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American companies supported Hitler in the war
American companies supported Hitler in the war

Video: American companies supported Hitler in the war

Video: American companies supported Hitler in the war
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When we worked on a series of articles about Lend-Lease, periodically there were facts that you simply refuse to believe. A country that is one of the victors of fascism, a country that supplied weapons and equipment to the allies (and good equipment!) To fight Hitler and his army, a country to which we are grateful for the supply of many things necessary for the war, helped our enemies to beat us.

A completely different lend-lease. Conscience versus money

It's a paradox, isn't it? But, alas, the fact is obvious. Let's talk about it.

Here, you know, you will involuntarily remember 300% of the profits from Capital, for which the capitalist will commit any crime, any meanness. Money doesn't smell. And a lot of money, even obtained through a crime, for some people smells like a wonderful perfume from Coco Chanel.

Maybe that's why the United States emerged victorious from that war? Not the victors of fascism, but those who received the greatest dividends from the common victory. While Europe and the USSR were crushing Germany, losing material and human resources, destroying cities and towns, the United States "made money."

They "made money" in order to enslave Europe with the same money. Both the defeated and the winners. Today we can confidently say that yes, it worked.

Very often the question arises: how are American companies connected with the Nazis? How can you make money when the “visible part of the iceberg”, what an inexperienced man in the street sees, is in no way interconnected with another? Where is the mechanism through which the connection between American companies and Nazi Germany was carried out?

As V. I. Lenin wrote: "There is such a party!" Moreover, no one hides the role that this "party" played during the Second World War. This instrument is called the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). This bank was created in 1930, the founders are the Central banks of five European countries. Great Britain, France, Belgium, Italy, Germany.

The goals of this bank were the most peaceful and progressive. Facilitation of international settlements and cooperation between the central banks of the leading world powers. By the way, the IMF, widely known today, carries out only part of the functions that the BIS performed at that time.

We look further. The connection is not visible yet. The American Central Bank is not among the co-founders. But, on the other hand, there are already three private American banks. Three! There is another private Japanese bank. So there was a connection. Where officially state central banks operated, private banks were introduced. The United States seems to be out of business.

A story about how this mechanism works is below. In the meantime, one small, but interesting and terrifying fact. A fact that is not customary to talk about today. It seems that this was not the case.

Remember the horrifying newsreels from Nazi concentration camps, when they show the warehouses of gold items taken from prisoners, torn gold crowns and other things?

Remember the footage of the export of gold from apartments, museums, collections to Germany? And where did all this go after the defeat of Germany? Where is the gold from the corpses? Where is the gold of the Reich, obtained in such an inhuman way?


The answer, albeit in part, can be found in the archives of Germany.

Beginning in 1942, the Reishbank began to melt gold into bars weighing 20 kilograms each. Thus, dental crowns and become ingots. And it was these bars that the Reichsbank deposited with the BIS.

Even the amount for which such investments were made is known. Knowing the exchange rate of gold during this period, you can calculate the amount of gold. $ 378 million! Those dollars, not today's bills. And this gold went somewhere through the International Bank of Settlements.

By the way, there is one more nuance, which bankers are just as shyly silent about. Where did the gold of the countries conquered by Hitler go? It is clear that part of the gold reserves were kept in their own vaults. The fate of this gold can be guessed at. And those reserves that were on the territory of other states? Hitler could not reach them.

Bankers of the conquered countries and officials of these countries transferred funds to Western banks. And they transferred it … through the BIS. Funds were transferred and disappeared. Already emerged in the accounts of the Reichsbank. By the way, this was a shock for European bankers. This is not accepted among those who work with finances.

So, we have identified the relationship between German financiers and American banks. Now a little texture. They don't just pay money. Especially genetically pedantic Germans. The Germans pay for the goods. The Germans do not possess the "breadth of soul" of Russians who forgive debts. They counted, they count and they will count.

It is no secret that the West was preparing Hitler for the role of "Stalin's killer." The task was set extremely simple - to destroy Soviet Russia. Destroy the USSR and the communist idea. Hence the excellent relations of the fascists with European politicians, with financiers, with industrialists. The Americans had exactly the same attitude.

