Times and customs
Times and customs

1. Petya launches a glider in the yard. Having flown 50 meters, he hits the back of Vasya's head. Vasya falls to the ground in surprise, staining his new jacket.

1978 year. Vasin's dad reprimands his son for carelessness and awkwardness. Petya ran up and apologizes and says that everything happened by accident. Vasya shakes himself off. Everyone is watching the glider together.

After 40 years. Vasya's dad demands compensation for material damage from Petya's dad, otherwise threatening to report to the police about the fact of violation of the Air Code of the Russian Federation, which prohibits flights of any aircraft weighing more than 250 g without registration and notification.

2. Lyosha brought to school a rusty rifle barrel, found in the summer during a hike with his dad in the places where the battles of the Great Patriotic War took place.

1978 year. The rifle is sent to the school's Museum of Military Glory. Lyosha and dad are invited to spend a "class hour" about the places they traveled to and the events that took place there. The Druzhina Council and the Komsomol Committee are considering the idea of ​​a school-wide trip to the battlefield.

After 40 years. The barrel is removed. Lyosha's dad is prosecuted under Art. 222 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation for illegal possession of weapons.

3. Maria Ivanovna invites her class to come to school in the evening to help clean the classroom.

1978 year. Children come, take mops, buckets, rags, wash the classroom and the nearest section of the corridor at the same time, water the flowers, wipe the dirt off the walls. Then they go to Vanya's place to drink tea, read the latest issue of Technics-Youth and watch the new model of the aircraft.

After 40 years. Outraged parents go to the principal and complain about the illegality of involving children in cleaning the school. Maria Ivanovna, at best, gets a warning.

4. December. Snow falls. At recess, children run out into the schoolyard and play snowballs. They hit the windows several times, but the glass is intact.

1978 year. The head teacher opens the teacher's room window and warns the courtyard that "one more hit - and everyone will receive comments in the diary!" The children turn around and throw themselves in a different direction. After recess, wet and happy, they return to class, latecomers receive comments. Life goes on.

After 40 years. The guard locks the front door with a key, not letting anyone out. Children sit on benches, buried in gadgets. Safety and order are guaranteed.

5. Pasha in physical education class, jumping over the "goat", lands unsuccessfully and stretches the ankle ligaments.

1978 year. Comrades help Pasha get to the school doctor's office, who provides first aid. Pasha's technical error during the exercise is analyzed by the teacher together with the class. A month later, Pasha again plays football in the yard and jumps over the "goat", no longer repeating mistakes.

After 40 years. Pasha stumbles home alone - for the school doctor has long been replaced by a "psychologist". Parents are writing an application to the court against the physical education teacher. The lawyer advises Pasha's parents to find a doctor they know and take “retroactively” a certificate that the child has a complete list of chronic diseases. The court awards pecuniary compensation. Teachers are fired. "Out of harm's way" jumping and acrobatics are removed from the physical education program. Democratic bloggers are campaigning for a complete abolition of school gymnastics.

6. In the previous example, we change the name of the boy, physical education for work, "goat" with a chisel, and an extended ankle with a cut toe.The years can be left unchanged.

7. Seryozha, returning home after boxing training at a children's and youth sports school, in the courtyard sees a sixth-grader Andrei pushing a second-grader to the wall and "shaking him to a trifle." Seryozha clearly explains to Andrey that he is wrong. Andrey has to agree.

1978 year. Fight understands the school. Andrei is warned that the next such incident will end for him with registration in the police room. Andreev's dad in the evening communicates with his offspring "behind closed doors", after which, for some reason, the next day Andrei is not very comfortable to sit at his desk. Seryozha is taken as an example, as one who stood up for a weaker one.

After 40 years. For a bruise on Andrei's body, Seryozha's parents are threatened with a lawsuit. Seryozha himself is warned that if he were an adult, he would go under the articles on inflicting bodily harm and libel, since "none of the elders has seen and cannot confirm Andrey's actions." The next day, Andrei, realizing his own infallibility, goes out to continue his "craft".

8. Zhenya, running past the cleaning lady, stumbled on a wet rag, which led to a verbal skirmish.

1978 year. For insulting an elderly woman, Zhenya is taken apart at a "class hour" in the presence of her parents and forced to publicly apologize.

After 40 years. Parents not only refuse to take any measures of influence against their Wife, but also declare that the child suffered psychological trauma. And the cleaning lady herself should be more attentive.

9. Several desks loosened in the classroom

1978 year. At the parent meeting, Pope Vasya, Petit and Sasha volunteer to fix them on the next Saturday. A few hours of work - and everyone is happy.

After 40 years. The class teacher announces the need for everyone to "chip off" for repairs. Parents of those children whose desks are in order refuse to pay, believing that "they are not obliged to help other people's children." The parents of the remaining children also refuse to pay, believing that "either we invest everything - or no one invests." After the meeting, which ended with a good squabble, dad Marik says that the school is extorting funds and offers to write a statement to the prosecutor's office.

10. Igor put together a copper pipe, an iron nail, an airplane rubber band, and something flammable. Tests are carried out in the yard behind the garages.

1978 year. A flock of pigeons scatters in horror on the roofs, the grandmothers on the bench grab the validol. Janitor Uncle Fedya - for the broom. Igor is collectively explained that he scared everyone and that he put himself and those around him in danger.

After 40 years. Car alarms are shouting in the yard. The fleeing car owners call the police. Igor is saved from an article for making explosives only by his minority. On the site where Igor read the ancient recipe for "scarecrow", an application is submitted to Rospotrebnadzor.

How close are these analogies to reality?

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