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How to transform the economic and political dynamics of Russia. Part 1-3
How to transform the economic and political dynamics of Russia. Part 1-3

I would like to continue the development of the topic raised by Mikhail Beglov at IA REX.

A legend that claims to be true

There is a story at the level of a legend that in 1968 David Rockefeller, at that time director of the Council on Foreign Relations, once again visiting Moscow and talking with the new members of the USSR leadership who came to power after Khrushchev, was incredibly amazed by their poor mental level …

This was worse than Khrushchev himself, with whom Rockefeller met and discussed rather harshly. Having arranged a tough beat against them in the Kremlin, upon returning home, he gathered a round table of the ten largest billionaires and said: "Stalin died in Russia, these fools put on his boots and drowned in them. They are nothing of themselves. There are no strong leaders in Russia. Press harder and they will surrender.".

A witness who allegedly listened to these talks from another room on the radio left an interesting story on the video, where he retold the words of Rockefeller. He began by stating the state of the world on the verge of a thermonuclear catastrophe. "One wrong move - and there is neither peace, nor the United States. Therefore, I came myself, not through my advisers and intelligence officers, but simply to see who controls the second country in the world," Rockefeller told the Brezhnev Politburo.

When asked why the American president and newspapers are calling for a war against Russia, Rockefeller replied: "Gentlemen, what is a president? If you don't want this, there will be another. You need to deal with us - American business people. If we come to an agreement today, tomorrow all American newspapers will write something else. " Ours ask: "So it turns out, your president is a puppet?" Rockefeller paused and said: "Gentlemen, I am a very busy person and I have no time to debate on stupid topics. I know what the dictatorship of the proletariat is. You should also know what is the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie".

Rockefeller graduated simply. "You disappointed me, gentlemen. Who are those you are talking about? As for the newspaper people, these are dogs that bark as long as they are allowed. I am surprised, because how can you rule such a great country, being so illiterate in politics ".

Perhaps this is a beautiful legend. Rockefeller's biography knows about his visits to the USSR in 1962 and 1973, but nothing is known about his visit in 1968. And the statement about Stalin's boots in 1968 looks strange. But it is not so important whether it happened or not, and if it was, then when and how. Historiographic and chronological truths are tertiary here, and pedagogical truth is paramount. Its essence is that, until recently, the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie was indeed a system that gave rise to strong-willed and intelligent leaders. And the turning point - the beginning of the crisis of the Soviet elite - the legend accurately reflects.

Since 1968, the United States - with or without Rockefeller's help - realized that Soviet Russia was no longer a great country and began to pursue a strategy that ultimately led to the destruction of the USSR. In today's Russia, where the quality of cadres is far from better than the then Brezhnev's, the situation is curious - it has a dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, but this dictatorship without a dictator.

The Russian bourgeoisie as a class is not a collective dictator, but a collective lackey, and therefore in Russia the dictatorship of a class lackey, a bailiff, but not a master. In giving orders in Russia, the Russian bourgeoisie does not regard it as its own. The Russian bourgeoisie is striving with all its might to the West and dreams of becoming a part of it. And for this he strives in every possible way to please the Western bourgeoisie. Serve Rockefeller for the right to keep families and capital in the West.

If this is the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, then the American bourgeoisie, capable of such a dictatorship. And this makes Russian capitalism fake. Because the real capitalist is most afraid of losing his assets.And to protect them, he builds a system of hegemony, protected from outside intrusions. When the system is built in such a way that it is most convenient to penetrate and rule from the outside, then a colonial elite arises, which cannot make the country great. She has no such goal.

The transformation of the elite from comprador to sovereign

Russia, represented by part of the elite, has made a transformation and is trying to fight for sovereignty. At the same time, those who set such a problem make a big mistake by starting to solve it incorrectly.

For sovereignty as the basis of greatness, in the first place is the task of establishing the domination of the group that strives for sovereignty and greatness. But there are no correct actions in this direction, and therefore there is no result. The struggle for sovereignty began in a situation where those who reject sovereignty were dominating.

