From July 1, a new passport will be issued with coded information of the owners
From July 1, a new passport will be issued with coded information of the owners

It becomes finally clear why the coronavirus-digital bacchanalia is being diligently played out in front of us these months. Independent analysts and patriotic public organizations made their conclusions long ago - and here is another confirmation of them. The Ministry of Digital Development announced the preparation of an experiment on obtaining public services to citizens through an irreplaceable personal QR code and the Mobile Identifier application.

In fact, from July 1 of this year. on the territory of Moscow, the issuance of electronic passports and a personal identifier number to citizens is announced, which will be read in the format of a QR code - it will be used to determine the personality of a person and all his interaction with the state (and not with living people - officials, but with the global electronic system). This is a direct and prompt implementation of plans to introduce electronic passports and pass-through identifiers (numbers) of citizens, which have long been announced by the loyal servants of liberal-globalists in all echelons of the Russian government, as well as in the Central Bank and shadow management structures such as the Digital Economy ANO.

It is necessary to point out the long-term prelude to changes in the life of each of us. All these measures are first implemented through Government Decisions. That is, not even through the law, which must go through a public procedure for adoption and the mandatory stages of coordination with federal executive authorities, including the security forces, as well as the President. Although we are talking about the introduction of a new method of identification throughout the country (at this stage - a type of voluntary and only for residents of Moscow) - electronic, and the assignment of a person to a life-long non-replaceable number, by which the system will identify and interact with him.

We have been taught for many, many years to interact with the state in the “one window” mode, and then to transfer it to a remote electronic format. After the introduction of MFCs throughout the country, which provide us with public services only after written consent to the processing of personal data, after the launch of the Unified identification and authentication system, the portal of public services and a unified biometric system, the authorities started talking about the imminent introduction of electronic passports of the "new generation". Based on the UEC project (Universal Electronic Card of a Russian) and similar ID-passports with a built-in microchip of a single standard issued today to citizens of the whole world, which has failed miserably throughout the country, it would be expected that Russians will be transferred to biometric certificates in the form of plastic cards " banking "format …

Back in July 2019, the now ex-Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, at a meeting on the introduction of an electronic identity card, said that Russia

“Should switch to digital passports by 2024, but during the meeting there was a proposal to introduce an electronic document two years earlier. Obviously, we can really move away from paper passports faster. There is a proposal to do this two years earlier than originally planned, that is, somewhere in 2023. And two years earlier than the initial deadline, replace paper passports with electronic ones,”Medvedev said at the time.

To whom exactly Russia "owes", Medvedev did not specify.

According to Medvedev, “There is not much time left and now it is necessary to decide on the basic parameters of an electronic passport.In particular, it is necessary to indicate what is the optimal type of this document, what it should contain and how it will be protected. If we translate all of our personal data into numbers, we are obliged to ensure that they are protected in the most reliable way from hacking and, moreover, manipulation with them."

At the same meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov spoke, saying that the issuance of digital documents would begin in July 2020, and paper passports would cease to be issued in 2022. The pilot project will be … who would doubt it - Moscow. In addition, at the same Medvedev event in Gorki, the creation of a single information resource about Russians - EFIR was approved, a bill on which should soon be considered by the Federation Council, and then signed by the President, and which the conservative public demands to reject.

As you can see, the Government of the Russian Federation can be called "ours" very conditionally - from the change of people in the chairs, the manuals lowered to these talking heads from "respected partners" do not change at all. Therefore, the Mishustin appeal of the "digital special forces" continues to operate strictly according to the previously approved plan.

In principle, in the Ministry of Digital Development everything was tested back in October 2019, when the department developed and posted on the state portal of normative legal acts a draft Decree of the President of the Russian Federation, according to which the Government receives broad powers to determine the form and content of the main document of a citizen of Russia, and the Moscow authorities are starting a large-scale experiment on issuing e-passports at the MFC in March-July 2020. In the document that remained a draft, although it passed all stages of preliminary consideration, the passport mobile application was to be implemented in the capital as part of the same “experiment "From March 1, 2020, and from July 1, 2020, a new passport in the form of a" material carrier "with a chip should have been issued. Public organizations, in particular, the Committee for the Protection of Personal Data, in the conclusions of independent lawyers already then directly characterized this document as anti-constitutional, anti-people, posing a threat to personal and national security.

