Whitening trainings, spontaneous riots and spontaneous BLM
Whitening trainings, spontaneous riots and spontaneous BLM

Video: Whitening trainings, spontaneous riots and spontaneous BLM

Video: Whitening trainings, spontaneous riots and spontaneous BLM
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If your skin color is white, 90% of your friends and acquaintances are white, you strive for comfort, spending time with your family, owning real estate, for example, an apartment, and at the same time do not realize “your racism”, then, by the standards of the city hall Seattle and a number of other cities in the United States, you are a "complete fascist", and it's time for you to reeducate. It was there that at the beginning of June, that is, exactly at the beginning of the negro riots and the creation of an "autonomous territory", with budget funds, trainings were organized to "whitewash" municipal employees according to these criteria. The main slogan of the trainings was "Racism is not our fault, but we are responsible for it." These trainings are still going on, and judging by their tone, the day is not far off when Russia, and at the same time Iran, for example, will be accused of "fierce racism."

Under the pandemic declared by WHO, the Americans staged a new, absolutely wild experiment to turn all concepts upside down, from which Orwell and Huxley would have been horrified. At the same time, this story puts an end to the theme of "spontaneous revolts against racism" and the "spontaneous" emergence of the BLM movement. So, according to the American channel Fox N ews, the murder had not yet occurred in Minneapolis, and in Seattle they were already preparing to introduce trainings to "whitewash" municipal employees.

“The City of Seattle called their white workers, only whites, to a meeting and informed them that their skin color was a crime. The city called it "anti-racist training", and similar events are now taking place across the country - in schools, local governments, corporations, the military … Seattle called its training "The Gap of Learned Racial Superiority and Whiteness." City Journal's Chris Rufo wanted to know exactly what was going on at such a meeting, and has asked for open documents. Here's what he found. White workers in Seattle have been made aware that their so-called white qualities are offensive and unacceptable. These qualities included "perfectionism," "objectivity," and "individualism." The workers were commanded to stop exhibiting these characteristics. Instead, they were ordered to do, I quote, "the work of nullifying your own whiteness."

To achieve this goal, and to erase the traits with which they were born, white workers in Seattle were ordered to give up the following things: from comfort, from spending time with family, from "guaranteed physical safety", from control over other people and over the land, from relations with some other white people, from the courtesy of neighbors and colleagues and, I quote, "from the confidence in their employment," - quotes American journalists Fox News RT.

Almost in parallel with the American edition, our fan of life in the West, blogger Varlamov, suddenly told about this story. This is who Katyusha did not plan to quote, but he also received a letter from an acquaintance from there, who was fired for "too white skin color."

“Now it is really difficult to understand where the border that cannot be crossed is. And so that whites feel at least a little of it, the Seattle City Hall organized training for its employees on "preventing internal racism and feelings of white superiority." Only white employees of the mayor's office were invited to it. The aim of the training is to explain to whites their "complicity in the system of white supremacy", for which it is necessary to be held accountable to blacks (sorry, Blacks), colored people and early settlers.

"Good day. I hope you are doing well. The Office for Civil Rights is providing training on internal feelings of racial superiority. The training is aimed at White employees (see below). Please share information about him with whites or (if necessary) other colleagues … Tomorrow many employees will take paid or unpaid leave to devote to meditation or work. We invite white mayor's office employees to reflect with us, to transform themselves, to acquire new skills and connections that will allow them to demonstrate their compliance with the policy of racial justice. We will find out how we are embedded in the white supremacy system and how we absorb and sustain it. We will begin to cultivate practices that will enable us to end our racism and respond to Black, Colored or early settlers in our community, including our friends and colleagues."

In training, whites are taught that their so-called “objectivity,” “individualism,” “intellectuality,” and “comfort” are all signs of racial oppression. If a white person talks too much, this indicates his paternalism and domination. If a white man is silent too often, this indicates his latent tendency to violence. During the training, whites are encouraged to conduct more self-examination in order to better understand their racism: "Racism is not our fault, but we are responsible for it." Also, whites need to work on overcoming their own whiteness in order to "demonstrate that they have become allies and accomplices," Varlamov says, confirming his words with screenshots sent to him from the United States.

As the blogger said, after the whites have done all this thought work, it is necessary to move on to the next stage - real actions. The trainers will ask the repentant whites of their racism to give up comfort, social status and even … relationships with some other whites. “Later on at the seminar, a diagram was presented, which clearly depicted how whites harm people of color,” he said. Here is the diagram.

