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News from the madhouse: Konstantin Novodvorskovich Borovoy accused Putin of terrorist attacks in Nice and Turkey
News from the madhouse: Konstantin Novodvorskovich Borovoy accused Putin of terrorist attacks in Nice and Turkey

Video: News from the madhouse: Konstantin Novodvorskovich Borovoy accused Putin of terrorist attacks in Nice and Turkey

Video: News from the madhouse: Konstantin Novodvorskovich Borovoy accused Putin of terrorist attacks in Nice and Turkey
Video: Understanding Dreams and Their Meaning 2023, December

We are used to the fact that Bandero-Ukrop leaders find a Russian trace in everything bad in Ukraine. Konstantin Natanovich Borovoy is not a crest at all, but turns even more abruptly - not about the events in Ukraine, but all over the world !:

The main problem is not the terrorist attacks, but the sources of terrorist activity. Everything is based on the old concept of the KGB of the SRSR, the Soviet special services, and then the Russian ones, because all the generals of the KGB smoothly migrated to the Russian special services.


This is now one of the tools for influencing Western communities. In the case of the terrorist attack in Nice, the Foreign Ministry and the State Duma, Russia expresses blackmail, not condolences. Like, "here you are, you do not cooperate with us in the fight against terrorism, you are engaged in confrontation - this is your punishment."

All this is said in plain text. Of course, there is no admission that all this was done by the Russian special services, but it is clear who benefits from it. The main message is: "We are so strong and can harm you."

The same thing happened after the terrorist attacks in Turkey. The amount of gloating that was not directly expressed was enough to understand - this whole situation is beneficial to one person or one group - this is Putin and his entourage.

In the case of France, Putin has a desire to create instability and inform that this is a payment for the attitude towards Russia.

Management "T" of the KGB of the USSR - stands for terrorism. They operated and are operating in the Donbass, Crimea, South Ossetia, Syria, Turkey. Especially to talk about who benefits from it and does not need it. This is beneficial to the Russian special services and Putin.

The European Community and the United States need to quickly understand and acknowledge the very unpleasant fact that Russia now, as in the days of the Soviet Union, is a source of terrorism. What interaction with ISIS, with other terrorist organizations continues.

From wikipedia about him:

Russian businessman and politician, deputy of the State Duma of the 2nd convocation (1995-2000), ex-chairman of the Party of Economic Freedom (1992-2003), chairman of a political party "Western Choice" (since March 17, 2013). [1]

Born on June 30, 1948 in Moscow in the family of Natan Efimovich Borovoy (1909-1981), professor-mathematician of the Moscow Institute of Transport Engineers, and Elena Konstantinovna Borova (nee Andrianova, 1912-1993), head of the special department of the Railway District Party Committee [2].

In 1965 he graduated from a special mathematical school.

Graduated in 1970 from the Faculty of Computer Science of the Moscow Institute of Transport Engineers and in 1974 from the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow State University. He defended his Ph. D. thesis in 1983 (topic - "Research of the dynamics of the movement of subway trains for operational control using a computer"); received the title of associate professor. Until 1989, he worked in research institutes and taught at educational institutes and universities (technical college at the Likhachev Automobile Plant).

From 1989 to 1993, as an expert and manager, he participated in the creation of new enterprises for the modern economy: stock exchanges, banks, investment companies, a television company, a news agency and other enterprises. Best known as the president of the first and largest Russian stock exchange. At the same time, he did not create personal and private enterprises.

1990-1992 - President of the Russian Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange (RTSB). In 1991 - President of the Russian Investment Joint Stock Company Rinako. Participated in the confrontation with the Emergency Committee. Together with another two thousand employees of the exchange, he carried a huge Russian flag through the center of Moscow on August 20.

From the end of September 1991, he was a member of the Council on Entrepreneurship under the President of the USSR, a member of the Council on Entrepreneurship under the President of the Russian Federation, co-chairman of the Foreign Policy Fund of the Russian Federation. Financial Director of the Russian Open Film Festival.

In 1992 he created the Party of Economic Freedom (PES). In the same year, the PES was nominated as a candidate for the post of mayor of Moscow, but the elections did not take place.

Since March 1992 - Chairman of the Russian National Bank

In October 1992, he unsuccessfully ran for people's deputies from Krasnodar National Territorial District No. 17.

From June 18, 1993, he headed the temporary management group of the VKT television company. By the majority of votes at the general meeting of shareholders, he was removed from the board of directors of the VKT television company.

On March 12, 1994, an attempt was made on Borovoy's life: on the 31st kilometer of the Yaroslavl-Kostroma highway, Borovoy's car was fired upon. Borovoy jumped out of the car and disappeared into the forest. The car was blown up by a grenade and burned.

Since April 1994 - Deputy Director of the NGO Molniya. Since 1995 - the head of the Borovoy-trust company, partner - the chairman of Investprombank Leonid Rosenblum [3] [4].

On April 21, 1996, during a telephone conversation between Borovoy and the first president of the self-proclaimed Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, Dzhokhar Dudayev, the Russian special services carried out an operation, as a result of which Dudayev was killed by a hit of a homing missile launched from an aircraft [5]

Until December 1999, he was a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation of the second convocation (elected on December 17, 1995 from the Tushino single-mandate constituency (Moscow)) and a member of the State Duma Committee on Budget, Taxes, Banking and Finance

In the spring of 2010, he signed an appeal by the Russian opposition "Putin must leave." Together with Valeria Novodvorskaya, he released videos that he published in the Live Journal, Facebook and Youtube.

In 2013, together with Valeria Novodvorskaya, he began to create the liberal political party Western Choice [6]. On March 17, at the founding congress of the party, he was elected its chairman [1].

Father - Natan Efimovich Borovoy (1909-1981), professor. Until 1937 he was a writer, secretary of the RAPP.

maternal grandfather - Alexey Vladimirovich Snegov (Joseph Izrailevich Falikzon), a revolutionary, at the age of 20 became the chairman of the revolutionary committee in Vinnitsa, spent 18 years in Stalin's camps. He was friends with Nikita Khrushchev, was on friendly terms with Leonid Brezhnev [source not specified 340 days].

Author of books

Borovoy K., The Price of Freedom. People. Events. The senses.

Borovoy K., The Twelve Most Successful. How to get rich. - M.: Vagrius, 2003.-- 224 p. - ISBN 5-264-00881-7.

Borovoy K., Prostitution in Russia. Report from the bottom of Moscow by Konstantin Borovoy.

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