Megaliths of Karelia. Mount Vottovaara
Megaliths of Karelia. Mount Vottovaara

Video: Megaliths of Karelia. Mount Vottovaara

Video: Megaliths of Karelia. Mount Vottovaara
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Vottovaara (Death Mountain) is the highest point of the West Karelian Upland (417.3 meters above sea level) and is located approximately 30 kilometers from the village of Gimola and approximately 20 kilometers from the village of Sukkozero, east of the road connecting them.

Certainly no one will say that here nature has tried.

But travel sites and official directories together, like a carbon copy, report the same thing. I will also copy the standard "enticement" for tourists for you: -

"At the top of Vottovaara, on an area of about six square kilometers, there are huge rectangular stones, amazing structures of stones in the form of a regular circle, called by archaeologists cromlechs and about 1600 seid stones, laid in a certain mysterious order. Seid is an iconic boulder stone. or a fragment of a rock, the artificial nature of the isolation of which from the environment is obvious, that is, it has clear signs of human impact. The densest concentration of seid stones is at the highest point of the ridge and on the slopes of the amphitheater. The stones are located mainly in groups of two to six pieces. Some are large. the stones weighing about three tons are put on "legs", that is, stacked on several smaller stones. Most of the stones lie on the banks of ancient reservoirs and cliffs."

Yes, all this is very picturesque, pleasing to the eye and warms the soul. Fills with divine delight, and gives a feeling of touching the mystery.

And tens of thousands of tourists publish on their pages Christmas tree stumps, buttercups flowers, panoramas of landscapes with stones and swamps, twisted by the unknown force of tree trunks and endless seids, seids, seids …

I will deliberately not please you with pictures of seids, they are already visible and invisible on the Internet. For some reason, everyone admires exactly the cobblestones resting on smaller pebbles. So what's the delight? But in this photo - a real delight! Do you agree? Where else can you find such magnificent samples with us?

Agree, it is impossible not to remember Baalbek or the lower rows of the temple in Jerusalem?

There is no way to describe it in words. If I discovered this, the learning process would certainly begin with a deep and prolonged swoon.

The scale is amazing!

And it’s not a crack!

Well this is so … For general development, to once again laugh at the herd's custom of tying colored ribbons on trees in "places of power", and one after another walk through the labyrinth barefoot, with an idiotic expression on his face. They say, he achieved enlightenment …

Do you know this? So I am crying, watching the massive psychosis of fellow citizens who first occupy the ski resorts, learning that their God, the director of JSC "Russia" loves to ride down the hills, and then forcibly dragging the resting children into the judo and judo sections, because the Director country and then managed to inherit.

Well, there are still not enough fighters for everyone.

And I also cry when such things are ignored. And if they do not bypass, then they cannot break away from stereotypes about the graves of giants, mysterious sarcophagi, etc.

There will not be enough cameras here … you need a complex of the most modern equipment, aerial photography, mathematical modeling and 3D construction - a model of the object's construction. A very expensive pleasure.

Here's how to properly shoot things like that. This is the only way they become "evidence" in the case …

How do you want to find out what's down there!

As with most observations of megalithic objects, we again encounter the presence of quartz. They knew something about quartz that our scientists do not know.

As in Taimyr, the destruction is simply catastrophic. It's a miracle that something has survived. The traces of our civilization would be irretrievably erased. And these stones will survive another catastrophe.

There is something that does not make me happy with this "place of power"

And the trees feel trouble, otherwise something has twisted them so? Place names in such places are usually associated with death. It is hard to believe that Death Mountain can be a source of positive energy. Such places simply radiate the energy of disaster and pain. Here is the energy of the cemetery.

And the Gods celebrate this place!

And such a seid is just a gift! He's great! At what plant did we produce these?

This narrow-minded our ancestors were noted. And it looks like the mark is black….

I don’t know if this was done to go up and down, or if it’s some kind of technological element.

Only one fact does not fit into the general artina of megalithic structures: the absence of nearby deposits of precious metals. But nevertheless, the inhabitants of this city. or the owners of this plant were just as mercilessly wiped off the face of the earth. And the destruction is of such a nature that the natural "cleanup" was clearly secondary.

At first, they were destroyed with the most powerful weapons, in comparison with which - a nuclear one is just a child's firecracker.