In the US, they teach to be ashamed of white skin
In the US, they teach to be ashamed of white skin

From this diagram, we learn:

“The system embeds us through socialization (ego and built-in racial suppression) to harm the colored people” (translation: if you communicate with whites, you want to harm colored people); “Attitudes and behavior based on internal racism justify our superiority over the colored people”; “Our anger, awareness of our own righteousness and a protective reflex cover up our fear, shame, guilt for our harmful actions”; “We do not demonstrate a willingness to see opportunities to contribute to the fight against harassment”; "We cannot imagine the world in any other way, the status quo remains."

And here the most interesting thing begins: why, in fact, the current BLM activists are running after everyone with the demand to kneel down and why they were so outraged by the act of the Finn Raikkonen and the Russian Kvyat, who refused to prostrate themselves at the Formula 1 stage. As it turns out, if someone begins to doubt whether he is really white, he is handed out a text titled "Embedding in his own whiteness." And it says there that you are not an Arab, a Jew, a Russian, a Finn, a German, an Italian, but just a white man, period.

According to the results of the trainings, ideally, a white should: realize his racism, don’t care if he is or not, other whites should be indignant at your behavior - you have stopped your “normal” behavior for whites. But what behavior for whites is considered "normal" is already being told by the same Fox News.

“This kind of chaos is happening everywhere, not just in Seattle. Something like this will surely happen this fall at the school where your children study. And no one will first ask you for permission. They will simply attack your children for the way they were born. And by the way, people who engage in such attacks can seriously promote homosexuality, because, of course, it is immoral to try to change human nature. They will not even notice the paradox, and, most likely, they do not care about the paradox,”the American TV channel reports.

In general, yes, to make white homosexuals without clan and tribe - this fully meets the criteria of "anti-racists" from BLM. So the appearance of rainbow flags at all actions of black racists and the bulk of LGBT people in Russia is by no means an accident, but only the continuation of these trainings, only for “wild” Russians.

Without getting into conspiracy theories, let's follow the dates and events of the "anti-racist riot". Even setting aside the moment that in 2017 in Washington, the billionaire and sponsor of many "color revolutions" George Soros and other billionaire globalists held a three-day conference with activists of the Democratic Party and public leaders of the so-called "Democratic Alliance". The one that has a well-documented history of financing the ultra-left movements of blacks and sodomites, more than $ 500 million have been transferred to their accounts since its foundation in 2005. In the same year, in the mail of the Soros Foundation, published in August by hackers, among other things, funding and coordination of "black riots" in the United States was recorded.

However, that "business is old", and we are postponed to April 2020, when an information campaign was launched in the completely self-isolated West with the involvement of CNN, NYT and two dozen other media outlets with millions of copies, which told that mostly blacks were killed by the coronavirus.

“Journalists have found that the coronavirus in the United States infects and kills black Americans in a disproportionate proportion to the rest of the population,” reads an April 7 article in the official US newspaper, The Washington Post.

And then it is said that blacks die from the fact that all good medicine is for whites, all good work is for whites, and in general it almost comes out that the coronavirus was invented by whites in order to kill more blacks.

“The analysis of the journalists shows that the available data allow us to conclude that the black counties are in danger. In them, the proportion of those infected is three times higher, and the proportion of deaths is six times higher than in counties, where the majority are white,”reports The Washington Post.

The fact that in Italy the coronavirus has struck precisely the northern "white" territories is nicely kept silent there. And we repeat, there were hundreds of such publications. This is not counting blogs.

In fact, there was a classic pumping of anger among a certain group of the population, in this case, blacks. Moreover, the self-isolation regime deprived people of an objective view of what was happening even in their own city, not to mention other regions. And against the background of this pumping, while still in quarantine in Seattle and other US cities, local authorities are beginning to conduct whitening trainings at the state expense, at the same time firing everyone who is an "internal racist", that is, is not ready to support the riots. That is, there will be no resistance. There remains only an official reason and a sacred sacrifice, which appeared at the end of May.

What happened next is known to everyone, but the results are important, and they are such that we are witnessing another terrible "social experiment" in the style of Adolf Hitler. Where universal digital control is being introduced at the same time, and special people will closely monitor "internal racism", "internal homophobia" and other inconsistencies of the "new standards of the best people." And yes, Russia here again interferes with all plans: 146 million "internal racists and homophobes", in whom 90%, or even 100% of all friends and acquaintances are white, normal heterosexual people, are unequivocally an enemy of the "new world order." And we will have to either be subdued and forced, or die out, or send such a "world community" and become a new center of a normal world with normal values, that is, discard pseudo-liberal tolerant delirium and become ourselves. There is no other way.