CIA vs GRU: psychics go into battle
CIA vs GRU: psychics go into battle

Video: CIA vs GRU: psychics go into battle

Video: CIA vs GRU: psychics go into battle
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For the first time psychics came to serve in the CIA in the 70s. They managed not only to declassify data on the latest Soviet weapons, but also to reveal our residency in the West. The Americans were sure that the USSR would never be able to respond in kind. But they were disappointed. About how the secret Soviet program "Brain Wars" was created, tells its head, Lieutenant General of the Reserve, Honored Military Specialist, Doctor of Technical and Philosophical Sciences Alexei Savin.

The history of psi-wars dates back to World War II, when the Germans were given the opportunity to conduct massive experiments on prisoners of concentration camps. The purpose of these experiments was to solve three main problems. First, the achievement of the maximum physical capabilities of the body in extreme conditions. Second, the search for the elixir of genius, with the help of which any person could be turned into a superman. And third, the development of psychotechnics for influencing the consciousness of other people.

After the war, all developments, together with scientists, were transported to the United States. And in the 50s and 70s there is a real boom in experiments on violent mind control. These are the programs "Artichoke", "Blue Bird", "MK-Ultra". These experiments involved not only research centers, but even prisons and hospitals.

But then the CIA decided to go the other way - to use psychics. This is how the Stargate program was born. All over the world they were looking for people with supernormal abilities.

- How many such people were involved in the program, and what was their main task?

- If we talk about American operators - about 50 people. Around the world, I guess there are several thousand.

The main task of the program is to collect intelligence information about the Soviet Union. Since they could easily determine from the map where and what object was being built, its technical characteristics were either a new aircraft or a new strategic submarine. First of all, people dealt with this issue. The second task is counterintelligence. Identifying our scouts - in order to clear our ranks. Because they could just give a description to any person on the list. And of course, the issues related to the definition of the intentions of the leadership of our country or the military leadership - they also stood in the first lines and were one of the main works.

- And what examples of the most successful results that they managed to achieve can be cited?

- Their leading psychic, Joseph McMonigle, painted our Semipalatinsk nuclear test site to detail, using exclusively space images and a topographic map. He described in which building what work is being done, what research is going on, what is hidden there, where is the secret equipment, where is the leadership of this test site.

McMonigle was called agent 001 - the main combat psychic. He acquired this quality in Vietnam when he was seriously wounded - after a state of clinical death, these abilities were revealed to him.

- He just looked at the topographic photograph of the area, tuned in and received specific information about what exactly is in these buildings?

- He had images, he sketched them, and then he painted the content. In the same way, he described the fact of construction of our new submarine, even indicated the time when it would be launched. The Americans were not too lazy, they put their companion over this place, and he registered the fact of the launch of the boat exactly at the time indicated by the psychic. He described both the boat and the characteristics of the propulsion system, the composition of the weapons - which missiles were installed there.

Now McMonigle is retired, but he also does a lot of work - he searches for missing people mainly in Japan and is very successful. It was not clear to us then. Everyone was looking for traitors, spies within their structures. But it turned out that this is completely different.

- You managed to get acquainted with the creators of the Stargate program. How did it come about?

- After the specialists from the USA and Great Britain obtained a number of impressive practical results, Gorbachev demanded to find out what kind of secret program it was and create something equally effective. It was 1989, and the slogans of detente and cooperation were popular. It was on this wave that we invited our American colleagues to Moscow. Collecting papers is one thing, and talking with real people is another. It was very important for me to look my enemies in the eye.

- But why did they agree to come?

“They considered us not just narrow-minded people, but were sure that we were in the Stone Age. It was obvious contempt on their part, and some more - undisguised. Therefore, they told everything that they were asked to. We were sure that we would never catch up with them.

- How did the search for your answer to the American Stargate program begin?

- I went to Natalya Petrovna Bekhtereva, the then head of the Leningrad Institute of the Brain. As you know, her grandfather, Professor Vladimir Bekhterev, was interested in the problem of developing superpowers back in the 1920s. He was friends with the trainer Durov - together they conducted experiments on animals to transmit thoughts at a distance. And Natalya Bekhtereva was interested in these issues.

