What are the astronauts silent about?
What are the astronauts silent about?

Video: What are the astronauts silent about?

Video: What are the astronauts silent about?
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Some astronauts admitted that very strange and unusual things are happening to them in orbit - they feel themselves in the "skin" of animals from previous eras, another personality and even an alien being - a humanoid. The observed vision pictures are unusually bright, colored …

In the early 90s, the editors of the magazine "Miracles and Adventures" commissioned Sergei Demkin to interview one of the cosmonauts. This astronaut and his colleagues saw everything unusual during the flights that happens in outer space. “Only this is not for print,” the cosmonaut warned. Fulfilling his promise, all the past years, Demkin did not write about what the astronaut told. But now we can talk about it, since the mysterious phenomenon that the astronauts encounter has ceased to be a mystery.

- During the flight, when approaching the orbital station, the commander in charge of the ship could not enter the calculated trajectory in order to dock. The ship has a limited supply of energy for maneuvers. He was left, as they say, nothing at all. If one more correction had failed, we would have flown past the station and would have returned to Earth without completing the task,”the astronaut began his story.

I could not help in any way, since the control of the ship is the exclusive prerogative of the commander. As a flight engineer, I could only worry in silence, sitting next to me in a chair. Suddenly, at some point, a command was heard in my head: "Take control!" Later, analyzing what happened, I was never able to determine exactly whether it was someone's voice or not. I just took someone else's mental order, which for some reason I could not do. And what is quite surprising: the commander, without objection, transferred control of the ship to me. Then he said that he hadn’t heard any commands, but only suddenly realized that he had to behave that way, although it was contrary to all the “iron” instructions.

I did not lose consciousness, but it was as if I was in some kind of trance and obediently followed the commands that arose in my head. It was only thanks to them that the docking was successfully completed. When we returned to Earth, during the disassembly of the flight, the commander was "shoved with sand", and I got it, although not to the same extent. But we both did not say anything about the "otherworldly" commands, - the astronaut finished.

I confess, - writes Dyomkin, - I was amazed at the story of the astronaut, but I took it only as an example of mental brainwashing. Such cases have already been in my file. True, they did not take place in space, but on Earth. Quite unexpectedly for themselves, people suddenly performed some actions or, conversely, did not do something. Sometimes in such cases they talked about the "inner voice", as if guiding them. Then I did not attach importance to who is the inductor, that is, an outside subject influencing the executors of his will. Meanwhile, as I now believe, this is the main thing, since there is a big difference between the earthly and cosmic manifestations of the phenomenon of “voices from outside”. Later it became known that other cosmonauts had heard it as well.

It turns out that astronauts, while in orbit, see not only space landscapes. They are visited by strange hallucinations, the nature of which scientists cannot yet understand. It is known that Yuri Gagarin and Alexei Leonov heard music in space, and Vladislav Volkov heard the barking of a dog, which was suddenly replaced by a crying child. However, in orbit, a person can experience more than auditory hallucinations. According to Sergei Krichevsky, some colleagues told him about a slightly different experience.

It is necessary to conduct research on this phenomenon, says cosmonaut Sergei Krichevsky. However, scientists are not yet tackling this topic, he complained on the air of "Utra Rossii" on March 17, 2011.

Cosmonaut Sergei Krichevsky is familiar to many from the sensational publication "Nightmares in Orbit", where he spoke about the unusual hallucinations that visit cosmonauts during a flight outside the Earth's atmosphere. Alas, none of his flying brothers, and even more so, scientists from the Russian Institute of Medical and Biological Problems, was in no hurry to confirm such information, and only a year and a half later it was possible to "talk" some of them. For example, four times in orbit Alexander Serebrov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Valery Burdakov, who has been engaged in the technical training of cosmonauts for many years.

“Astronauts - some, not all - felt themselves in a completely different form in flight in low-earth orbit. Some visions began. They moved in space and time to some other civilizations, - he said. "Nothing has been written about this anywhere." Sergei Krichevsky also said that when preparing for the flight, he was warned about the possibility of such an experience, but he himself did not experience anything like this.

According to him, this phenomenon is not new, but astronauts are not very willing to talk about this topic. “The problem has been posed for 15 years. But our esteemed Academy of Sciences and colleagues at the Cosmonaut Training Center did not want to do this,”he said. - The cosmonauts are afraid to talk about it. I know three who have had it."

According to Sergei Krichevsky, this issue needs to be studied. “We need to set up experiments, make a good scientific program. We need to give the cosmonauts a chance to tell the truth, - he said. “If we succeed in transferring this problem from a speculative to a scientific one and gradually, bit by bit, investigate it, it will be very interesting.”

Indeed, there have not been any targeted studies of this phenomenon, but scientists are not abandoning them, noted Yuri Bubeev, head of the department of psychology and psychophysiology at the Institute of Biomedical Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences. “At the moment, research is being planned, we are collecting these facts bit by bit, we are going to make some generalizations and understand these phenomena,” he said.

The scientist emphasized that these are rather little-known facts that relate to altered states of consciousness. Astronauts observe such visions at the moment when the deep structures of consciousness are activated. “It is unclear why this is happening. Either it is the influence of some types of radiation, or weightlessness. This needs to be studied. Peak states of consciousness are better known. When a person sees the Earth from the outside, he has a heightened perception of some spiritual things,”he concluded.