As you can see, the Russian would-be executors of the will of globalists are running out of time, and now the same Ministry of Digital Industry is preparing a Government Resolution, according to which a similar experiment will start in Moscow from July 1, 2020 to December 31, 2021. And the application called "Mobile ID" should be developed by December 1, 2020 - from that moment on, citizens will be able to activate it and become experimental - on a voluntary basis. This is reported in the press service of the department, but it is already completely clear that on December 31, 2021, this experiment will not be curtailed or rejected under any circumstances - unless, of course, the people force Putin to disperse the Mishustin government and abandon the current digital communication as the main direction domestic policy. If Medvedev at that memorable meeting said that by 2024 citizens should forget about all paper documents - this experiment will expand to the whole country.

And one more important note - it would seem, what does the coronavirus have to do with its applications and the organization of total and mocking surveillance of those in "quarantine", why is there a regime of electronic passes with QR codes introduced in many regions of Russia? Of course, no one forcibly tested these technologies on us, did not force us to get used to the "new normalcy", "this is all conspiracy theories," many skeptics-materialists will say. But here is what he said literally on May 26 of this year. on this occasion, Minister of Digital Development Maksut Shadayev:

“The technology, which has been worked out within the framework of digital passes, makes it possible to expect that it is possible to launch a mobile application, which will become an addition to a paper passport and will make it possible to miss a document in 9 out of 10 cases.

The application will work by analogy with a mobile payment system. Upon request, it will be possible to show a QR code, it is read - and the data will go to the information system …"

Are there any doubts that the technology of the corral into the electronic stall was purposefully practiced on us? No, of course, these plans would begin to be implemented without the coronavirus, but how come it came to be for all digitizers, vaccinators, globalizers. As the rector of the Higher School of Economics, Yaroslav Kuzminov, actually directly said, if there were no coronavirus, it would be worth inventing!

But back to the actual news about the plans of Shadayev's office and the Moscow City Hall:

“The Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications envisages an experiment on the use of the Mobile Identifier application (and an irreplaceable personal QR code-identifier that is generated in the MFC when installing the application!) On the territory of Moscow instead of a passport when providing certain state, municipal and other services. To carry out the experiment, a Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation will be developed, which will spell out the procedure for conducting a pilot project,”the press service of the department said.

But that's not all. According to the information that a number of media outlets managed to glean from the draft Decree from the Ministry of Finance, which had been hanging for only a couple of hours on the government portal of the NLA, in order to use the application as a passport, it is necessary to have a confirmed citizen's account in the Unified Information System, i.e. have a verified account on the public services portal (for verification, you must also indicate your SNILS on public services).

The procedure for the digital experiment on us is as follows: citizens from 18 years old who are registered at the place of residence or stay in Moscow and have a passport can take part in it. To receive and activate a mobile application, a citizen must contact one of the pilot multifunctional centers. Together with the application for activating the application on the day of contacting the pilot MFC, the citizen also provides his passport, signs the CONSENT TO PROCESSING PD, provides HIS BIOMETRIC DATA using cryptocabin located in the pilot MFC - complexes for receiving documents, processing, including collecting and storing, transferring and verification of personal, including biometric, data of citizens.

Yes, yes, it will be a biometric passport, so you will have to hand over your biometrics to the state and this application. If the system does not receive a detailed photo of your face, so as not to let you out of sight in the future, then the pass to the "digital paradise" will be closed for you. And note that the description of the registration algorithm in the unified system of recipients of the "mobile identifier" from the Ministry of Digital Science completely coincides with that in the stories of federal TV channels, which several months ago in paints talked about obtaining electronic passports in the Moscow MFC.

After authorization in the mobile application, the employee of the pilot MFC sends the citizen a receipt for the application, which will contain a QR code, which, together with biometric data, will be required to activate the application. The citizen will subsequently SUBMIT this QR code FOR CONFIRMATION OF HIS PERSONALITY, according to a RBC source close to one of the participants in the experiment. The mobile application can be used both for personal and remote access for the provision of state, municipal and OTHER services as part of the experiment. The validity period of the activation of the mobile application corresponds to the validity period of the passport.

