How do Christian necrophiles hide from crime?
How do Christian necrophiles hide from crime?

What relation to Russia can biblical stories have, written about completely different characters, on completely different lands? Of course, the biblical texts have nothing to do with Russia …

Religious structures, or those that pretend to be them without the slightest legal and factual justification, have a bad feature. They regularly organize squabbles “out of nothing”, trying to reap an emotional harvest even from that part of the population who lives according to the well-known principle “I, as a normal person, do not go to church”.

The richness of these "religious" wars, on a superficial analysis, is striking in its level, which is "below the plinth." But since the bulk of the population is not capable of even a superficial analysis of the phenomena, these internal corporate squabbles do not bring their initiators the consequences they deserve.

Although, when mentioning such ambitious and influential structures as the Russian Orthodox Church, the analysis should begin not with the topics declared by the subject, but with finding out what these structures are in essence, and how much their declared functionality and content correspond to the actual one.

And although even a superficial analysis of the ROC is enough to reveal a total inconsistency of everything that is possible, it is the fundamental factors that are always taken away from public discussion. Instead of them, insignificant or completely insignificant factors are proposed for discussion. And this despite the fact that during the initial analysis eerie facts emerge - neither "Russian", nor "Orthodox", nor "Christian" a certain "ROC" has absolutely no reason to be called!

Well, what relation to Russia can biblical stories have, written about completely different characters, on completely different lands? Of course, the biblical texts have nothing to do with Russia, and even the most fanatical supporters of what has been called "Russian Orthodox Christianity" cannot deny this.

So if they were honest with themselves, they would call themselves the Palestinian Church. But certainly not Russian! But under their real name, the Palestinian legends are not needed by the Russian people for nothing. Therefore, these wolves had to try on sheep skins.

Such an interesting "Russian" religion. So "Russian" that the organization corresponding to it was called the "Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society" from the very beginning. Because religion is actually “Palestinian”. And to pass off the Palestinian religion as Russian is the height of hypocrisy.

The second factor: the Russian religion has always been associated with other gods - Svarog, Perun, Svetovit, but not with the Palestinian gods Jehovah, Sabaoth and the Lord. However, such "trifles" of the present admirers of foreign gods do not bother at all!

The banner-bearers have many times demonstrated their readiness to defend the Palestinian gods to the last drop of Russian blood. So religion is a weapon. An effective information weapon that is actively soldering the Russian people. And forcing to fall into civil strife.

So, the so-called "Russianness" of the ROC has been sorted out. And what is Christian in it? Nothing! There is one hundred percent Peacock! And not only in the content of the New Testament, but also in the rituals carried out.

In the Gospels, you will not find rituals on the "antimension" - simply because they have nothing to do with Christianity! Absolute necrophilia impersonates "Christianity" - to avoid criminal liability for necrophilia

For just try to do the same with the remains of the dead not under the brand of "Christianity", you will not only fall under criminal prosecution, but you will also be left without followers

After all, normal people will not do such terrible things. But as soon as the performers of the rituals on the "antimension" pass themselves off as "Russian Orthodox Christianity", the people are disarmed before the information aggression.this.

The ROC has no more reasons to be called "Christian" than Russian. Even the great Russian thinker Leo Tolstoy warned the people that he was faced with a substitution of religion, and was "excommunicated" for this. However, the courageous warning of the great man remains beyond the people's awareness of this event.

But if the New Testament is composed almost exclusively of the epistles of Saul-“Paul”, and almost all the Gospels are called “apocryphal” and are considered unworthy of being included in the Bible, then how can THIS religion be called “Christianity”?

In terms of content, this is unambiguous, without options, peacock.The Russian writer drew the attention of the people to this most obvious thing.


However, the rulers of the information space manipulatively extract fundamental topics from the discussion, while constantly introducing completely useless ones. The type of internal strife, mired in self-interest and impunity of structures. Well, what's the difference who owns the parishes today, if there instead of the declared divine rituals are rituals of necrophilia carried out?

After all, it is not hidden that an absolute condition for carrying out "Christian" rituals is the presence of the so-called. "Antimension" - the bones of the dead! In fact, we are definitely dealing with the rituals of necrophilia.

And instead of criminal prosecution of this sheer horror, we have the patronage of an allegedly secular state, just because obvious acts of necrophilia are absolutely groundlessly covered by the names of "Orthodoxy" and "Christianity", although they have nothing to do with either.

The fourth question: on what basis do such structures as the ROC and the like pretend to be religious organizations? After all, this requires such a factor as contact with God. And if there is such a contact, and its presence and content is concealed from the flock, it is a religious crime. And if he is not there, then all these robed robes are ordinary swindlers.

Cargo cult. But no one realizes this simple and most obvious thing. And does not bring scammers to justice. To legal responsibility!

I repeat, in view of the importance of the topic, a religious organization must have a valid contact with God. Without it, it is the standard company "Horns and Hooves" of the same Ostap Bender, and nothing else.

What is claimed as a justification for religions, as supposedly "contacts in ancient times", may be interesting only for persons with a "lowered conceptual apparatus." Which, and are the basis for the existence of the discussed structures. But which must be excluded from any decision-making.

What can be said about this - the population, with whom it is possible to carry out multi-layered manipulations of such a scale, can in no way pretend to be reasonable. And accordingly, its fate will not be determined by it itself, but by other beings who have at their disposal the technologies necessary for this.

In any case, the head of state should calculate such openly manipulative technologies in seconds and resist them, and not brag to the electorate about having an “Orthodox” “confessor”

If we conduct a discussion within the framework of the topics declared by religious figures, then the main question is whether what if fanar claims the right to distribute tomos to local churches, then for this he is obliged to present publicly his tomos, issued by the very founder of the religion Jesus Christ.

Without it, the Phanar mummers are common fraudsters and should be brought to the first civil court for large-scale fraud

But this "gin from a bottle" is capable of swallowing up not only the Church of Constantinople.

Therefore, the priests prefer not to lay out the main argument for general discussion. Seriously inviting the population and flock to discuss their internal squabbles at the level - “It was my sandbox”! And in no case should you think about global issues, which will inevitably end with the sacramental: "And the king is naked!"

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