For their victory, they carried out aggression into the former cultural nucleus of society. The liberal-bureaucratic bourgeoisie, striving for power, created its own intelligentsia, which undertook to broadcast new values. Thus, a new collective will was gradually created, followed by the liberal revolution.

The domination of the current lackey bourgeoisie is based on two principles - strength and active benevolent consent of a key segment of the population. The non-key part is indifferent to ideas. She is neutralized by the pursuit of survival. Force only completes the neutralization of those who disagree. Without the consent of the majority, without its cultural temptation, no dominance of a small group in the long run is possible.

This influence of the American bourgeoisie on the Soviet-Russian masses is due to the fact that the United States has ideas for export. This is everything from the export of American culture, from everyday to political, the philosophical principles of elites and the beliefs of the masses, up to the export of American intellectual property, 70% of which in the world belongs to American companies and citizens. Together, this creates those American values, by exporting which the US ruling class achieves world domination.

Therefore, in order to build a struggle for sovereignty, the Russian bourgeoisie needs to do the same. But first she needs to be reborn. We need to create ideas for export. These ideas, through a prolonged effort, are introduced into mass creation, destroying the dominant liberal cultural core and creating a parallel one.

To do this, you need to create your own intelligentsia. Which, in turn, will be able to create a new collective will and make a cultural revolution, without which the hegemony of the pro-American ruling group in Russia cannot be eliminated. And without this there can be no sovereignty or greatness.

In fact, we do not even understand what this greatness should consist of. The social advantages inherited from the previous system have been destroyed in our country, and new ones have not been created. Medicine and education have become expensive and deteriorated, although our best students rank well in the Olympiads. However, this is not due to the system, but in spite of it.

The exam continues to do its destructive work. Mass education has degraded to a terrible state, when children simply do not know how such General Karbyshev, Lenin, Gagarin, Zhukov are. Who won the battle of Moscow. Who won the Second World War. The last finishing touch was carried out by the pension reform.

The economic situation does not add to us greatness either. As life has shown, it is impossible to acquire allies by promising them only cheap oil and gas. And without stable alliances, Russia cannot solve its military and economic tasks.

It turns out that the Russian bourgeoisie does not have the means for the necessary economic and political dynamics in the post-Soviet space, and the need for such dynamics is more and more urgent. Previously, there was no will, now the will appears, but active actions have not yet begun.

Ideas are the main means of hegemony in the world

Axiology is a teaching about values. Values ​​should not be narrow, but universal.Export ideas as the main means of greatness are not a product of the social system, but a marker of the quality of the elite. It is known that on the day of Stalin's death, the news was published about the change of the title of the position of the Minister of War to the Minister of Defense. The date was not chosen by chance. Many experts believe that this was a signal to the West about the beginning of our retreat.

As the subsequent period of "detente and the struggle for peace" showed, even then the idea, which was perfectly exported under Stalin, lost its export potential and began to work for destruction. The latest achievement is the acquisition of US nuclear secrets by our intelligence officers, who collaborated with American agents on an ideological basis. Today this is no longer possible. It is scary to think what would have happened to the USSR when the USA had an atomic bomb if the USSR had not had a powerful idea for export. And it’s scary to think what can happen to Russia today in a similar situation, when it doesn’t have such an idea. Not everything in the world can be bought with money.

The conclusion is that the pursuit of greatness requires the will of the ruling class, but does not depend on the ideology of the class. And the will of the class depends on the quality of the class. If a class strives to emigrate, then it exports capital to the West and seeks to educate children there. So that later they did not return to Russia, but could find a job there, joining the ranks of foreigners and assimilating among them.

