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Valley of the Dead Tsars in the center of Russia
Valley of the Dead Tsars in the center of Russia

A mysterious and mystical place, which, with someone's light hand, was called "The Valley of Dead Kings", is located next to Abakan. And only recently, the territory, dotted with ancient mounds, has begun to attract increased attention from both professional scientists and amateur researchers.

Not without a scandal, in 2003 the Germans presented their claims for exclusive excavations in the Badger Log. Local authorities quite easily allowed German archaeologists to excavate one of the largest burial mounds, which angered Russian scientists. The Germans allocated 4 million rubles for the work, and for this they demanded not to let anyone into the excavation site, including journalists. All rights to photo and video were sold to the Americans in advance.

Badger Log is located about thirty kilometers from another more famous archaeological site - the Salbyk mound, which is considered the same age as British Stonehenge. In the summer of 2007, journalist Andrei Polyakov, known for his expeditions to the places of Ancient civilizations, visited the Valley of Dead Kings.

What attracted you to the Valley of Dead Kings, did you do any research here?

- “Valley of the Dead Kings” is a rather famous place. The main archaeological site, the Salbyk mound, was excavated back in the mid-1950s by our scientist S.V. Kisilev. In all respects, Salbyk can be safely attributed to the so-called "stoneheenj" - ancient observatories. However, as far as I know, all the data from the excavations were classified, which now gives rise to a lot of rumors about this mound and the valley, which occupies 20 square kilometers, on which there are about 100 such mounds. I would like to emphasize that they were all built in the form of pyramids, and had a special geometric shape and special internal passages. And in the "Valley of Dead Kings" my comrades and I found ourselves almost by accident. We are preparing a big expedition to this region in 2008, and we could not help but wrap up in such an interesting place.

What are your main impressions?

- The Salbyk mound impressed with the severity of its forms and orientation on the ground. I can say for sure that this is not a burial ground. It is estimated that its construction took much longer than the famous English Stonehenge. As you know, Salbyk was built 24 centuries ago, its perimeter is 70 by 70 meters. But the most amazing thing is the megaliths, which weigh from 50 to 70 tons. They were brought over a hundred kilometers from the banks of the Yenisei. How is still not clear. Moreover, in the entire structure, engineering thought is clearly traced, and it is clearly intended to observe the heavenly bodies, first of all, the sun and moon. All other mounds were built later, it seems to me. This is already an element of imitation of the "elder brother", as it was, for example, in Egypt. As far as we know, there were no burials in the pyramids of Giza. In my opinion, local leaders were buried in the rest of the kurgans; there were no kings at that time, since the kurgans date back to Scythian times. And the Seths, as you know, did not have a state, of course, there were leaders. According to the stories of local residents, many hills kept a lot of treasures. The mounds were plundered at different times. The Germans, by the way, set up excavations away from the Valley of the Dead Kings. The badger ravine is located about thirty kilometers from the Salbyk mound. Russian scientists attribute it to the decline of the Tagar culture - the so-called Tesinsky period (II-I centuries BC). The structure they excavated is clearly inferior to the “elder brother of Salbyk”.They also did not find anything sensational inside. But I was interested in the masonry. The mysterious wall at Cape Rytom on Lake Baikal, which we explored in 2006, is also laid out in the same way. Moreover, the remains of ceramics that we found at Ryt are similar to those found in Khakassia.

That is, it turns out that all these megalithic structures were built at the same time and in different parts of the earth? Who built them?

- Not people - that's for sure. I would love to see, for example, how the Egyptians would build the Great Pyramids today. Modern people have taken an undoubted step in scientific and technological progress, but thousands of years ago, buildings were erected, to which people have nothing to do and simply were not able to implement it technically. In those rare literary monuments that have come down to us from antiquity, it is argued that the race of Giants lived alongside people. They are also mentioned in the now popular Bible, more precisely in the 6th chapter of the Old Testament, “At that time there were giants on earth, especially since the time when the sons of God began to enter the daughters of men, and they began to give birth to them. These are strong, since ancient times glorious people … ". In the Apocrypha, the life of these giant angels is described in more detail, and the literary works of Ancient Mesopotamia describe the life of these giants and people with chronological accuracy. From my point of view, all these stonehendzhi, pyramids and other megalithic structures were linked into a strict system and had a practical purpose. Please note that next to these buildings there are mines everywhere where minerals were mined, and where these valuable rocks were in abundance, whole cities were erected. This is best preserved in America and is attributed to the Indians, who still, although they keep some knowledge about space, are unlikely to have laid at least one brick in the pyramid.

pyramids in the center of Russia

Do you think the giants in the Khakass steppe were engaged in mining?

- Do not forget that not far from the Valley of the Dead Kings are the so-called Chests - also considered an observatory. In the graves in Khakassia, and in neighboring territories, articles of gold, bronze and other metals are found in abundance. In the Minusinsk Museum. Martyanov, we saw real works of art, both iron and bronze, which belonged to different eras. Do not forget that bronze is an alloy and requires a fairly precise technology to produce it. I am sure that soon in the area of ​​the Valley of Dead Kings and Chests, a whole city will be discovered, similar to the one that was dug near Stonehenge.

Valley of Dead Kings

Maybe there will also be pyramids there?

- So the mounds are the pyramids. Read the reports of German and Khakass archaeologists. They clearly say that the walls of the mounds were erected as stepped pyramids. They were made of briquettes cut out of earth and clay. Again in the same Minusinsk Museum you can see figurines reminiscent of the Egyptian ones, the Sphinx, for example. By the way, people from all over the world go to the museum. We spent the whole day there and were shocked by what we saw. I have seen much of this in various museums around the world. And, frankly, I was surprised that the Germans introduced a monopoly on excavations on our land (meaning Khakassia - ed.). So many times I have had to face bureaucratic obstacles abroad, where a veto is simply imposed on foreign researchers. Now we must depend on the same foreigners in our own country. Complete nonsense!

The story of the transfer of the rights to excavate the Badger's Log made a lot of noise in the local press …

- What's the use? The Germans did their job. I think they will not stop there. I wonder when our scientists will get down to business? I'm tired of hearing about the poverty of our science. I have always found funds for my expeditions, now I spend exclusively my own. It seems to me that our scientists should not enter into debates with the Germans through the press, but take shovels in their hands and learn the history of their country in the field, and not in offices.

Valley of Dead Kings

Why has there been such interest in the ancient history of mankind lately?

- Today is a critical moment in the development of human civilization. The ancients left us with knowledge that tells us what to do in order not to destroy ourselves and the Earth. Therefore, aspiring people try to find the key to salvation. By inertia, many are looking for it in ancient tomes.

Valley of the Kings

Are you one of them?

- I have received answers to all questions related to the future of mankind long ago. Now his fate is really being decided. The Universe is undergoing serious changes that affect everything that exists in it, including man. Therefore, it is necessary to have time to rebuild in a short period of time. But the force of inertia of mankind is such that the majority of people, unfortunately, will die.

Pyramids in Russia

Semyon Kagarlitsky

Photo and freeze frames by Andrey Polyakov

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