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How could the Rockefellers know about the pandemic in advance?
How could the Rockefellers know about the pandemic in advance?

Video: How could the Rockefellers know about the pandemic in advance?

Video: How could the Rockefellers know about the pandemic in advance?
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The decision on a global “closure” with the aim of collapsing the world economy and the social fabric that underlies it was made at the WEF conference in Davos on January 21-24, 2020. And on January 30, WHO declared COVID-19 a “Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC).

At the time, there were only 150 known cases of COVID-19 outside China. There was no reason to declare a pandemic. But on March 11, WHO Director General Dr. Tedros Adhanan Gereisus turned an insignificant fact into a "pandemic."

And this gave the green light to the implementation of the "Plan".

Pandemic as a pretext for the “Closing Event” and “Agenda ID2020”

There are no coincidences in the events that followed. Several preparatory measures were carried out, all of them leading to a worldwide monumental historical catastrophe. Their implementation began at least 10 years ago, possibly much earlier. It all started with the infamous 2010 Rockefeller Report. It described the first phase of some monstrous "Plan" called the "Lock Step" scenario. And one of the last actions to prepare for the "pandemic" was "Event 201", held in New York on October 18, 2020.

The event was hosted by the Johns Hopkins Center for Public Health, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum, a club of wealthy and influential people that meets every January in Davos, Switzerland. The event was attended by a number of heads of pharmaceutical corporations (that is, interest groups interested in promoting vaccines), as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States and China.

One of the goals of Event 201 was a computer simulation of the coronavirus pandemic. The simulated virus was named SARS-2-nCoV (later named 2019-nCoV). Simulations predicted a disaster - 65 million people died in 18 months, the stock market crashed more than 30 percent, leading to an explosive rise in unemployment and bankruptcies. This is how the implementation of the scenario in which we now live began.

The Closing Action Scheme envisages a series of dire and disturbing events or components of the Plan to be implemented under the so-called Agenda ID2020. This document is the creation of Bill Gates and is fully integrated into the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and is also called the 2030 Agenda. This is a hidden agenda unknown to most UN member states. The target completion date is 2030. This is the key date for the completion of Agenda ID02020.

A criminal plan to completely control every person on the planet

Here are the key elements of the script:

  • a large-scale vaccination program, possibly through mandatory vaccinations. Inoculating seven billion people is a dream and product of Bill Gates' sore brain;
  • large-scale population decline, eugenic plan. Implemented in part through vaccinations and other means (as Gates said, “If we do a really good job of vaccinations, we can reduce the world's population by 10-15 percent.” “Innovation to Zero!” Speech at the annual TED2010 conference in Long Beach, California, February 18, 2010 - For years, Bill Gates has advocated massive population cuts The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has run an extensive vaccination program for 20 years in Africa, India and other countries around the world, during which women aged between 14 to 49 years old;
  • an electronic identity card for every person on the planet in the form of a nanochip, possibly introduced during mandatory vaccination. Any personal data can be loaded into the nanochip remotely;
  • electronic money, there will be no more cash;
  • global rollout of 5G, later 6G. All this leads to complete control over every person on the planet. After all, the Internet of Things is so convenient: self-driving cars, robots in the kitchen, artificial intelligence (AI) for the production and delivery of everything. They are silent about the isolation and enslavement of people. To implement this plan, a high frequency electromagnetic network is needed. The deployment of a 5G network is imperative, whatever the impact of this technology on human health, fauna and flora, on its impact on the development of viral infections, including COVID-19.


The WHO is silent about all this, although it admits that not a single independent official study of the dangers of 5G and electromagnetic fields in general has been carried out. It is pertinent to recall that, unlike other UN agencies, WHO was created in 1948 by the Rockefeller Foundation (see The Lancet In addition, about half of WHO's budget comes from private sources, mainly pharmaceutical corporations and telecommunications giants.

This is a prerequisite for understanding how things are planned and can help match facts to understand what is coming.

The "dark deep state" doesn't care about a stock market crash - this speculator's syndrome. These are risks for the rich, because the stock market is a Western invention that allows you to play with capital and capital gains to the detriment of workers, whose whole life depends on interacting with this capital. And workers are the first to "leave" when Big Money calls for mergers or bankruptcies.

