Wooden house building with neutrino energy from space
Wooden house building with neutrino energy from space

Video: Wooden house building with neutrino energy from space

Video: Wooden house building with neutrino energy from space
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The wooden house of the future - what will it be like after the "era of burning fossil fuels"? Sergey Anatolyevich Denisov, an architect, an honorary art worker of Russia and Europe, vice-president of the International Academy of Contemporary Arts, talks about the prospects for low-rise wooden housing construction.

The role of the tree in human life is great, the richness of its properties is amazing! Great Russia was built from wood. The temples in Suzdal and Kizhi, the Admiralty needle, which has become a symbol of the Neva capital, the fireproof wooden stove in the bishop's house of the Assumption Cathedral in Vladimir, the log hut cut down without a single nail, exhibited at the end of the nineteenth century in Paris and named there the Russian Parthenon, arouse admiration. I would especially like to note the wooden village of Alexandrovka in Potsdam (Germany), included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.

Fortifications and bridges, tools and dwellings were made of wood. Most of the products were of purely practical importance, but the master strove to bring a particle of beauty to each of them. The wood perfectly matched these aspirations: its warm shine, pattern, color and aroma are unique! It is strong enough, capable of retaining heat for a long time, and lends itself well to processing. Once in the hands of a master, it seems to acquire a soul and come to life.

In recent decades, the construction of wooden houses has become widespread in our country. This is due to their environmental friendliness, relative cheapness and ease of construction. Whole villages built of wood grow in the suburbs.

In Russia, this material has long been used for construction. It is great for all climates. Its special properties make it possible to achieve a high level of comfort in rooms without the use of air conditioning systems. It is unusually easy to breathe in a wooden house compared to a stone bag in a city apartment. The annoyance leaves us and the eternal vanity leaves us among the cozy and warm log walls. During the construction of the house, preference was given to coniferous trees - pine and spruce from time immemorial. It was not for nothing that there was a saying among the people: "Elova's hut, but the heart is great!" In the heat, the house made of wood is always cool and there is no drying stuffiness, and in winter it is not cold - as if a tree has the ability to accumulate heat during the summer and store it during the winter. Due to the fact that wood is a traditional building material for the construction of walls, they are relatively more economical and much warmer than stone. In addition, the tree meets all sanitary and hygienic requirements for the level of comfort. No wonder in Europe, wooden houses are considered the most expensive and prestigious.

Of course, building a house yourself is a great wisdom, and not everyone succeeds in doing it. Not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance. Indeed, more often it is not about a tiny five-wall hut, but about a modern house with all the amenities, living in which should be no less comfortable than in a city apartment.

The wooden house, despite its "antiquity", is quite technological. The service life of a log house can exceed more than a hundred years; its duration depends on the regularity and correct care of the wood. A good wooden house requires almost no finishing. And, as you know, the cost of finishing work is commensurate with the cost of the main structure of the house.

In addition, you must not forget about your health! In a hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly house made of natural wood, the likelihood of migraines and neuroses associated with vascular spasms is reduced. Throughout its entire service life, wood evaporates natural phytoncides, which, entering the human respiratory tract, prevent colds and viral diseases. With hypertension, there are positive results in lowering blood pressure. Resorption of hemorrhages is accelerated, visual acuity is increased, metabolism is normalized.

However, when a decision is made to build a house, not only problems arise in choosing a house project and the main material for construction, but also questions regarding its further operation. You are very lucky if the building site is located in an inhabited area and centralized networks have already been connected to it - electricity, gas, heating, water supply, sewerage, etc. And if he is just beginning to get used to it and there is nothing like it there? What if you want to build a house in the forest? And if on the lake or in the steppe? In these cases, you will face a huge problem in providing your home with energy. You will need all these benefits of civilization - light, water, hot food and other things necessary in everyday life. Stoves and torches will obviously not be enough for a modern person for a normal life. It should be admitted that the prospects for gas supply are rather dubious - gas supply is expensive and problematic and the price for it will rise. In addition, we must not forget that the course of eliminating the use of fossil fuels is the strategic course of all mankind, and the European Commission sets the task of completely eliminating greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, and this, first of all, means abandoning the burning of fossil fuels.

The main task for you will be to resolve the issue of power supply. You will need to obtain permits to connect to existing power grids, the possible installation of additional poles and the installation of electrical wires, or a cable to your home, as well as constant payments to the electricity supplier. Despite all this, you will need electricity. If it is on the site, then all life support issues can be solved: heating, and water supply, and everything else. And if there is no connectivity? What options do we have?

A gasoline or diesel generator is expensive and problematic. Solar and wind power? Do you often have sunny days? What about windy weather?

If we consider the prospects for the development of alternative renewable energy sources in general, then solar and wind generation, unfortunately, cannot be called the prospect of the energy of the future, despite their significant share in the generated energy already now. The power industry, which depends on weather conditions, is very expensive and difficult to maintain, has no real chances in the future, no matter what arguments are given by its supporters and the business structures that have invested in these areas. At present, this energy is subsidized by states everywhere, but this cannot last forever and very soon all costs will be a heavy burden on the end consumer, who is unlikely to like it.