It is this goal - merging with the West - that educational reform is being pursued with the obsessive obstinacy of the Russian bourgeoisie, even though the results are clearly deplorable and do not produce a competitive labor force. The fact is that our bourgeoisie is not looking for competition, it is looking for a deal: we surrender to you, and you guarantee us your personal security guarantees. Why was the Bologna principle of undergraduate and graduate studies introduced in Russia? Why did you introduce the Unified State Exam? So that they have our diploma recognized. So that you can study here and go there.

All beliefs that it is outdated and does not provide the quality of knowledge are missed. The goal is not quality, and not even an advanced consumer, as Fursenko said. The goal is the formal uniformity of education systems for the sake of eliminating the reason for their non-recognition of our diploma. And the fact that as a result there is a mowglization of the generation of iPhones and gadgets, for our bourgeoisie, not looking for greatness, is not a problem.

You cannot become a great country when cultural secondaryness becomes the main feature of our cultural and administrative elite. It is not the textbooks that are to blame, they are written under the social order of the ruling class, which does not want greatness and hates it, realizing that this is a war with the West, not embedding in it. The cultural expansion of the West and the occupation of the cultural space is carried out by the ruling class itself, and at its order the intelligentsia only formalizes this into practical forms.

The devil as a symbol of the modern Russian bourgeoisie

Our bourgeoisie, in essence, is what the devil who tempted Eve is. No, not only because it corrupts and corrupts, no. Because it renounces the past. The devil did this when he convinced Eve that by eating an apple, she would open her eyes to what is good and what is evil. Eve already possessed this knowledge before the Fall, otherwise how would she have understood that an apple is good? And Adam understood this - the Creator gave him Eve because "it is not good for a man to be alone."

But the god-enemy rejected the past value system and therefore deceived the first people. Then this trick was repeated by the Bolsheviks - they rejected the entire previous history of Russia, declaring it a "damned past." Now the same diabolical renunciation of the past is being done by the Russian liberal bourgeoisie.

The renunciation of the Soviet period of history and the negative interpretation of the tsarist period is what leads to the savagery of our youth. From blotted out textbooks to the Mausoleum bashfully draped for Victory Day - this is the path from a great power to a power seeking a return to its former greatness.

After that, one should not be surprised that our youth are screamingly illiterate and do not even understand how happy they are because they do not understand how unhappy they are. And this is the second generation of such citizens who have run wild - these are the children of those who survived in the 90s. At the cost of degradation and collapse into barbarism. So the current "Pepsi generation" is just a sequel.

The dictatorship of the bourgeoisie without a dictator is the main feature of the current ruling class in Russia. A dictator is not a person at the head of the state, but a group of persons carrying the system, those who set tasks for the establishment and the information support system. If we have capitalism, then in theory our bourgeoisie should not be what it is now in fact.

A group of officers of power structures is trying to occupy the missing niche of the collective subject of goal-setting in Russia, but this is a very vulnerable position, because this group is largely neutralized by the opposing group from the former liberal elite. They have not lost power and are very active, although few in number. Their confrontation is organized and well supported from outside.

Until those who seek to make Russia great again learn to generate exportable meanings on their own, the country will not have greatness. We are ashamed of the past and avoid knowing about it. There is already an understanding that without cultural hegemony there will be no system of influence on the allies, no quality of labor force, no military and information security. Without culture, no lasting hegemony is possible. The battle for cultural space must be more brutal than the battle on the battlefields of military or financial battles. There is no such understanding yet.

The Soviet path of the anti-Soviet elite

The initiative group of the party in power has developed and carried out a national project "Culture" through the Government. It has three federal projects: "Cultural Environment", "Creative People" and "Digital Culture". The goal is good, as the names suggest. Making your way through the official language of the document, you understand the essence: the Soviet planned approach, based on the growth of quantitative indicators. The growth of budgetary investments and an increase in the number of reporting units: cinemas, youth theaters and puppet theaters, virtual screens for broadcasting shows, all kinds of folklore and populism.

