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Synchronicity is the language of life's circumstances, without accidents and coincidences
Synchronicity is the language of life's circumstances, without accidents and coincidences

Video: Synchronicity is the language of life's circumstances, without accidents and coincidences

Video: Synchronicity is the language of life's circumstances, without accidents and coincidences
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The concept of synchronicity was introduced by the psychologist Carl Jung in the early 1920s. He called it "meaningful coincidences" that were too important to ignore.

Synchronicity is often described as spiritual, supernatural, cosmic and the most incredible events, which are a kind of message to people from the universe. As if they want to warn us, direct us, help us see what we do not pay attention to.

By the way, synchronicity is not always an event. It can manifest itself in a variety of forms: using numbers, symbols, letters, and even dates.

For example, have you ever met people you really liked and then accidentally found out that you were born on the same day? Or met an old friend at the same place where they said goodbye many years ago? And why are numbers that read left to right and right to left the same so special?

There are also other very common forms of synchronicity:

- You constantly see repeating numbers and symbols

- You are in the right place at the right time

- You become a witness of an event as soon as you think about it. For example, you remember or think about a person and immediately "accidentally" meet him

- You see people, animals, places and symbols that you dreamed about before

- You unexpectedly receive a message that is very welcome

- You unwittingly become a witness to a conversation of strangers, in which the same thing that is happening to you now is discussed

- You meet the right person at the right time

The science of meaningful coincidences

According to a 2015 study published in the journal New Ideas in Psychology, it is assumed that synchronicity is an external manifestation of the fact that our minds are constantly trying to find at least some kind of logic and order in the chaos of our world.

In the work of scientists it is reported that coincidences are "an inevitable consequence of the mind's search for causal mechanisms." Synchronicity arises as a by-product of a person's defense mechanism, which is looking for some kind of models and structures in order to better adapt to specific situations.

As one of the authors of the study, an experimental psychologist at the University of London Magda Osman, writes: “As soon as we find repetition, we begin to associate certain events with each other, and how likely they are. And it is a valuable source of information that helps people navigate the world."

However, it is not just a question of identifying patterns and novelty, but of unraveling the cosmic motive that underlies this event or incident. Giving it a special meaning is what makes it synchronous. And these synchronicities happen to us every day and throughout our lives. It's just that the majority do not notice or ignore the received messages from the Universe.

Even the smallest random events are not accidental. This is, as a rule, synchronicity, which gently, like a butterfly, flies barely audibly near our soul. After all, the Universe is one huge bundle of cosmic energy, and everything that happens has a ripple effect.

Every thought, desire, sensation or dream is a way by which something can be conveyed or communicated. They just have to get on the same frequency with you. This is why everything happens at the right time and in the right place. You just have to wait, and most importantly - not to miss. The best explanation of what synchronicity is is the following quote: "When the student is ready, the master appears." If this is yours, then it will certainly come to you sooner or later. If at some point in your life everything indicates that something is about to happen, then it will.

For example, imagine that you are in a dark and terrible place, where everything looks hopeless and meaningless. You are lonely, sad, scared. And you desperately need a person with whom you can share all your innermost, take his hand to keep afloat.

And suddenly you bump into one of your old friends at the grocery store. You have not seen each other for ten years, and then it suddenly turns out that he recently moved and lives on the next street. Everything is explained simply: your souls are now at the same frequency, and therefore are incredibly in tune with each other. This is why your paths crossed exactly when you most needed support and understanding.

Synchronicity: Can You Control It?

Yes, synchronicities can be controlled. But provided that you clearly understand their origin and how they work. This is really within the power of many: to influence synchronicity and what to do with the information received.

Subconscious Mind: Our subconscious mind "works in the sweat of a brow" not only when you disconnect from everything or are deeply asleep. Although it does not work at full capacity when awake, it is active enough to send you messages and point you to certain signs and symbols. At the same time, you can consciously not notice them, but nothing will slip past the subconscious unnoticed. It is your guardian angel who saves you from danger and directs you to those things that are intended from above.

Psychic abilities: Some people have the most extrasensory abilities, or the so-called sixth sense. For example, you can't even explain to yourself why, but you know for sure that you have to open some door or call someone. Synchronicity is what can be a manifestation of these abilities.

The Law of Attraction: People are attracted to what they think about. Sometimes you are obsessed with an idea or thought for so long that it begins to materialize. That is, you get what lived only in your dreams and fantasies, in reality. As incredible as it may seem to you, do not discard such an opportunity. Try to want something so bad that you can think about it day and night. Who knows - what if it's yours?

Synchronicity will benefit you even more if you break the habit of doubting everything and not believing in anything. Stop trying to find a scientific explanation for all the events and phenomena that occur in your life. This is basically impossible.

Our world is much more complex than a person is able to digest. Don't dismiss synchronicity as "psychological bullshit." A person who lives a spiritual life does not even doubt that there is a certain meaning in everything. In every event, sign, inscription or figure. And the fact that you cannot read the message from above today and immediately does not mean that it was not sent to you. Everything has its time. And to decipher the information received - as well.

In order to connect to your message, you must learn to accept everything that happens with your heart and control your thoughts, so as not to be distracted by the chaos of our world.

How to get more synchronicity Anyway, our mind is in our area of expertise. In fact, it is just a tool that can be used by the person to whom it belongs. You, and only you, decide how to react to what is happening. This means you can change your thinking in order to catch synchronicity.

Put aside your prejudices and encyclopedic knowledge of everything in the world. Open your heart and soul to something new and incomprehensible. If it works, you will realize what synchronicity is, learn to read and decipher the messages of the Universe.

Impartiality should be your watchword. This is the only way to know this world, get to the bottom of things. Be attentive, live consciously. Try to live like a weather vane. Feel the wind that blows over you, let it pass through your mind and consciousness. After all, this is you and your life. Here and now. Record what is happening around and what is in your head. This is the only way to catch synchronicities hidden, at first glance, from us. Relax. Just trust life. It often confuses us, and we no longer believe in anyone and in anything.

Believe in synchronicity. Certainly and irrevocably. Believe that if something should happen in your life - then it is necessary for something. Even if you don't understand what and why. Even if you are confused and confused. Pray. Prayer is not only about church and religion. After all, you know that he is - the Supreme Reason. And he sees and hears you. Even if you are not sure about it. It is enough just to pray - as you can, how it will come out, how you feel. Reason from above will surely hear, will definitely help. He will direct you in the right direction, he will support you when you get tired or decide to give up. Listen only to your heart. Trust your intuition. She will tell you the right way, she will not allow you to deviate from the route, she will tell you which door to open and which to ignore. Follow your dream. There are so many signs and messages in it that you cannot even imagine.

Even if they are incomprehensible to you, they are nevertheless important. And finally: believe. Believe in synchronicity. And you will see a lot more. Numbers, names, dates, people, events, places, companies - everything has a secret meaning. If you solve it, you will understand where to go, why to go, with whom to go.