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Diseases and decrepit old age - a voluntary choice?
Diseases and decrepit old age - a voluntary choice?

Video: Diseases and decrepit old age - a voluntary choice?

Video: Diseases and decrepit old age - a voluntary choice?
Video: How to make healthy eating unbelievably easy | Luke Durward | TEDxYorkU 2023, December

Anyone can easily find the eternally young Sytin on Skhodnenskaya. You need to get out of the metro, walk about twenty meters - and please: at the end of the house there is a slightly shabby white sign with the inscription: FREE HEALING MOOD.

… Until the age of twenty, Sytin was an ordinary boy who was sent to the front by the Motherland. There, once rising to attack, Sytin flew 20 meters on a blast wave and hit the ground. The result is a spinal injury and a pinching of the spinal cord. In the hospital they tried to help him, but the guy was getting worse. Six months later, he was awarded the first group of disabilities and was discharged, having given one and a half hundred ampoules with anesthetic, a syringe and a sterilizer.

I didn't want to die - twenty years after all. He lay there, grieving over his failed life and wondering what to do. Sytin was not supposed to believe in God.

At night he did not want to sleep, and he kept thinking and thinking. And suddenly one day I remembered a pamphlet by the psychologist Kornilov, which I had read before the war. He was then struck by the assurances that a person can achieve whatever he wants, one has only to really want and engage in self-education. To do this, you need to strengthen your will and self-hypnosis yourself with the necessary qualities.

By that time, only the brain remained from Sytin's healthy organs, and even that one began to fail. Muscles atrophied, memory weakened, a duodenal ulcer opened …

And then he … began to convince himself that he was absolutely healthy. That nothing hurts him and he is reborn as a beautiful and healthy young man. On sheets of paper, he wrote to himself the appropriate verbal "moods" and, having learned by heart, repeated them tens of thousands of times, wasting all his free time from injections.

… In the 57th year, Sytin was recognized as fit for military service.

At the age of 75, for example, he could do the following: he held a metal rod, three millimeters in diameter, in a tube with a diameter of five millimeters. The computer recorded the shake of the hand. So, for an ordinary forty-year-old man, the rod makes 10-15 touches in fifteen seconds, and for Sytin - one. Or he takes Sytin sports rubber and holds it stretched over his head. In normal men, hands tremble in such a situation, while Sytin does not.

Because he set himself up. And for the mood of all comers, he created his own Center. Today it is a hall with metal chairs upholstered in leatherette and a large TV. The tunes are broadcast on the TV. There is a timetable on the wall: Monday, 10.00 - mood for the healing of gastrointestinal diseases. 12.00 - the mood for the improvement of the cardiovascular system. Etc.

And helps? I ask. - So, just sit in front of the TV …

“You surprise me,” says Sytin. “You just don’t understand anything about my method. Look, - he shows a photograph of a woman hanging on the stand kissing Sytin on the cheek, - I cured her of cancer. Give you her phone number?

And besides cancer, what do you treat?

- Anything. Cysts, mastopathy, fibromas, prostate adenoma - this is usually cured with us. We have already cured 300 women, there are official conclusions. Vascular spasms, angina pectoris, migraines are treated in five minutes listening to the mood. And in general, all diseases. Because the body is a self-regulating system. He will do everything, you just need to tell him. But if the body was made defenseless, with the help of chemotherapy, for example, I can no longer do anything.

Are you generally against official medicine?

- No, of course. I am a doctor of medical sciences. It's just that people don't know that the chemical changes that occur in the body from drugs can be made by the brain itself, if its capabilities are focused on this. This is what my method is called: thought-like emotional-volitional self-persuasion. When a person reads the mood, his thoughts, feelings and will are concentrated, directed towards the only goal - to recover. And a powerful impulse of the brain into the internal environment is obtained, which is capable of rebuilding even the structure of organs. And in the usual state, a person is scattered - he thinks about one thing, feels another, wants a third. And if at the same time there is a nervous breakdown, injury or some other adverse effect, sooner or later a disease will arise. To defeat her, you must first bring your spirit back to normal, and then your body.

Today Sytin is 85. And when he was 75, he passed a commission at the Academy of Medical Sciences, and the doctors stated that his biological age in some parameters is thirty years, and in others - forty. Sytin vividly confirmed his achievements then by lifting a 120-kilogram barbell.

- Does a person have a bald head? - he argues. - It starts with the fact that his interest in life falls. Here the child has a bright, bright sun, the brook murmurs loudly, cheerfully, he even hears some words there. Does an ordinary aging person hear a stream? He doesn't even notice it. Loss of interest - the level of hormones drops. Endocrine disorders begin. And please - the skin will become flabby, the hair will fall out.