A masterpiece of clerical language from culture: "Projects aimed at strengthening Russian civic identity, on the basis of spiritual, moral and cultural values ​​of the peoples of the Russian Federation will receive funding." Déjà vu is already making your teeth ache - for those who remember Soviet Newspeak. The result will be the same as that of the Soviet cultural officials. By the way, about identity. What do the authors of the document mean by it?

Culture is different for all social groups in the country, and they understand patriotism in different ways. What is valuable to workers is not valuable to aristocrats and the bourgeoisie. Liberals see one thing, conservatives another. Believers don't want what atheists want. They all have a different Fatherland. For some, the Fatherland is crispy French rolls and Chinese vases in the estates, for others - cabbage soup and porridge, our food, the cherished bench at the gate and father's budenovka in the closet.

Cinemas and venues will be built, but what will be broadcast there? What values ​​to spread? What are they? Will there be some special universal idea of ​​ours or will the people simply be entertained with popular prints while bread is becoming more expensive? The national project "Culture" does not contain any definition of the quality of an idea, its content. What kind of culture it will be is not clear. They will master the budget, receive awards and everything will calm down. So Russia cannot be made great.

The ruling class of the Russian bourgeoisie has managed to seize and retain power, but has failed to provide competitive values ​​to either its population or its neighbors, whose favor it seeks to win. Gas and oil are good, but man does not live by bread alone, but everything that is outside of gas and oil, while the dictatorship of the lackey bourgeoisie is hardly understood.

This is the crisis of its legitimacy - it was unable to give the nation national values. Democracy is someone else's idea, not ours. Socialism was killed. Nationalism in a multinational country is excluded, social concepts are prohibited, there are no economic successes, we copy the West in culture, the folklore ghetto, like Lyudmila Zykina and the Berezka ensemble in the USSR, become officialdom and therefore are not able to invoke a real response and create a wave of influence. In fact, the quality of the ruling class has not improved since Rockefeller's visit to Moscow.

So what should we build on the greatness of Russia? What idea? Not having solved the main issues and taking on the secondary types of struggle against illiteracy, the problems cannot be solved, because everywhere you will stumble upon unresolved main questions - Marx was completely right when he said this. When there is nothing to read, literacy is unnecessary. When imposing reading material that makes a person a monkey, it is better to be illiterate. We need an idea that can captivate people outside of Russia. Methods are needed to combat the carriers of the previous idea. We need a class that is passionately interested in all of this.

So far there is neither one nor the other, nor the third. What is being developed by the people themselves is very much disliked by its bourgeoisie. And the people don't like what the bourgeoisie breathes. Thus, we have a dictatorship of the bourgeoisie without active benevolent support from all other classes. And not because there is not enough advertising - it is in abundance. There is a lack of understanding of the common value of what we live for and what we die for.

How the elite are prepared

Russian capitalism in its current form, deeply second-rate culturally and inferior intellectually, and, above all, morally, is incapable of creating an idea that makes Russia great. He's too insignificant for that. It was built by officials and therefore bureaucratic by nature, has all the qualities of an official - fear of losing position, greed and cowardice. We remember all the public revelations of our "representatives of the hegemon." They reflect the difficult situation that has developed in our country in the field of training the national elite.

Each state prepares its political elites based on how it understands its national interests. The American political elite believes that what is good for America is good for the whole world. They absolutely sincerely believe in it and this is how they train their diplomats. This position is the American standard held in the world, the through line of conduct for any American politician.

It is different in Russia. If Nebenzya is fighting in the UN against the hegemony of the United States, then in Minsk Surikov is silent, without opening his mouth, and is directly lobbying the interests not of Russia, and not even of Belarus, but of Britain and the United States. Before that, Zurabov behaved like that in Ukraine. Before him, Chernomyrdin played the accordion and gave out bribes until Ukraine left completely and completely. The example of Mikhail Babich is a revolution in the personnel issue. But along with Babich, there is Kudrin, who directly calls from an open rostrum to surrender to the West. There is a huge layer of politicians and businessmen who do not rebel against Putin only out of fear.