In fact, there is only one way out - this is the development of power sources based on the use of the latest achievements of science, without the use of rare and expensive materials, reliable in operation, capable of operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, regardless of external factors such as weather conditions., sunlight, seasonality and little or no maintenance. Energy is the number one commodity in the world, and those governments and business structures that are now investing in the development of alternative energy technologies can be safely called strategists of the planet's economic image.

Imagine that you have at your disposal a compact autonomous power source that does not require fuel, recharging and maintenance. You do not depend on some kind of networks, wires and electricity suppliers, constantly raising tariffs. You are always provided with light, warmth, and all the available benefits of humanity. You can take such a device into the taiga and connect all life support devices in the hunting lodge to it. Everywhere - in the sea, in the steppe, and in the tundra - you will be provided with sufficient energy. In cold weather it will warm you, and in heat it will allow you to use the air conditioner. Do you think this is fantastic? No, it turned out that this is already a reality.

Recently, at one of the economic forums, I met my old friend Gennady Gennadievich Fedorov. He has been living and working in Germany for a long time and is the General Representative of the Neutrino Energy Group in the CIS and Southeast Asia.

Led by CEO Holger Schubart, this German-American science and engineering alliance seeks to resolve today's fossil fuel crisis by converting neutrinos and other invisible spectrum radiation into a limitless, safe and affordable source of clean energy. Simply put, Neutrino Energy Group is engaged in the development and implementation of alternative, environmentally friendly and renewable energy sources that will make it possible in the near future to abandon the use of fossil fuels (oil and gas), and their use prevents the emission of CO2 and other harmful substances into the atmosphere. This technology has passed full laboratory tests and has shown stability in various conditions, including deep underground and under water.

The technology developed by Neutrino Energy Group does not fundamentally differ from the energy obtained from solar panels. The NEUTRINO POWER CUBE® electrical energy source created on the basis of the technology developed by the scientists of this company uses the invisible spectrum of cosmic, industrial and domestic radiation and is able to generate electrical energy like solar panels, where light (visible radiation spectrum) is converted into energy. But this power source has a decisive advantage, since energy in it can be generated continuously 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, because cosmic radiation reaches the Earth even in complete darkness and does not depend on weather phenomena.

The technical documentation has already been developed for the manufacture of an automatic line for the deposition of multilayer coatings of graphene and doped silicon on metal foil, which is the basis for the manufacture of working elements of energy cells. Industrial equipment, ready to produce 2,500 items per shift, is currently in the process of being manufactured in Switzerland. First of all, the fact that the work item has been created, tested and functions successfully in various conditions of its use is decisive. Scientists at Neutrino Energy Group have achieved consistent results in its work. At the same time, the calculations made by the specialists of the Neutrino Energy Group estimate the cost of electricity at least 50% cheaper than the energy obtained from solar panels. At first, I was somewhat skeptical about these statements, but when I found out who the shareholders of this company were, my doubts were dispelled. Unfortunately, I cannot name specific surnames here, but believe me, these people don’t waste money.

Former Federal Minister of the German Government, Member of the Scientific Council of the Neutrino Energy Group Professor Gunther Krausecomments: “Initially, we are planning to produce energy cells with up to 100 pieces of working elements in one cell in accordance with the regulations for the production of electrical equipment. How many working elements are used in one energy cell will be determined in further studies during 2021. With 100 A-4 working elements in a power cell, an output of about 300 kWh can be expected. At the first stage, Neutrino Energy Cubes are planned for implementation with direct current from 1 kW to 5 kW - base load energy with AC (220 V / 400 V) and DC (48 V) transformers.

The simplicity of the invention, the absence of maintenance costs, the compactness of the new energy source, the ability to operate the source in both basic and maneuverable modes - these properties guarantee its widespread use both in industrial and individual applications, including the use in life support systems of private houses.

The technology also makes it possible to create direct current sources that will be placed inside the housing of electrical appliances. You need to understand that, all other things being equal, the consumer will certainly opt for a smartphone, computer or TV with a built-in power source, which does not need to be connected to the network and does not need to pay for the electricity consumed by these devices.

Expensive and material-intensive power lines and the associated significant energy losses, as well as electrical smog from power lines will remain in the past.

With the advent of independent uninterrupted sources of virtually inexhaustible energy, many problems for potential developers will be removed and individual housing will become much more affordable for everyone. The introduction of direct current sources, currently being developed by the Neutrino Energy Group, promises to solve the situation with the power supply of country houses, and in apartment buildings, many residents will not give up on them.

However, this discovery will have the greatest impact on low-rise construction. Most likely, already in the near future, Customers will ask architects to supplement their projects with a section of alternative energy supply of a house from a NEUTRINO POWER CUBE® DC source, so that in the future they will have the possibility of a flexible upgrade - transition from centralized energy supply systems to the use of neutrino technologies - free energy from space.

The CEO of the company Holger Schubart predicts that the first samples will appear on the market within 3 years. He also notes that “the company's shareholders include Russian capital, therefore the very first deliveries of neutrino current sources will be carried out to countries that actively supported and financed these works, and Russia will be among the first where such sources will be introduced. This is good news. I have no doubt that the use of alternative energy supply systems independent of fossil fuels is the unconditional future of all mankind."