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Giant camera, police electric train: TOP-6 unusual inventions
Giant camera, police electric train: TOP-6 unusual inventions

Humanity has always been much on the creation of inventions designed to make his life easier. However, sometimes they look so strange or have such non-trivial functionality that they are capable of capturing the imagination of even a sophisticated modern man in the street.

Moreover, some of them, although they have sunk into oblivion, would still be useful today. Here are 6 original inventions of the past that will amaze even a modern person.

1) Mechanism for reading multiple books

Great gadget for professors and scientists

The period of the 18th century is known in history as the Age of Enlightenment, therefore, at that time, a considerable number of devices were invented to facilitate the educational process. With the aim of optimizing both the workplace and learning in itself, a device was designed that allows you to read seven books at the same time.

To do this, it was required to simply rotate the mechanism, moving from one panel, on which the next work or monograph is placed, to another.

2) Electric train for police

An original vehicle for cops working in tunnels

A process such as monitoring compliance with the speed limit of vehicles on the roadway is an important component in preventing accidents on the road. And the tunnels are no exception to this rule.

However, it is very problematic for police officers to track the speed limit in such conditions. It was with the aim of solving this problem that a special electric train was developed, which made it possible to control the speed of transport, without interfering with the driving of the cars themselves.

Of course, this technology did not gain popularity and remained a relic of the fifties of the last century, but the idea itself was distinguished by creativity and practicality.

3) Family bike

A non-trivial case when one bike for all

Cycling is a great weekend getaway and outdoor activity for the whole family. However, tracks adapted for this pastime are not everywhere, in addition, not everyone may have their own two-wheeled "horses".

Apparently it was with the aim of solving all these problems in the distant 1939 that a bicycle was invented, on which the whole family can fit. Moreover, there will be a place on it even for those who have not yet learned to ride.

Moreover, a family bike will allow busy mothers to combine business with pleasure: they can even place a real foot-operated sewing machine on a special panel or do other household chores.

4) Self-propelled robot vacuum cleaner

One of the first robotic vacuum cleaners

Today, you will not surprise anyone with such a household gadget as a robot vacuum cleaner - for many, it has already settled in a house or apartment for a long time. But in the fifties, he was akin to an engineering miracle. And among other things, he could be seen at the 1959 American National Exhibition in Moscow.

There, the Whirlpool company presented its brainchild - it was a self-propelled device, made in a slightly larger size than the modern models we are used to.

But only one point remained unclear: at that time, technologies could not make the vacuum cleaner completely autonomous, so it was most likely remote-controlled. However, how it looked is unknown to this day.

5) lying reading glasses

It's even strange that today there is an analogue of such an interesting gadget

Even in the current conditions of digitalization and the active use of e-books, the need to simplify the process of reading while lying down continues to be relevant. Back in 1936, special glasses were invented that allowed reading in a prone position without stress on the neck or arms.

It is still not known for certain why the demand for this unique gadget was not great enough.

6) Huge aerial photography camera


Among the photographs taken during the Second World War, one can also find those that were taken from a bird's eye view. Actually, the practice of aerial photography at that time was very common.

However, not everyone knows how it was produced.

For example, one of the Kodak K-24 camera models was distributed in the American Air Force. True, its main distinguishing feature was not the quality of the photographs, but rather rather large dimensions.

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