And now there is an almost universal and unjustified quarantine, a complete "closure" of any business. Small and large: restaurants, construction sites, tourism, hardware stores, bakeries, airlines, transport companies, factories, food processing, supply chain interruptions.

Will the Global North Go South?

In the “Global North”, about 90 percent of business operations are carried out by small and medium-sized enterprises. Almost all of them are now closed. Of these, two-thirds or more will likely never open again. Employees and workers are laid off or they work part-time, that is, they receive part-time wages. Poverty and despair take root and become rampant. The future is not in sight. The suicide rate will rise. It was the same in Greece in 2008-2009. The tendency of family destruction, loss of the right to buy out mortgages, expulsion of families from rented apartments, because they can no longer pay rent, will continue for decades. Street begging is becoming the norm, and there will be no one left to donate a dime.

In Europe, between a third and half of employed people will become unemployed or part-time workers. And this is just the beginning. In the United States, the official unemployment rate at the time of this writing exceeded 23 million and, according to forecasts by the Fed, Goldman Sachs, Bloomberg, in the next quarter it will reach 32 to 40 percent. The bankruptcy process can get out of hand.

The IMF predicts a global economic slowdown by only three percent by 2020 and slight growth in the second half of 2021. What an absurdity! What planet do these people live on? Whom are they trying to deceive and why? Maybe to force countries to borrow from the Bretton Woods predators - the IMF and the World Bank, in order to get deeper into debt, believing that, according to the IMF forecasts, they will be all right?

The "Global South" will turn into a "black hole"

The picture in the Global South, in developing countries, is even darker. And under normal conditions, between a third and a half of their economy is "informal." Employment here is short-term, daily, hourly. Workers are out of business, have no savings, no access to social safety nets, and in most cases, to health insurance. They were given to the will of the "market", which collapsed.

There is nothing left. No work. No income. No money to pay for food, rent, medicine. And the government orders them, the destitute and the poor, to stay at home, quarantined. But the government and the media make sure you are aware of its dangers. And to be afraid of them, even though you will never know whether these dangers are true or not.

Conclusion at home? Where is home? Home is no more. There is no money to pay the rent. Maintain Social Distance - Don't Get Together! Stay out of the way! The infection can spread! Fear is paramount.

Take a city like Lima, Peru, for example. The population of Peru is about 30 million people. The population of Lima is about 11 million, of which about three to four million live in the backyards or below - in the slums. Daily or hourly work. People sometimes live a few hours away from their jobs. But now there is no more work. People don't have the money to pay for food, transportation, or rent. Homeowners throw them into the streets, drive them out of their possessions. How can they remain in some kind of "confinement"? How can they take care of themselves through quarantine, locked up, without shelter or food, desperate to make enough money to survive another day and perhaps share with their families? They cannot do it.

Quarantine "protection" is only for the rich. Poor? They are allowed to starve with their children and families and, quite possibly, the coronavirus. They live in a circle of poverty and misery where no savings can be made. Nobody has anything. Even in the name of solidarity. Total deprivation caused by a complete economic stop, imposed on the whole world and especially the poor.

These three or four or perhaps five million people, wherever they are, all come from rural provinces. The government is doing nothing or not doing enough to keep them there. Therefore, in search of a better life, they leave their chacras (small plots of land) and move to the Big City - to “paradise”, where they have to live in greater suffering than in their provincial poor settlements. They always survive with hope. Now, this man-made coronavirus has made their lives much worse. Government handouts are scarce, or completely inadequate, or they come too late, or get lost in corruption.

In the name of solidarity, they gather. They need to return to their provincial origins, to their families - to where they can get shelter and food, where they can feel at home again, to be loved.

A military-style dictatorial government does not allow them to go anywhere. Of course, for safety reasons, because they can infect other people. And this farce continues. Nobody even squeaked. No one dares to do this for fear of being truly locked up. Police brutality, batons, tear gas, repression, return to places where there is no shelter or food. Until the central omnipotent government decides to "organize" the repatriation. By buses? But there is neither sufficient bandwidth nor proper organization for this. Chaos will ensue and their situation will only worsen. But how much can it get worse? Hunger will break out and weaken these people even more. They will be more susceptible to disease and death, but not from COVID-19, but from hunger. As for the statistics, which should continue by order of the owners, such deaths will automatically be attributed to the "corona" pandemic. All this is being done elsewhere - in the “Global North”. So why not do the same in the Global South?