Isn't it natural? I say. - A child is a fresh organism, and an adult is … stale

- It's your choice! - waving his hand Sytin. - If you want to flab, flab. According to medicine, from the age of 70, muscles atrophy, and this process cannot be stopped. Do you believe it? I do not want. I wrote the book "Real rejuvenation of a man", and not only wrote, but checked everything on myself. I made 1400 videos of 45 minutes each. I was rejuvenating by the mood, and the operator was filming. And now I am already lifting 140 kilograms. See - what biceps? Twenty years ago I got a bald head, I wrote the mood, began to apply - new hair has come in! Human thought is creative, constructive.

So old age is a choice?

- To a very large extent. Look at joyful people living bright lives, they are young even at 90. And there are forty-year-olds. They are in the majority today, this is due to the lack of culture.

To be honest, outwardly Sytin looks like his own. The old man is the old man, gray-haired, with wrinkles. Unusual, of course, vigorous, strong (I touched the biceps - true, powerful), and there is in him a strange interest in everything for his age. To photograph his wonderful shabby sign “FREE HEALING MOOD”, I grabbed a camera, and when he saw it, he perked up: “I also want to buy this one, but how does it work, but how to transfer it to the computer? You should have seen, we made a website about our university, so beautiful!” Purely child. And, of course, it surprised me that Sytin has a wife 40 years younger than him and two schoolchildren. Sytin was going to marry for the first time at the age of seventy. He says: who needed him then, after the hospital? As in those years when a case was brought against him “for the propaganda of hypnosis”. And he was kicked out of the Institute of Psychology. In total, Sytin survived 16 layoffs. Today Georgy Nikolaevich is also not to say that he is strongly recognized.

“I pay both rent and utilities myself,” he says. - Nowadays you can't live on book fees, they are pretty penny. To prepare a book (he published 30 of them) I spend 25-30 thousand rubles, and I get a fee for it - 20. In America, in Germany I publish books, cassettes, compacts on more favorable terms. The Americans installed my equipment for broadcasting my moods live to America. The European Commission asked for proposals on how to heal the population of Europe. Should I refuse, or what?

Sytin has a crucifix and an old icon on his table.

- Luzhkov's assistant gave it to me. - I believe in God, of course, but religion in general … Science has gone where for fifteen hundred years. And in the church everything is the same … These are all old occult devices. I, Doctor of Science, how can I agree with this?

“And you yourself use conspiracies,” I say. “You are an occult priest

- What are you doing! Psycholinguists have conducted a study of my attitudes. So, they are fundamentally different from the texts of the Bible, and from the texts of prayers, and from the texts of popular conspiracies … Do you know how many people who wanted to get a job came to me? And I offered everyone one thing: show something for the equipment to record. For example, I can expand the blood vessels in a word: a person sits down, gets the mood - and the vessels expand.

- And what about conspiracies? - continues Sytin. - Nothing is known what it is. For example, a conspiracy to stop blood really stops blood. “Michael the Archangel is riding on a horse, a brown horse, and you don’t get blood…” And the blood stops! And why - it is not known, the mechanism is not open. But there are many secrets in my life, although my method is officially recognized. For example, for a long time I could not understand why attitudes appear that do not help. Usually in our practice, they help even those who do not particularly believe, but simply scrolls the cassette. And then a whole bag of moods accumulated that did not help. They began to ring up the patients, to find out. It turned out that all these attitudes were individual, that is, compiled specifically for a particular patient. They helped him, and then were passed on to friends. And these acquaintances told us that the attitude does not help. How to explain this? Unknown.

In the eyes of a person who first reads Sytin's "moods", they are enthusiastically primitive in style, similar to a letter from a serviceman to his homeland. “I firmly know, as a real fact, that if all difficulties hit me at once, they will still not crush my mighty will …” Once he drew up a mood for the editor of one of the Moscow publishing houses. The style jarred the editor, and he edited the mood. And he ruined the business - the mood broke. Sytin tested its physiological effect on the equipment - the result was zero.

- Why, - asks Sytin, - is humanity constantly giving birth to images of immortality and absolute health? Everyone wants to live long, but no one wants to grow old. And science has not dealt with real rejuvenation so far. Do you think that gerontology and juvenology appeared by chance today? A new era begins. Anyone will be rejuvenated. People in a hundred years will give birth to children. And this will happen when they realize: in a person there must be will, spirit, he alone controls the physical body.

The spirit is the psyche, or what? What do you mean, the brain? I ask

- Well, do you really think so? - says Sytin. - Are you from the Institute of Psychology? It is not interesting. The only thing that contains the brain is the control mechanism of the human body. The rest depends on the collected thoughts, feelings and desires. This is spirit.