Cosmonaut-researcher Sergei Krichevsky, senior researcher at the Cosmonaut Training Center named after V. I. Yu. A. Gagarin and the Institute of the History of Natural Science and Technology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and besides, he is a candidate of technical sciences and a full member of the Academy of Cosmonautics named after V. I. K. E. Tsiolkovsky. What the cosmonaut-scientist told about at the Novosibirsk International Institute of Space Anthropology is of great importance for comprehending the secrets hidden in space. Here are just a few excerpts from his talk:

“Since 1989, I have been preparing for a flight into space and have directly interacted in a work and informal setting with my colleagues. Including with astronauts who have been in space. However, information about visions - let's call them fantastic dream states (FSS) - I received only in the second half of 1994, which, most likely, was associated with the approaching dates of the upcoming flight … All information about cosmic visions is the property of a very narrow circle of people … about such visions, the cosmonauts transmitted and are transmitting exclusively to each other, sharing information with those who are soon to make a flight …

The fantastic visions observed in flight are a new, previously unknown phenomenon that can be attributed to the classical state of an altered consciousness … Imagine: an astronaut unexpectedly quickly leaves his usual initial - human appearance-self-feeling and turns into some kind of animal and at the same time moves into the corresponding environment. In the future, he continues to feel himself in a transformed form or consistently reincarnates into another supernatural being. Let's say one colleague told me about his stay in the "skin" of a dinosaur. And notice, he felt like an animal moving on the surface of an unknown planet, stepping over ravines, abysses, some kind of physical obstacles. The astronaut described in sufficient detail "his" appearance: paws, scales, webbing between the fingers, skin color, huge claws, and so on.

The fusion of his “I” with the biological essence of the ancient lizard was so complete that all the sensations of this seemingly alien organism were perceived by him as his own. With the skin of his back, he felt the horny plates on the ridge rise up. About a piercing cry that escaped from his mouth, he could say: "It was my cry …" Moreover, corresponding scenarios of transformations, transformations of the external environment took place at the same time. In this case, not only the sensation of the cosmonaut being in the "skin" of certain organisms, animals from previous eras, arose, but a person seemed to be transformed into a different personality, and he could also turn out to be an alien being - a humanoid.

What is interesting: the observed vision pictures are unusually bright and colored. Various sounds were heard, including the speech of other creatures, and it was understandable - it was assimilated right there, without training. The astronaut was, as it were, transported to another space-time, including to other, unknown celestial bodies. And, finding himself in a completely new world for him, at that moment he perceived it as something familiar, dear.

A characteristic feature of fantastic dreams is a sharp change in the sense of time and the corresponding flow of information … The astronaut begins to perceive the flow of information coming from somewhere outside. That is, there is a feeling that someone powerful and great outside is transmitting some new and unusual information for a person.

It happened, moreover, with a very detailed forecast, and anticipation of upcoming events - with a detailed "display" of impending dangerous situations or moments, which, as it were, were singled out and commented on with an inner voice. And at the same time it was "heard": they say, everything will be fine, it will end well … Thus, the most difficult and dangerous moments of the flight program were anticipated in advance. And there was a case that if not for such a "prophetic dream", the astronauts could have died.

The accuracy, the detailing of the dangerous moments, is also striking. Thus, the "voice" predicted the mortal danger that awaited the astronauts during the spacewalk. In the prophetic dream, this danger was shown several times, commented on by a “voice”. In a real exit, when working outside the station, all this was absolutely confirmed: the cosmonaut was prepared and saved his life (otherwise he would have flown away from the station). The cosmonauts have never encountered anything like this before (out of flight) …

The problem of cosmic visions is stubbornly hidden from the scientific community. They don't talk about it - it doesn't exist. None of the cosmonauts ever officially reported to anyone about fantastic visions, this kind of information was never included in the official reports of the crews. Why? The answer is obvious: astronauts fear negative consequences in the form of medical disqualification, publicity with the interpretation of signs of mental illness, and the like.

One of the cosmonauts kept a personal diary, which also described his visions. It would seem a unique document! Nevertheless, the astronaut categorically refused to suggestions and requests to publish it, or at least communicate with scientists dealing with the problems of living matter, believing that it was still premature and dangerous for a professional career …

These phenomena find an interesting explanation from the point of view of the concept of Academician N. V. Levashov, according to which the qualitative structure of the Earth consists of six material spheres, nested like a Russian "matryoshka" in each other. These spheres have both common qualities and differences (Levashov NV "Essence and Mind". Vol.1).

The orbits of the manned spacecraft fall into the so-called. The "etheric sphere" of the Earth, smoothly turning into the "lower astral". Those. astronauts get to one of several other material levels of our planet, where the coefficients of interaction between their physically dense body and the "etheric sphere" are much higher than on Earth.

For their Essence to leave the body, much less energy is required to overcome the qualitative barrier between their physically dense body and the "etheric sphere". Moreover, their “etheric bodies” (part of the Essence) are already in their “native element”. As a result, the blockages are partially removed from the astronauts, depending on the individual level of development and genetic characteristics, and they can communicate with their Essence, see the past, astral animals, themselves in other situations, etc.

In addition to the sources already listed, the short film "Essence in the cycle of life and death" can help to understand this mechanism: