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TOP 10 unusual elevators in the world
TOP 10 unusual elevators in the world

There is no need to tell what an elevator is and what it is intended for. But along with the standard models of elevator cars and the lifts themselves, in residential buildings and various institutions, there are completely unusual specimens, often bordering on real madness.

It is these extreme objects that most of all attract the attention of people, because boring and ordinary booths are tired of order.

1. AquaDom lift in Berlin (Germany)

The AquaDom lift is located inside a giant aquarium (Berlin, Germany)

Those who are looking for a hotel in Berlin should pay attention to the Radisson SAS Hotel just because it has a fantastic elevator that allows you to plunge into the depths of the sea.

It is difficult to imagine such a miracle, so you need to experience it yourself, going up in a transparent elevator through a giant cylindrical aquarium. As befits an aquarium, it is inhabited by many species of beautiful and especially exotic fish, which you just won't see.

Hotel guests go on a diving trip every time they need to take the lift (AquaDom, Berlin)

Interesting fact:The 25 meter reservoir with a diameter of 11 meters is filled with almost 1 million liters of water and has its own ecosystem with carefully selected inhabitants. In total, the aquarium is home to 1, 5 thousand individuals of 56 species of fish, there are also many different plants. To the delight of the elevator passengers, every day you can observe the "amphibian man" who feeds marine life and is engaged in cleaning the aquarium.

2. "Bottomless Elevator" by Andrew Walker at Southside Wandsworth Shopping Center (London, UK)

A frightening illusion in an elevator shocks newcomers (Southside Wandsworth, UK)

Some modern designers are so creative and inventive that they manage to spoil the psyche of visitors, as did the British artist Andrew Walker.

His creation in the form of an elevator car with a gaping hole in the abyss of a mine looks really intimidating, especially for an unknowing person. The 3D illusion created on the transparent floor of the cockpit is so realistic that many simply freeze, not daring to enter it. But if you overcome fear and take the risk of taking a ride in such an elevator, then you can see the working equipment and powerful cables of the elevator, which few have seen live.

Taking a ride in such an elevator is a real test of strength even for extreme lovers

3. Elevator in the Louvre (Paris, France)

The hydraulic lift in the Louvre pyramid is a unique creation of modern engineers (Paris, France)

The Louvre, the largest art museum in the world, needs no introduction, although in addition to the masterpieces of the greatest creators and the interior design, you can endlessly admire … the elevator. It would seem how a trivial engineering object can attract special attention, but do not rush to conclusions, because this is the Louvre.

The hydraulic lift, which does not have the usual shaft and cabin, has also become a curiosity. Silently growing up in the hall of the museum, it really is an enchanting sight. An open area with a panoramic view allows you to raise visitors not only to move to the desired level, but also gives you the opportunity to look into some exhibition halls.

4. Elevator bar on the cruise ship Oasis of the Sea from Royal Caribbean

The world's only lift bar on the Oasis of the Sea cruise ship, where you can sip a couple of glasses or glasses of alcohol

The world's only lift bar on the Oasis of the Sea cruise ship.

Just take a look at how the bar in the panoramic elevator Oasis of the Sea is stocked!

The marine giant Oasis of the Sea, the flagship of the Royal Caribbean company, 5 times the size of the Titanic, became famous not so much for its dimensions, luxurious and comfortable cabins, recreation areas and non-standard entertainment, as for its elevator.

"Tidal Wave", as the unique lift is called, is the only lift-bar in the world. It carries 35 passengers, staff and a fully stocked bar. The elevator moves gradually up and down the cruise ship's atrium. The mobile bar is open throughout the day, providing travelers with one of the unforgettable and pleasant experiences on board, because the trip takes 8 minutes, which means that everyone will have time to taste at least one of the cocktails.

5. Falkirk wheel lift for boats in Scotland

The Falkirk Wheel is a revolving boat lift capable of moving vessels 24 m up / down (Falkirk, Scotland)

The Falkirk Wheel is a revolving boat lift capable of moving vessels 24 m up / down (Falkirk, Scotland).

Although not intended for humans, this elevator is nevertheless a unique piece of engineering genius for moving ships from the Fort Clyde Canal to the Union and vice versa. The Falkirk Wheel is equipped not with the usual cabins, but with caissons for boats to enter.

When ships leaving the canals with a difference of 24 m find themselves in the upper and lower caissons, the wheel is activated, and it slowly changes the positions of the ships, giving them the opportunity to go further to their destination. This process is difficult to imagine, but after watching the video, you can admire the genius of the engineers who developed this miracle for a long time.

6. Globen Skyview elevator at Ericsson Globe Arena (Stockholm, Sweden)

The unique Globen Skyview elevator on the huge hemisphere of the Ericsson Globe Arena is an impressive sight (Stockholm, Sweden)

The unique Globen Skyview elevator on the huge hemisphere of the Ericsson Globe Arena is an impressive sight (Stockholm, Sweden).

The largest hemispherical building in the world, the Ericsson Globe Arena also boasts unique transparent elevators that slide along its outer circumference. The fantastic ride in a gondola, as the elevator car is also called, is an extreme attraction that offers breathtaking views of Stockholm.

Those who venture to travel along the curve of the building are in the elevator for about 20 minutes. Sports competitions, concerts and citywide events are held on the roof of the complex at an altitude of 129 m.

7. Elevador de Santa Justa in Lisbon (Portugal)

Elevador de Santa Justa in 2002

Elevador de Santa Justa was declared a National Monument in 2002 (Lisbon, Portugal).

An unusual elevator in all respects is located in the historic Santa Justa parish of Lisbon and connects not the floors of the building, but two residential areas - low-lying Baixa and high Chiado. Since 1901, from Rua do Ouro you can easily get to the Largo do Carmo square.

An engineering marvel, consisting of a steam lift and two elevator cabins, was designed by Raoul Mesnier du Ponsard in order to facilitate the movement of the townspeople. Since then, the neo-Gothic style cast iron lift has become one of the city's landmarks. The Elevador de Santa Justa elevator attracts not only locals, but also tourists who use it to climb the observation deck with a panoramic view of Lisbon. Over a century of operation, the elevator has been modernized - now it runs on electricity.

8. Lift of the observation tower on the Suur Munamägi mountain in Estonia

The elevator at the top of the highest mountain in the Baltic States has turned into an entertaining attraction

The elevator at the top of the highest mountain in the Baltic States has turned into an entertaining attraction.

Suur Munamägi is the highest mountain not only in Estonia, but also in the Baltic States, it rises 318 meters above sea level and is a natural landmark of the region. The first observation tower, located at its top, appeared more than 200 years ago for military purposes, but over time it turned into an extreme attraction for tourists.

Until 2005, amateurs to test their nerves had to understand the steps to get to the observation deck at the top of the structure. But now you can use the high-speed elevator to fully enjoy the beauty that opens up.

9. Bailong elevator on a cliff in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park (China)

The Bailong elevator is the tallest elevator in the world (China)

The Bailong elevator is the tallest elevator in the world (China).

Transparent two-story elevator car seats 50 people (Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, China)

The transparent two-story elevator car can accommodate 50 people (Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, China).

Everyone knows the passion of the Chinese to create all the "best", and the stunning open elevator Bailong, which translates as "One Hundred Dragons", was no exception. This innovative design did not appear in one of the futuristic skyscrapers, but in the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park along a steep cliff, which reaches a height of 325 meters.It was created in order to take tourists to the top of the mountain range, where the observation deck is located.

The glass structure of the elevator cabins is the most impressive implementation, and leaves even the most daring people in awe. Although if you cope with the excitement, you can see the picturesque mountain slopes, cliffs and cliffs. Given the length of the structure, it came as no surprise that the ultra-modern glass lift entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the "tallest open lift in the world."

10. Transparent elevator of the Sky Tower in Auckland (New Zealand)

Glass floor in the elevator and on the observation deck - the main entertainment for extreme people (Sky Tower, New Zealand)

The glass floor in the elevator and on the observation deck are the main attractions for extreme lovers (Sky Tower, New Zealand).

The Sky Tower is the tallest structure in New Zealand and the entire Southern Hemisphere. The peculiarity of this tourist site is the presence of an observation deck at level 51, which corresponds to 186 m.This dizzying height allows you to see all the surroundings within a radius of 82 km (in good weather), if, of course, you have the courage to get there and walk along it.

As it turned out, the floor of the observation deck is made of seamless glass, which reveals not only amazing beauty, but also an abyss. And to get there, you need to ride in a completely transparent high-speed elevator car, which will take the daredevil in just 40 seconds.

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