She was the first to say that if we follow the path of the Americans - to look for talented people, to apply them in business, we will lag behind all the time. Moreover, we first of all wanted to use these people for solving military tasks, counterintelligence tasks, and state administration. These are security questions. It takes a very long time to admit these people to the secret documents. And then it was clear that psychics work well today, not very well tomorrow. Not very stable. For the same Vanga, sometimes it turned out great, and sometimes it was bad.

It was decided not to look for psychics, but to understand the nature of these phenomena. Bekhtereva selected very strong scientists - about 200 people from all over the Soviet Union. She was looking only for geniuses. They were cybernetics, mathematicians, physicists and psychologists - in general, a very good team. Natalya Bekhtereva said: if we get to the bottom of the nature of such things, there will be no failures. We will prepare people who simply do not exist in nature. Ideal.

I, of course, did not really believe it at first. But then, when I read the literature, I realized that mostly loners were engaged in this business. And for the state industry to deal with this problem, there was no such thing. And I believed. And oddly enough, contrary to our expectations, after a year and a half we figured out the nature of these phenomenal abilities. Found a way how to make a genius out of a person with average abilities.

- It turns out that the brain of any person can be tuned to receive some information?

- Quite right. Make customization. First you need to balance the left and right hemispheres. As soon as they begin to work harmoniously, which is generally not given to us by nature, the subcortex automatically begins to be included in the processes. And then the exact adjustments, such an energy-informational "microsurgery" is turned on and that's all - a man of genius. Receives information with high reliability, in a wide range.

- It turns out that some people are the same famous psychics - they are initially born with the correct brain settings? Or something in their life contributes to this - like a sudden loss of vision in Vanga?

- Yes, but it didn’t suit us. And Bekhtereva explained to us, and we all agreed - we need to make the perfect setting. What nature does not give to man in principle. Although, according to the logic of development, a person should have reached this ideal state. But the pursuit of comfort, including mental comfort, greatly dulled our perception. We set ourselves barriers. Our society immediately from childhood drives us into the framework - this is impossible, for this they will beat, for that they will scold. These restrictions undoubtedly interfere with the development of the brain.

- How does the correct tuning of the brain take place?

- Initially, we set the task so that neither hypnosis nor methods of entering into an altered state of consciousness would be used, no injections, no pills or herbs. Can a person affect water? Maybe. Can affect a flower - speak kindly to it. So here, too, there is a purely mental impact on a person. Here we are talking and during this hour everyone is already in tune. The conversation is structured in such a way that the person does not feel uncomfortable. To sit and listen calmly. When he listens calmly, he is receptive to everything. And in our Institute of Military Medicine, this technique was officially enshrined. We also created an officer training department on the basis of the Yuri Gagarin Moninsk Air Force Academy, which worked from 1992 to 2012. And they trained officers - for headquarters, for intelligence, for counterintelligence.

- What was their job?

- What is especially important for a staff officer when preparing an operation? Know what the enemy is thinking. What are his plans, what is the composition of the forces and means - planes, tanks, cars are involved. Direction of impact. He must feel and understand where they have hidden objects, which must be hit with aircraft and artillery. We took part in the interrogation of prisoners of war - whether he is lying or not, and what else does he think that we do not know. This is what he should be able to do.

- That is, it turns out that people trained according to your method could literally read minds?

- Practically. Many of these officers worked during the hostilities in Chechnya. First of all, we had to determine the enemy's warehouses, the location of the headquarters and the bandit formations themselves.

- In 1994 you met again with the creators of the Stargate program. How was your second meeting?

- They were stunned. We began by describing the reason for the Kennedy assassination and all the details of that day. These details were not publicly available. They were impressed. Then they started asking questions, and our guys answered them. For example, such a question: I thought about a certain person, give his description. They guys are well-worn and knew what questions to ask. But ours coped brilliantly. The Americans were simply shocked.

- It turns out that the work on which they have spent several decades, you have done in two years?

- And even surpassed. We understood that they were confused. They respected us and since then we have developed a relationship. I will not say that it is friendly, but such a normal relationship. We began to communicate with them, and then, when everyone retired, we somehow got together - I invited them to Moscow. They had an idea - let's write a film script and make a cool feature film, we'll come to an agreement with Hollywood. Well, we suggested - let's first write a book together, let's see what happens. In April, the second, more detailed edition of our joint book "Psi Wars: Russia and America" is to be published.

- You once told that your operators managed to reach certain entities from other worlds.

- We did not set such a task. It turned out like a hobby - like a parallel program. We got the keys to access other civilizations. But this work was interesting on the one hand, and on the other - secondary for us.

