Why was the secret temple built under the Great Sphinx?
Why was the secret temple built under the Great Sphinx?

Egypt is a country with a very mysterious history, including who actually built the pyramids and its most famous landmark - the Sphinx. For a long time, there are legends that under the statue of the sphinx there are secret underground structures and there is even a prophecy that when people enter these secret chambers, the Apocalypse will come.

Above you can look at the old engraving, which prompted me to touch on this topic. On it you can see the sphinx not only its upper part, but also its lower one!

The story of the origin of the Great Sphinx at Giza is itself a great mystery. Do you know there is a hole in the sphinx's head? However, I will now tell you about its origin. But there are only rumors that there are secret rooms under it, but there are documentary historical sources that prove that there really are underground structures there!

Moreover, this secret temple located under the Sphinx is connected by an underground tunnel with the Great Pyramid on the Giza plateau.

I found a scanned old book called "Research Conducted in the Pyramids of Giza in 1837" by Howard Weiss and information about the secret chambers is partially present on two stone steles that were created by Ramses the Great around 1200 BC. e.

Once these steles stood in front of the Sphinx, but were removed in the 19th century and taken to the Louvre, where they remain today. The third stele still stands at the foot of the Sphinx.

Howard Weiss was an archaeologist and explorer of the pyramids and sphinxes. Though his methods were radical, he used explosives to punch holes in various ancient monuments in the 1840s to see what was inside them.

It was he who, using an explosion method, made a hole in the back behind the head of the stutui. After the hole was made, he used a large drill, but soon he ran into an insurmountable obstacle. He put another charge of gunpowder, but the explosion could not break through this mysterious barrier and free the stuck drill. He could not get it back out. I found a description of these barbaric archaeological investigations in Weiss's book.

"At the top of the platform is the Sphinx, with Ramses the Great beside him on a stele giving an offering. The Sphinx sits on top of what looks like a doorway. There is also a doorway under the Sphinx on the stele that supports it."

By the way, the drill itself stuck in the head of the Sphinx for many years and was removed from it only in 1978 by Zahi Hawass (archaeologist and minister for antiquities of Egypt), who discovered that the drill had reached a cavity containing part of the Sphinx's headdress.

In his book, Weiss also writes that French engineers found a door in front of the Sphinx, but could not break it, although they tried. In the end, the sphinx was again covered with sand, hiding its underground part.

Hawass found a passage under the Sphinx, but he considered that the same restless Weiss had made this passage, pierced in a solid rock mass, and did not begin to explore it. At least he said so then, but it is interesting that Hawass, being the Minister of Antiquities, in every possible way prevented any excavations in the lower part of the Sphinx.

Two steles taken to the Louvre Museum are of great interest, since one of them clearly shows the diagram of the entire sculpture of the Sphinx, including the underground rooms located under it.

Zahi Hawass is still a leading Egyptian archaeologist and can help both gain access to the second stele and give archaeologists permission to remove the sand at the base of the sculpture in order to find the very doorway and passage to the interior, but Hawass is categorically against any research.

Of course, it is barbaric to blow up ancient statues, as well as to shoot them with cannons in an attempt to make a hole or expose what is hidden under the stone, but I think it is no less barbaric to prevent the disclosure of the truth …

Although the keeper of antiquities may know something that justifies his desire to leave this secret of the Great Sphinx not revealed, who knows what is hidden under it in secret rooms and maybe the ancient prophecies will turn out to be a reality - "do not wake Dashing while it is quiet."

Although this is not an excuse for hiding this secret, which can lift the veil on our past. Not the one that scientists tell us about, but the one that was in reality …

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