As you can see, there is a direct violation of Article 19 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation "Name of a Citizen":

"A citizen acquires and exercises rights and obligations under his own name, including his surname and his own name …"

The dream of the globalists is very close to being realized. By the way, it is detailed in the transnational project ID2020, supported by the UN within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals and funded by Microsoft, the Rockefeller Foundation, the GAVI International Vaccinators Alliance, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and other no less remarkable structures - assigning a compact “digital identifier” to everyone on Earth »With full entry of personal data into the global database and the ability to exercise their basic (economic, social, etc.) human rights only after receiving an ID.

No less interesting is the wording - when applying for “remote receipt of OTHER services”.Obviously, upon receiving a personal number encrypted in a QR code, a citizen will interact not only with the state, but also with private companies. After all, it is reported that “among the participants in the experiment, in addition to the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications and the Government of Moscow - the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Federal Security Service, the MFC of Moscow, as well as Rostelecom, ANO Tsifrovaya ekonomika (which includes the largest IT companies in Russia) and OTHER legal entities-volunteers ".

At the same time, RBC informs that pilot participants will be able to buy, by presenting the QR code from the phone screen, not only alcohol, but also, for example, air and train tickets for domestic flights, register for them, purchase a car or even conclude an employment contract and register as an individual entrepreneur. If we are talking about purchases, and even serious ones, like a car, therefore, the application will actively interact with banking electronic payment services. So much for you and practically UEC in one bottle in your smartphone - and it will be possible to buy and sell only if you have a "mobile identifier". Not right tomorrow, of course.

The following description of the features of the application, which is given by the Ministry of Digital Security, is also noteworthy:

“Blocking of an application can occur in cases of loss, replacement, theft of a smartphone with an installed and activated application, detection of the facts of activation or use of a mobile application without the consent of a citizen, loss or replacement of a passport (! - that is, legally, this application is an electronic passport of a citizen - editor's note), identification of illegal actions carried out using a mobile application, and in OTHER (!) CASES”.

That is, in what cases it will be up to the Government to decide in what cases a citizen of the Russian Federation should "block" his identity card and close his access to all electronic state, municipal and OTHER services. Recall that today no one has the right to take away from a citizen of the Russian Federation a paper passport, which is his property.

When Mr. Medvedev, while still prime minister, talked about the type of carrier for an electronic passport, he pointed out that "personal data should be most reliably protected from hacking and manipulation." And now we are faced with a fact - all the functions of a passport and, accordingly, remote personal interaction with the state will be available in an application for a smartphone. In a device that is almost 100% foreign hardware, which works in accordance with 100% foreign pre-installed software. The application format itself is absolutely vulnerable to any hackers and intruders. Yes, even if they just pull the phone out of the pocket of a citizen - what window of opportunity for manipulating his "electronic passport" appears immediately. As well as the open transmission of key personal data over unsecured mobile networks … How does all this compare to a traditional document?

The further plans of the executors of the will of the globalists are still a mystery. The Ministry of Digital Science does not say anything about the need for the subsequent introduction of a "material carrier with a chip", which was envisaged in the above draft Presidential Decree already in July 2020. In principle, having access to all our PD and biometrics, it is enough for the system to give us a "concentration camp" personal number -identifier - this is quite enough for us to carry out any significant actions. On the other hand, plastic cards with chips are being actively introduced all over the world - still separate from the human body, so that soon we may be directed along this path.

In the near future, experts and activists of public organizations that are not indifferent to national security, sovereignty of Russia, as well as personal constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens, will prepare conclusions on this initiative of the Government.And along with it - petitions, protest statements, and - after the removal of the murky "high alert" - public protest actions. The Katyusha editors are convinced that the Russian and other indigenous peoples of the country have not lost their spirit of victors and will not surrender their fate, along with the fate of their Motherland, to the mercy of the world electronic government. Our history, our culture, our traditional spiritual and moral values ​​in themselves remain a huge obstacle to the totalitarian power of the "owners of money" - and in the event of their complete triumph, they will hardly stand on ceremony with us.

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