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Is the power of the Illuminati exaggerated or justified?
Is the power of the Illuminati exaggerated or justified?

Video: Is the power of the Illuminati exaggerated or justified?

Video: Is the power of the Illuminati exaggerated or justified?
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Everything unknown habitually causes a lot of conflicting versions, hypotheses and interpretations. Especially when it comes to the history of secret communities, sects and orders.

The conquest of world domination and total control over scientific, financial and human resources have always been associated with the activities of secret societies. One of the most ancient and influential societies is the Illuminati Order. It is worth looking at this organization in more detail.


The Bavarian Illuminati Society, traditionally considered one of the most famous Illuminati unions in history, was founded by Adam Weishaupt, professor of jurisprudence at the University of Ingolstadt. He gathered like-minded people ready to take on a noble educational goal: to eradicate prejudice and ignorance.

May 1, 1776 is the official date, which is considered to be the year of the formation of the modern doctrine of the Illuminati and a kind of way out of the shadow of the secret society.

Rationality and freedom of thought were proclaimed the highest blessings. In the first place in their understanding should have been science, which would eventually displace religion. Knowing what influence the Catholic Church has on the minds of the population, the Bavarian Illuminati chose to adhere to a latent policy.

The number of the order in 1782 was already 300 people, and a few years later it doubled. Representations of the order were not only in Bavaria, but also in Poland, Austria-Hungary, Denmark, Holland, Sweden, Spain, Italy, France and Russia.

Cult of Cybele

It is believed that the order existed long before the 18th century, and the German secret society dates back to the cult of Cybele, the ancient goddess of fertility.

Cybele was revered in Greece and Rome. She was called the Great Mother of the Gods. She acted as a giver of fertility, dominating forests, mountains, and beasts. Her cult, which originated in Phrygia (the territory of modern Turkey), was rather cruel, although the festivities in honor of the goddess were incredibly splendid.

The origin of the term "Illuminati" comes from Latin and means "enlightened". The authorship is attributed to Montana, the priest of the temple of Cybele. Not surprisingly, all the members of the 18th century German secret society adopted ancient names.

New world order

The symbol of power and superiority over ordinary people for the Illuminati has become the Eye of Osiris - the guarding eye located at the top of the pyramid. The image can be seen on the US one dollar bill.

At the foot of the pyramid is the inscription "MDCCLXXVI", equivalent to the Arabic numerals 1776 - the year the Bavarian Illuminati Society was founded. At the foot of the pyramid there is an inscription in Latin "Novus ordo seclorum" ("New world order").


The order had its own hierarchy: the novice (neophyte), the minerval (a distinctive feature of which was the emblem with the image of the owl, the goddess of wisdom, Minerva) and the enlightened minerval.

Rituals and rituals were often borrowed from a similar organization of the Masons. the newly converted Illuminati began to study the works of the philosophers of the Enlightenment. With due zeal and diligence, he could climb the "career ladder."

The adept, standing at the lowest level of the hierarchy, unquestioningly obeyed the orders of the mentor. It often happened that he only knew the Illuminati who had brought him into the order.


The Illuminati often include the creative elite (Mozart, Goethe, Schiller) and wealthy and influential families, including the Rothschilds, Onassis, Kennedy and Rockefellers.

The emergence and activities of international organizations, the UN and the EU, are also often associated with the existence of secret societies.

Ban on Enlightenment

The Bavarian Illuminati Order suffered an internal split and was banned by the Bavarian authorities in 1785. Former supporter Adolf Knigge published pamphlets on the Illuminati, revealing the secret society's true goals.

The houses of the famous Illuminati were pogroms, and the found archives were destroyed. The ideas of the Enlightenment turned out to be so dangerous that Adam Weishaupt had to flee the country. The plot of the fictional novel "Angels and Demons" by Dan Brown is partially connected with the activities of the allegedly resurrected Illuminati Society.


The image of a secret society haunted many creative people. Thanks to the efforts of the artists and screenwriters of Marvel Comics, a group of characters was born who came together to solve issues that are fatal for humanity.

The secret society included Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Mister Fantastic, Namor, Black Bolt and Professor X. The original line-up changed several times and underwent major changes, but noble and ideological goals remained in the first place.