An excellent example of love for fascism was shown, for example, by Henry Ford. The same automobile tycoon, whose cars fought in almost all allied armies, was awarded the highest fascist order for foreigners - the Order of Merit of the German Eagle on July 30, 1938! Ford did not remain in debt.


German Ambassador to the United States presents the Order to Ford

By the way, a little about the award itself. The Order of Merit of the German Eagle is a rare award.


Moreover, this order was not the standard decoration of the Reich. In general, this is a fascist party award, invented to award Mussolini. And they were awarded this order not for specific actions, but for their attitude to the fascist regime.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, America's People's Hero, the first to fly across the Atlantic, Charles Lindbergh, was the second (and last) American to be awarded the order. We will not talk about Lindbergh's fanatical admiration for Hitler, since any groveling is disgusting.


Lindbergh and Goering at Karenhall


Order-bearers Ford and Lindbergh

And one more digression, concerning specifically Henry Ford. Those who have carefully read Hitler's My Struggle will remember very well that the only foreigner mentioned there in a positive way was Henry Ford. A photograph of this American industrialist was in the Munich residence of Hitler.

The American financial and industrial elite actively contributed to the revival of the German army after Hitler came to power. The huge investments of the Americans became, in the main, the catalyst for the revival of German militarism.

True, already in 1942 the Germans "squeezed the throat" of the Americans on their own soil. The enterprises came under the control of the German state. And the Americans themselves began to understand that the blitzkrieg did not work out. It was necessary to “wash off” fascism. Therefore, they demonstrated their loyalty to the government very actively.

Here are some examples of American duplicity. "Nothing personal, just business" in action.

Let's start with the already mentioned Ford. In 1940, mind you, before the transfer to the control of the Germans, but already during the Second World War, Ford factories in Europe (Germany, Belgium, France) collected 65,000 trucks for the Wehrmacht! The Ford subsidiary in Switzerland repaired thousands of German trucks. And what, the Swiss are neutral, with the same success, probably could have repaired GAZ too …


By the way, in the same place, in Switzerland, another American auto giant, General Motors, also repaired German trucks. True, this company received its main income from the shares of Opel, of which it was the largest shareholder.

You can write a separate article about the combat and labor exploits of Opel. Without reproach, simply stating the fact that the American corporation General Motors, owned by the DuPont family, has been in control of Opel since 1929 to this day.


Dupons are generally handsome, no less than their company fought on the side of Germany. A supporter and admirer of Hitler's ideas, Alfred Dupont created the cells of the National Socialist (consider fascist) party in the United States. So to speak, he helped Germany ideologically. Well, not ideologically, but in deed, the factories of the Du Pont corporation in Germany, where everything was not produced, helped. Well, in general, in fact, peaceful products were not produced. Although Lammot Dupont was quite normal for himself, he worked as a member of the Advisory Committee of the Chemical Forces of the US War Department and was involved in supplying the American army.

In North Africa, German General Rommel had his "own" production of trucks and armored vehicles. This technique did not come to Rommel from Europe, but was assembled directly in Africa at the branch of the Ford plant in Algeria.

Even the trucks used by the Wehrmacht in the USSR were Fords. True, for some reason we often talk about French production. Yes, five-cars and cars were produced in France, but the factories belonged to an American.

We paid a lot of attention to Ford. However, this company is far from the most active and the most shameless. Just compare the numbers of investments in the German economy.

Ford - $ 17.5 million.

Standard Oil of New Jersey (now Exxon Mobil Corporation) - $ 120 million.

General Motors - $ 35 million.

ITT - $ 30 million.

Even such a closed German project as the creation of the V-rocket was not without American participation. ITT businessmen distinguished themselves here. Specialists in telephones and telegraphs not only supplied the fascists with calculating machines, telephones and other means of communication (including special communications), but also with aggregates and components for Fau missiles.

By the way, for those who are interested in the price of American conscience, let us inform you that ITT's conscience was quite expensive and was expressed in an increase in the company's capital three (!) Times during the war.

As you can see, Marx's thesis of 300% is correct.