- This civilization, which has entered into communication, what is its role in the life of earthlings? Is she controlling us, keeping an eye on us?

- Their task is monitoring. Not to interfere, but to monitor the situation. Collect information. Our task was, as I saw it, to get into informational contact so that they would tell something about their ethics and civilization. How upbringing, how education goes, public administration. Something about technology.

- Is it a humanoid civilization?

- In general, they are, in principle, transformers, they could take any form. Those operators who communicated with them said that they seemed to be like us, but on the other hand, they were not. And you can see from the eyes - not us. And an almost complete absence of emotions, although they were very benevolent, they talked with a smile, but there were no emotions. It seemed to them that they were not as bodily as we are.

We did not seek to develop this direction. They were afraid that you would report this to your superiors and force them to quit and do nothing but do it. And this will want to talk to them, and that … And how will they all look at this matter?

It's one thing that they yielded to the insistent requests of our operators and made contact, but no one knew how it would go on. In addition, the burden of responsibility for the psi program lay on me, and I had no right to forget about it.

- Today psi-wars have moved to the informational level. It seems that modern "magicians" focus on influencing large masses of people at once - trying to force them to think in the right direction?

- They are looking for ways to influence through information channels - television, Internet, radio. Because the human brain is receptive. And if you select specific codes, you can have some kind of impact. But all the same, I think it will be a long time before they get to these codes.

In fact, it must be a very highly intellectual thing that would make us think differently. So far, to achieve this with the help of some kind of device is an unsolvable task. Yes, you can put a person into an unbalanced state. But there must be one more person who would make the appropriate suggestion.

- Even in the examples of the "orange" revolutions, we see that with all the force of influence from the outside, the results are not always predictable.

- Quite right - the methods are dull. They cause a kind of sharp reaction. And so that intellectually, subtly, so that it is not noticeable from the outside that there is an impact, so far neither we, nor they have succeeded.

- So, while all these horror stories that we are being programmed or zombified with the help of information channels - are they from the realm of fantasy?

- It should not be forgotten here that every person at birth is associated with the out-of-body world. In everyday life, these entities are called guardian angels. These essences are attached to each of us. And bypassing them - just to stupidly influence us - does not work. You must first agree with them so that they would allow the person to recode. And how to come to an agreement with them, while the Americans do not have such technology.

- What about horror stories that the impact on a person comes through modern gadgets?

- These are not horror stories. Definitely. If you give a signal and increase its power, which can also be done quite simply, then there is an effect on the brain. Moreover, it is destructive. Without any coding, it's just brain destruction. The human brain is actually very delicate. After 30 years, neurons begin to die off. And if you also include such a thing, then you do not need to drink vodka and use drugs. One-time command from the satellite, they turned on and just kill the brain. They melt. Information processes in the brain get confused, and there can be anything - both a tumor and blood diseases.

- And how then can a person defend himself and in general - is it real?

- I would not like to invent something on the go. There must be a security system in the area of such impact. A law should be adopted on the certification of such devices, on the control over the safety of their work. Prophylaxis is needed so that a person can be checked after a while - he can take an encephalogram of the brain. A person should know the rules of self-control - this is how to wash your hands before eating. At least to reduce to the necessary minimum communication on the phone.

- Is it possible to track that an unwanted effect is occurring from some satellite?

- In principle, it is possible. Although the costs are huge. But modern technology makes it possible to track this death impulse. Technically solvable problem. And it is easier to create a state system of protection for all people than for a specific person.

Now people are defenseless. A special chip can be embedded in the telephone. It will be disguised as some kind of detail. A command from a satellite passed - and that's it, there is a powerful negative impact.

According to my information, work is underway on the topic of protection. My communication with specialists in the field of radio engineering allows us to conclude that people are dealing with this problem.

- This technique allows you to reveal the unusual abilities of children in early childhood. They need to be taught to learn, to give super memory, to make the brain work as it should. And after two or three years of training, the child really becomes a genius and everything will go faster. And most importantly, he will have an internal attitude - I can do anything. There is a feeling of the infinity of one's possibilities, an understanding that the impossible can be done.

Next year, the First Cadet Presidential Corps opens in Monino, the decree has already been signed. We want to make such a program there - for the development of harmonious, talented, versatile personalities. Not only for the Armed Forces, but also for civilian spheres of activity.