancient traditions are still preserved, five classical yogas are distinguished: hatha yoga, jnani yoga, raja yoga, karma yoga and bhakti yoga. Two more yogas are known: yantra yoga, which is closed to the uninitiated, since it is associated with the management of events, and tantra yoga, which was prohibited for "depravity" in the past. European researchers, admitted to the basics of the yogic system only in the last century, proposed their own classifications of yogas, but they all did not correspond to the ideas of the ancients. This tradition also distinguishes seven sheaths (bodies) in a person: physical, etheric, astral, mental, casual, soul and spirit.

The attitude of our ancestors to such a concept as death is also interesting. If earlier death for a person was voluntary and controlled, and strengthened his power, today it has actually turned into a tragedy for all of Mankind and each person individually. Once in the next world, a person has very little chance of getting out of there back, because his family was destroyed, which helped the deceased person to return to this world. Old people were embodied in great-grandchildren or grandchildren only in their own family. This tradition continues now, but due to the disappearance of the Clans, there is a huge competition between the dead and a queue for a new incarnation. By the way, the word "wise" (or wisdom), if you read back: Rod + mind, i.e. wisdom is the "mind of the Sort", the essence of which, its multiplication by their disembodied Ancestors.

The clan was the basis of an ancient society, which today is completely destroyed. Its purpose can be deduced only from the existing ancient traditions that allowed a person to reincarnate. Therefore, it is possible to give an absolutely precise definition of the Genus, as our ancestors understood it. A genus is an unification of people connected by blood ties to create conditions for the constant reincarnation of a person in this world. This is a kind of biological device for man's ascent along the evolutionary ladder to the Gods, from life to life acquiring an increasing number of divine possibilities.