Remember the famous movie "Seventeen Moments of Spring"? Remember who directly reported to SS Standartenfuehrer Max Otto von Stirlitz? Brigadeführer SS, chief of the foreign intelligence of the security service (SD-Ausland-VI department of the RSHA) Walter Friedrich Schellenberg.

So, to all the positions held by this German general, one more should be added. He was a member of the board of directors of the American company ITT! More precisely, one of the members. Together with him, there was another SS Brigadeführer - Kurt von Schroeder. The banker who has financed the fascists since the movement was founded. President of the Rhineland Chamber of Industry.

Do not think that in the United States someone is hiding their collaboration with the Nazis. What for? Money doesn't smell. And the measure of the American's success was, is and will be his bank account. In 1983, the American writer Charles Hiam published the documentary book "Trade with the Enemy." It was released in the USSR in 1985. Reprinted in Russia in 2017 under the title "Business Brotherhood".

It documents confirmed facts of cooperation with the enemies of the United States of many clans from the American business elite - the Rockefellers, Morgan and others.

“In Germany, it was not German, but American businessmen who interfered with us. Those who hindered us acted from the United States, but did not act openly. It was not a law approved by Congress, an order from the President of the United States, or a decision by the President or any member of the cabinet to change political course that hindered us.

In short, it was not the “government” that was formally interfering with us. But the force that hindered us, as is quite clear, held in their hands the levers with which governments usually operate. In the face of growing economic power, governments are relatively powerless, and this is certainly not new."

It is always unpleasant to talk about betrayal and abomination. It's like digging in a dung heap. No matter how carefully you stir up this pile, amber, and pieces of manure, will always have a place to be. You can continue to talk, for example, about "Standard Oil", which openly refueled German submarines in neutral bases and supplied fuel to the same North Africa.

And in Germany itself, Standard Oil did not sit as an observer, but concluded a contract through British intermediaries with the famous German chemical concern I. G. Farbenidustri for the production of aviation gasoline in Germany.

But few people know that “I. G. Farbenidustri "since 1929 has been controlled by the same" Standard Oil ", which profitably bought shares of a German company during the crisis of the 1920s in Germany.

So “I. G. Farbenidustri "financed Hitler's party with one hand (and they could not help knowing this overseas, there was not a stream of money, but quite a river), and with the other, she honestly paid on shares to the owners, for example, for" Cyclone-B " people were poisoned in the camps.


By the way, it is a fact, but during the Second World War not a single Standard Oil tanker was sunk by German submarines.

Is it surprising? Outraged? Shocking?

Come on … On December 11, 1941, the United States officially entered World War II, and what about American corporations quit working with foreign missions?

Well, of course. It was bloody Stalin who drove echelons with grain to Germany on the night of June 22, while the coal himself was poking around. And the Americans are not like that.

So, war is war, but NOT ONE branch of ANY American company in Germany, Italy and (!) Japan was closed!

And no one yelled about betrayal, by the way. No betrayal. It was only necessary to apply for special permission to carry out economic activities with companies under the control of the Nazis or their allies. And that's it! Can you imagine?

The decree of US President Roosevelt of December 13, 1941 allowed such transactions, doing business with enemy companies, unless … the US Treasury Department imposed a special ban.

And it didn't usually impose. Business is sacred. Free business is the backbone of America. So yes, to whom the war, and to whom the mother is dear.

I would like to end the material with the words of the former President of the Reich Bank of the Reich, Hjalmar Schacht, which were said in an interview with an American lawyer: "If you want to indict the industrialists who helped rearm Germany, then you must indict yourself."


Hitler and his wallet Schacht

By the way, Schacht was acquitted. Which is not surprising, is it?

A necessary afterword.

Memory is a very vile and selective thing. But we do not just have to, we have to remember everything.

And the way guys from Cornwall and Texas spat in the face of German pilots from "Erlikons" and hugged the icy waves of the northern seas along with ships that were carrying tanks and aircraft that the Red Army needed so much.


We are sure - collected by no less hardworking guys from Detroit, Indianapolis, Hartford and Buffalo.


But together with them, we must know and remember those who did not care what the money earned smelled like.

For balance. Because the lot of any people will be the presence of both unscrupulous scoundrels and people with an open mind. And it's a shame that we live in times when the former clearly dominate the latter.