Lima is a representative example, probably of most of Latin America. With the exception of Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba, where, despite the suffering, there is still a sense of solidarity that unites people. There are governments together with the people. And nevertheless, people suffer more, but this time because of the sanctions from the West. These countries are literally killed by the sanctions of the West - primarily the United States. USA is a genocidal nation.

The New York Times (April 22, 2020) reports: "Instead of the coronavirus, hunger will kill us." A global food crisis is looming. Experts say the world has never faced such a famine emergency. By the end of this year, the number of people experiencing severe hunger could double to 265 million.

In addition, according to the NYT: “In Kibera, the largest slum in Nairobi, Kenya, residents are already living in extreme poverty. During the recent distribution of flour and vegetable oil to desperately hungry people, stampedes began, as a result of which dozens of people were injured and two people died."

"In India, thousands of hungry workers line up twice a day for bread and fried vegetables."

"And across Colombia, poor households hang red clothes and flags on their windows and balconies as a sign that they are hungry."

This is reminiscent of the infamous quote by American politician Henry Kissinger about hunger: "Whoever controls the food supply controls the people." I will continue the quote: "He who controls the energy sector is able to control entire continents, who controls money, he is able to control the world."

Kissinger, as well as Gates, Rockefellers and other followers of the "dark clique" have never hidden their desire to reduce the world's population, starting in Africa. They do it in a handicap that closely resembles eugenics - through “poverty eradication” or, for example, through vaccination. Gates recently offered to try his new coronavirus vaccine in Africa. Even his friend, WHO Director General, Dr. Gebreisus, protested against this.

The coronavirus pandemic has starved millions and millions of people around the world. And there is no end in sight. On the contrary, almost all governments are under pressure, they are coerced or outright blackmailed, and their lives are at risk if they do not follow the instructions of the Satanic cult sect. Yes, satanic, since no "normal" person is capable of inflicting such terrible suffering and death.

Why do “sovereign” governments bend?

If you do not consider the version about these coercive measures, then it is impossible to explain the reason why almost all the governments of the planet submit to such a terrible crime and lie, lie, blatantly lie to their peoples. That is, people whom they must protect, and not kill with unemployment, hunger and despair.

Under “normal” conditions of predatory inequality around the globe, about nine million people die each year from hunger and hunger-related diseases. Now this figure is likely to grow exponentially. Perhaps up to tens or hundreds of millions. Man-made food shortages, droughts or floods as a result of targeted man-made climate change can further contribute to the onset of hunger and starvation. Not because of the ridiculously advertised temperature rise caused by carbon dioxide, but thanks to the US Air Force's Advanced HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program). The system was first tested during the Vietnam War in the 60s. Using it, the Americans caused stronger than usual monsoon rains to prevent the Viet Cong from moving from north to south along the trails hidden in the forest, in order to fight along with their brothers in the South.

Since then, HAARP has been refined and turned into a weapon. These weapons are adapted to influence weather conditions, cause droughts, floods, hurricanes - everything that is necessary to achieve the goals of the dominant evil cult in order to depopulate the globe and completely control the survivors.

The compulsory vaccination program from the Gates Foundation can contribute to the eugenization of the world's population. And those who refuse to vaccinate may, for example, be banned from traveling.

The terrible suffering that is purposefully imposed on humanity is becoming more visible. In addition to destroying people's property and their businesses, it is poverty, hunger, suffering and, finally, death. This is the delayed water torture of the entire universe by the monsters of the evil cult.

Take the reins with wisdom, common sense and ingenuity

Today, there is no Nuremberg Tribunal - honest, ethical and powerful enough to bring those responsible for crimes against humanity to justice and bring them to justice. We humans need to take the reins in this paradigm shift. We humans must get out of this terrible prison and take control of the situation. Not confrontation, but with wisdom, common sense and ingenuity.

(Tao Te Ching, The Book of Way and Dignity, Lao Tzu)

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Peter Koenig is an economist and geopolitical analyst with 30 years at the World Bank. Lectures at universities in the USA, Europe and South America. His articles are published in Global Research, ICH, RT, Sputnik, PressTV, The 4th Media (China), TeleSUR, The Vineyard of The Saker Blog and other resources.