England cannot afford to be surpassed by anyone in the world. As soon as Germany and France begin to seize hegemony in Europe, Europe is immediately torpedoed in the form of Brexit. For the sake of England's greatness, its elite are ready to fight the whole world.

The idea of ​​the greatness of France was put forward by de Gaulle. There is a story about how, during a reception in the United States, the French ambassador demanded to break the protocol for seating guests, considering that his place did not correspond to the greatness of France. He told the organizers: "As a simple person, I can even sit under the table. But as a representative of Greater France, this is not my place. And I will leave this reception if you do not change the place at the table for me." And the place was changed.

And here is how diplomats are trained in Germany. They undergo a month-long internship in German companies there.And then, already before leaving abroad, managers train them for two weeks on the topic of lobbying the interests of their company.

In Japan, the largest corporations help small companies enter and gain a foothold in global markets. Interestingly, did Deripaska help many of our firms? And Vekselberg? Our companies and our embassies live in a non-overlapping world.

In countries of the "dictatorship of the bourgeoisie," these worlds intersect. Coming to every country, any diplomat already knows what he will do right away. But diplomats are the vanguard of the ruling class. In the attitudes of the diplomats, one can see the ability of the bourgeoisie to understand its leading role and its historical responsibility to the country.

I do not yet know of a single Russian diplomat who has received instructions from Russian private companies to lobby their interests abroad. This testifies not against diplomats, but against the owners of private companies - state corporations are just behaving exactly the opposite.

State and bourgeoisie

The Russian ruling class of the bourgeoisie is historically young and in its maturation stage. This is a teenager, to expect intelligence from whom is unjustified and dangerous stupidity. He himself does not yet believe in himself and his destiny. He believes that if tomorrow they come to take everything away, then they will abandon everything and run away to where the accidentally dumped wealth is buried in the form of a treasure. The Russian bourgeoisie does not believe that capitalism is serious and for a long time, and therefore does not strengthen the state. And he steals from him and betrays him earlier than asked about it.

The course of evolution separates the bureaucracy from the bourgeoisie in Russia and creates a supra-class elite. The one that has national ties and is rooted in the state, and therefore makes it the best in the world with all its might, so that everyone envies and strives to imitate and cram into allies. As soon as such a bourgeoisie emerges in Russia, the country will accept its history, inherit the glory of all eras, raise other youth, write other books and textbooks, and build another political system. The one where you will not be ashamed of either the ruling party or the opposition. Failure to create such a bourgeoisie will be a major cultural and civilizational catastrophe.

The growing demand for change in Russia is a growing demand for the country's greatness. The greatness of a country is the greatness of its culture, which is understood not as a narrow sphere of aesthetics, but as a system of common values ​​and ethical norms that permeates the entire society. When such a system of norms overturns the existing decayed value system, then an era of greatness will begin in the country. The authorities have not yet decided on a cultural revolution, believing that this could cause an acute internal conflict. But time is like water and wears away the stone. Every day the conversation about the demand for serious moral changes is becoming louder. Under the pressure of this demand, social change becomes more and more inevitable.

The Russian ruling class must stop being afraid of its own shadow and stop being ashamed of its missionary ambitions. The townsfolk will grumble and demand bread and circuses, not imperial ambitions, but who are the townsfolk in a country that has existed for two thousand years in the form of an Empire that shelters many peoples from extermination and extinction?

When in Rome did the plebeians determine the course of history? When in Russia the bourgeoisie determined the path of accomplishment? As the soul is doomed to immortality, so Russia is doomed to greatness. Or it just won't be there. But the generation that will allow this has not yet been born. And it will never be born.

The fate of Russia is dramatic, but majestic, and therefore no modern vices will remain in it forever. Painfully wading through the rubble, Russia will fight for life. The question of greatness has been raised, and no one will be able to remove it. No matter how long the path to the intended goal may be, if it becomes a national idea, then it is no longer possible to deviate from this path.

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