Racial humiliation or why are whites being brought to their knees before blacks?
Racial humiliation or why are whites being brought to their knees before blacks?

Odessa journalist Yuri Tkachev shared his opinion on the ritual of kneeling in front of representatives of the black minority, which has recently spread in the United States and Europe.

“The phenomenon of voluntary-compulsory kneeling of the name BLM is, in essence, a very simple thing.

Indeed, for centuries non-white people have been discriminated against and humiliated - it is stupid and stupid to deny this. And today it is not denied - on the contrary.

But instead of starting to raise the descendants of these discriminated persons to the same level of possibilities (material, intellectual, moral), they began to engage in the fact that they began to lower whites to their level.

“Black people are unhappy because of discrimination? So let the whites be unhappy too - because of the guilt over the oppression to which they subjected the blacks. " Hence this practice of "giving up privileges" - from some simple things to the notorious black feet kissing.

Why is this so? And because it is easier to lower a person to a certain level than to raise him from this level. And instead of depriving privileges of the status of privileges, making them something publicly available, a “payment for privileges” is established in the form of some controlled (or not always controlled) humiliation.

That is, a whole carnival of humiliation is built around the fact of historical injustice that actually took place, when suffering and humiliation give rise to suffering and humiliation.

And does anyone really think that it can bring relief and a solution to the problem? The best that can come of this is massive psychosis, a nervous breakdown on a geopolitical scale. Well, this is exactly what we are seeing now.

By the way, if you think that this does not directly concern us, you are mistaken: as far as it concerns. The same political Ukrainians say: you Russians have banned the Ukrainian language for centuries, which means that now you have to come to terms with the restrictions for you because of your language. Do you recognize? In fact, it is exactly the same thing: lowering the opponent on the emotional scale in order to rise due to this against his background.

But it's easier. There is no need to spend money on eliminating inequalities of all kinds. There is no need to think over exactly how - technically - to eliminate them optimally. You don't have to wait decades for your efforts to bear fruit. Make the white man kiss your feet. Make the Russian speak Ukrainian. And it seems that the world is not becoming so hopeless, isn't it, because you have already achieved something.

The question is what it only seems. And the problems that actually put you in a depressed position have not gone anywhere. And the "amount of happiness" in society has only decreased, threatening only new problems in the future.

Like the logic of that anti-Soviet anecdote, we need to strive not so that there are no privileged people, but that there are no oppressed people. Although who needs it? After all, it's much easier to manage cattle, moreover, confused and neurotic, isn't it?"

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